11 Reasons to wear foundation

Why is face foundation makeup an important part of your face makeup? There are numerous benefits of foundation but the most defining one is its ability to give uniformity to your complexion. By applying a powder, cream or mousse foundation you can conceal your face flaws and even change the time of your skin in a very seamless way. It is a very potent way to bring out the positives in your natural skin tone.

Using a face foundation is one of the primary steps of any makeup routine and it is the basis of any subsequent cosmetic application. 

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What is face foundation makeup?

Face foundation is a component of face makeup. In fact, it is one of the most important parts of doing face makeup because it is like a base work for any makeup look that you would want to create.

In addition to covering the flaws, face foundation makeup has become somewhat imperative because it protects our skin against negative stimuli and moisturises it at the same time. 

Face foundation makeup pivots around the intention of creating a homogeneous skin complexion while hiring any problem areas to create an attractive makeup look. 

What are The Benefits of Foundation Makeup?

If you are wondering ‘do I need to wear foundation?’, then we suggest you read along. 

The present connotation of this product isn't just limited to make up but the benefits of foundation makeup have become a purview of an effective skin care routine. 

1. It creates an even skin tone 

By wearing the right shade of foundation, you can conceal any problem area of your face to create an even and smooth skin tone. One of the best use of foundation.

2. It is the most buildable makeup product 

    By using a good foundation, you can create a sort of a clean canvas on your face to effectively use other makeup products to create beautiful make-up looks.

    3. It makes you feel more comfortable in your skin 

      By creating a flawless skin tone, you can actually feel more confident about yourself which will make you feel very comfortable in your skin. 

      4. It's a great way to naturally put a filter on your photos 

      We have all used appealing filters on our social media to create an illusion of perfection. A good foundation does the same for you in real-time.

      5. It has outstanding skin nourishing properties 

        An ideal face foundation won't just spruce up your glamour quotient but it will also heal your skin if the formulation of your foundation has skin-friendly ingredients.

        6. You can manage your skin tone as per your choice with face foundation

          By articulately choosing your face foundation, you can enhance your skin tone and make it look clear and consistent. 

          7. It gives a shine to your face 

            A perfectly chosen face foundation will help you that perfect glow without looking too cakey or artificial.

            8. It is a great extension of your skincare routine 

              A good face foundation, when used regularly, can provide protection against skin problems like breakouts and blemishes.

              9. It is like a barrier between your skin and reasons that cause skin damage

                Face makeup creates that much-needed barrier between your skin and any other outside aggressor and boosts skin protection.

                10. It can help you in enhancing you are appearance 

                By having a level skin tone, you can impactfully enhance the overall appeal of your appearance in the best way possible.

                11. It protects your skin against sun damage 

                  Some good foundations like the Revlon colorstay foundation come with SPF 20 which can actually help your skin when used regularly. It provides protection against sun damage. 

                  How to choose the right foundation for skin tone

                  foundation shades

                  Choosing the right foundation for your skin is of utmost significance when it comes to reaping the maximum benefits from your foundation makeup use. This decision is anchored to a proper determination of the undertone of your skin. When you choose the perfect shade of your foundation, you have to ensure that it complements the colour of your undertone. 

                  Having said that, the perfect foundation should seamlessly blend into the tone of your skin and one should not be able to tell it apart. In case you cannot pin down the perfect shade, it is advisable to go a shade lighter than your tone.

                  • Light Skin Tone

                  If you have a light skin tone, then you should opt for a foundation that has a pinkish tint in it. You can opt for a nude or fresh beige shade from Revlon’s foundation colour range. 

                  • Dusky skin tone

                  People with dusky skin tone should opt for a foundation that has a warm undertone. Try opting for foundations that have a tone or a warm beige tinge in them to perfectly complement your skin tone.

                  • Medium skin tone

                  If you have a medium skin tone, then you can opt for warm or even just shade foundations depending upon the manner in which they enhance the overall appeal of your complexion.

                  • Wheatish skin tone

                  Wheatish skin tone can look good with a versatile range of shades when it comes to choosing the right foundation tone. You can try tan or caramel shades to see what works best for your skin. 


                  While choosing your foundation, always be sure of the kind of coverage you want for your skin. Moreover, your skin type will also determine your choice significantly. For example, if you have oily skin, you should opt for a mattifying foundation like Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundation. Those who have dry or normal skin should go for a liquid foundation like the Revlon Colorstay Makeup

                  It would be safe to say that regular usage of foundation will not have any detrimental effects on your skin, provided you do your due diligence before choosing the right foundation for your skin. 


                  • Is it OK to use of foundation makeup every day?

                  Yes, it is absolutely OK and safe to use of foundation makeup every day. Revlon colorstay makeup has SPF, therefore its daily usage can protect your skin against sun damage as well.

                  • Does foundation make you look younger?

                  By virtue of its ability to give a flawless look to your face, it won't be wrong to say that a good foundation can actually make you look younger.