13 Eye Makeup Trends for 2023: From Smokey Eyes to Colored Liner

The 2022 trends for eye makeup involved minimalistic and natural makeup, and we were all for it, but this year revives some glam and old-school makeup trends while making way for new futuristic ones. Have a look at some of the most popular eye makeup trends of 2023 that will make you look like a beautiful and chic lady. Right from pastel makeup shades to classic smokey eyes and doe-eyed looks, it's the year for the most fabulous latest eye makeup!

13 Eye Makeup Trends for 2023

1. Doe Eye Trend

This trend involves making your eyes look more wide, innocent and round rather than sleek and sharp. You can achieve the doe-eyed look by applying a moderately thick swipe of eyeliner over your eye only till the corner of your eye and stop there. This will give you a wide-eyed appearance.

2. Pastel eyeshadows

You can get inspired by the greens of Euphoria and the baby blues of the 2000s and go for cute pastel lilacs, mint greens and baby pink eyeshadows for this year. It makes for a stellar look for casual parties, date nights and more!

3. Floating Eyeshadow Trend

Instead of applying eyeshadow just over the eye, it is applied a little higher on the lid, which gives the appearance of a lifted shape of the eye and looks futuristic. If you want to go for the latest eye makeup trend, this is one of the most unique options.

4. Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is a classic eye makeup trend which involves creating a smouldering and sexy effect. You can use darker shades such as black, grey or brown and make a gradient effect on the eyelids and blend well to enhance the shape of the eyelids.

5. Faux Freckles

It is a new trend, but one that is similar to the faux freckles trend on the face. Little dots are drawn near the eyes, especially below the lower lids or extend up to the eyebrows to create a youthful and charming look.

6. Colourful Eyeliners

You may have heard about this trend, but it is all the rage this year, with different colours of eyeliners stealing the show. You name the colour, and it looks stellar on the eyes! You can pick blue, green, brown, or even a metallic shade like silver.

7. Highlighted Inner Corner 

Apply a shimmery glitter or highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear brighter and more noticeable. It looks quite eye-catching, especially if you use brighter colours.

8. Rockstar Girlfriend Trend

If you are a sucker for messy and artistic eye looks, this one is ideal for you. The glam grunge or the rockstar girlfriend eye makeup trend features smudged, emo black or grey eyeliner up your eyelids. This high-coverage look involves dark matte eyeshadow and plenty of eye mascara.

9. Coquette Eye Makeup 

This is one of the more girly trends and takes pride in being a woman. It features long and wispy eyelashes with a flirty look and mascara. The eyeshadows are pinkish or baby colours that look more feminine.

10. Upside Down Eyeshadow Look

Eyeshadow when applied below the lower lids provides this unique and edgy look that makes you stand out. It will add a pop of color to a seemingly boring outfit even with no other makeup. First, add some loose powder below your eyelid to keep the eyeshadow in place. 

11. Glitter Galore

An iridescent shimmery eye look is the new trend for 2023 that has been spotted in multiple celebrities and influencers. It involves using glitter in eyeshadows, pigments and even loose glitter to apply on the eyelids to make them look noticeable at parties.

12. Cat Eye Comeback

Along with the innocent doe-eyed trend, the sharp and crisp cat eye is also raging. It is the same classic winged eyeliner with a touch of mascara and kohl kajal, which completes the look. It has just the right balance of glam and elegance that we all love! 

13. Graphic Eyeliner

If you have become more confident holding an eyeliner steady and applying straight, sharp wings, here's another challenge for you. Your eyelids are the canvas, and you can experiment with graphic lines and bold patterns or designs on your eyelids with colourful waterproof eyeliner.


We hope you are as excited as us to try out the latest eye makeup trends of 2023 and flaunt those wings and flirty lashes. These popular eye makeup trends are easy to wear as long as you use good quality eye makeup products that won't irritate you. You can always trust Revlon eye makeup products to give you high-quality and long-lasting eye makeup that makes everyone stare.


Q. How do you wear eyeliner in 2023?

A: This year boasts of a variety of trends in eyeliner application, some of which include double eyeliner, floating eyeliner, smoky eyes thick eyeliner and more.

Q. Is eyeliner still in style in 2023?

A: Yes, eyeliner is still in style and is a popular choice for a wide range of trends.

Q. Which colour of eyeliner never goes out of fashion?

A: The classic black eyeliner will never go out of fashion to create a magnetic eye makeup look.

Q. What color eyeliner makes you look younger?

A: You can go for the blue colour eyeliner that is immensely popular and makes you look younger.