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    Charlie Perfumes For Men & Women Online in India

    Perfumes are made for one gender or both; that is, male scents/perfumes, female scents/perfumes and unisex perfumes. Most women’s perfumes online are made to have the fruity, citrusy, floral or single-note scents like vanilla. Similarly, perfumes for men online are made with more musky, woody fragrances than floral ones like sandalwood, bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli, pine, etc.

    Yes, a lot of research goes into classing these scents for each gender and it is mostly right. But, there are a lot of women out there who prefer, as well as buy perfumes made for men because it is simply the scent they feel represents them. Research shows that woody fragrances are the second highest scents women prefer as their fragrance which is why woody fragrances for women are growing.

    While most scents are made for a specific gender, it is truly up to you to decide what scent it is you want. There is no rule that women have to wear the fragrances/scents made for their gender or for men to wear the perfumes made for their gender as well. Your preferences shouldn't be determined by these factors; your preferences are your own and your scents are your preferences. So, the next time you go online for perfume shopping, tell yourself that all the Charlie perfumes are unisex and find your scent among the gender-classed scents.

    There’s a growing range of Charlie perfumes online at Revlon with different fruity, floral, woody and aromatic scents. Of all of Revlon’s branded Charlie perfumes online, find the one that suits you best.

    Why Are Charlie Perfumes So Important?

    • The Cherry on top:

    Charlie Perfumes online are like adding the finishing touches to your outfit. Wearing these scents is like the cherry on top of a cake. Just like putting on an accessory, it is one of the things that completes your look, and brings your outfit together.

    • A better day:

    The moment you spray your scent on, and the fragrance reaches you, you instantly know how your day's going to go. Various scents and fragrances emit different reactions and feelings in us but our spirits are lifted.

    • When in doubt, spray perfume:

    Charlie perfume for women is like slipping on a pair of high heels or styling your hair to perfection for men. It is the boost of confidence that makes us feel ready to take on the world. But don't spray too much that would make you go from confident to choked.

    • Be attractive:

    Of the five senses, smell is one of the most important and the way you smell not only leaves a lasting impression but makes you attractive as well.

    • Thoughts and Memories:

    Your sense of smell being one of the five senses is also one of the five things you can associate your experience with. Just as how you can associate a smell with a person, you can associate a smell with a significant moment in your life that brings back memories.

    Selecting the Charlie Perfume Online That’s Right For You

    Your scent is a representation of your personality, therefore it is up to you to decide what that scent is going to be. Here’s a guide to choosing the right fragrance for yourself.

    • Discover your scent:

    When you close your eyes and think of the time you smelled something so divine, what comes to mind? While the first thing that comes to mind might be food, try to dig a little deeper. It might be the floral scent of spring when flowers start to bloom, the smell of freshly washed clothes, the shampoo or hand wash at a restaurant or hotel, or even the vanilla essence while you bake.

    There’s one scent that comes to mind, something that you know is just right for you. Well, that’s the one. Keep it in mind throughout this process.

    • Research:

    The thought of researching just for the sake of a scent might put some of you to sleep but it’s nothing too crazy and here is a crash course. A charlie perfume contains three notes, the top note, the heart note and the base note.

    The top note is the note that you smell first the second you spray some. It has the highest volatility among the three notes, which is why it usually lasts for the shortest time of 5-15 minutes. This note is mostly citrusy scents and often floral.

    The heart note is the truest nature of a perfume which makes up 70% of the perfume. It is the second highest in volatility and lasts up to 20-60 minutes. This note usually contains aromatic oils like Geranium, Jasmine, etc.

    The base note is the one with the least volatility and remains the longest for around 6 hours to several days. It is the lightest of all three notes and usually includes vanilla, patchouli, musk, woody notes, etc.

    • Test samples:

    When testing samples, be sure to have some coffee beans to sniff between samples so the last scent doesn’t affect the new one. Everyone has different chemical makeup which is why one scent can smell different on two people. So, test a sample on your skin and wait a moment before you smell it to be sure it is something you still want.

    If you’re shopping for Charlie perfumes online, read the reviews as well as the product description to find out the notes. Be sure it contains notes you like and consider the packaging too.

    • What’s your budget?

    The concentration of a fragrance affects the price; the higher the concentration, the higher the price. Perfume/Parfum which has the highest concentration, and the most expensive. But you can Buy perfumes online shopping at Revlon at affordable prices. Charlie Perfumes, because of their higher concentration, last the longest of all fragrances about 5-8 hours, sometimes, longer.

    Range of Revlon Charlie Perfumes Online

    Revlon has a growing range of Charlie perfumes at affordable prices. 

    1. Charlie Gold Perfume:

    The fragrance of the Charlie Gold is sensual and would pleasantly fill up your senses. With different interesting notes of floral, fruity and aromatic like rose, jasmine, peach, and sandalwood. This Charlie perfume is gratifying.

    2. Charlie Blue Perfume:

    To explore a different side of you, this Charlie perfume is the right choice for you. It frees your spirit bringing out the fun and playful side to you. With notes of floral, fruity and aromatic like rose, jasmine, and sandalwood, this Charlie perfume is the way to go.

    3. Charlie Red Perfume:

    The last of the Charlie perfume, just like the other two, this Charlie perfume has a distinctive scent and notes of floral and fruity like rose, orange and jasmine. Unlike Charlie Blue, which brings out a playful side of you, this brings out a daring side of you.

    Unleash a different side of you with the Revlon Charlie Perfume collection.

    #5 Tips On How To Wear Charlie Perfume

    • Don’t rub, just spray:

    A lot of people have developed a habit of rubbing the inside of their wrists together and on their necks after spraying their Charlie perfume. This will have a counter-effect on the resulting scent.

    The rubbing heats your skin and produces natural enzymes that interrupt the chemistry of the scent on your skin. This will affect the top and middle notes of the perfume making it lose its crispness and freshness.

    So, when applying your Charlie perfume, spray/spritz it, don't rub it

    • Your pulse points:

    Pulse points emit extra heat and are the warmer parts of your body. This heat helps with the natural diffusion of the scent. These points include the inside of your wrists, the side of your neck, below your belly button, and the back of your ear lobes.

    Another pulse point is the inside of your elbows that you should consider spraying especially if you're wearing short sleeves.

    • Spray directly on your Skin:

    Keep your perfume at a short distance from your moisturised skin and spray. The hydration and warmth of your skin would give the perfume something to stick to. The scent will mix with your chemical makeup and give you your unique scent.

    • Spritz and Walk:

    Do the spritz and walk. Spritzing the air in front of you creates a mist for you to walk through in another way to get a fully immersed experience. Be careful not to get any mist in your eyes or inhale some.

    • Don’t wear too much:

    Too much of anything, in general, is not good. Even then, a little bit of any of the Revlon Charlie perfumes can go a long way. You can start by spraying a little bit and slowly build up on it.

    #5 Charlie Perfume Hacks That'll Have You Smelling Amazing All-Day

    • Apply after your shower:

    Before spraying your Charlie perfume, take a hot/warm shower/bath. In doing so, you would warm up your body and open up your pores, and a warm body easily absorbs Charlie perfumes/sprays.

    • Moisturise first:

    Be sure to moisturise after your warm shower/bath. A well-moisturised and hydrated skin gives something for the oils in the spray/perfume to attach to and that helps the fragrance last longer than it would when your skin is dry.

    • Spritz your hair:

    Lightly spritz some into your hair. The oil in your scalp will keep the scent for longer. Your scent can linger in a place when you swing your hair as you walk or when the wind blows your hair.

    • Apply on your clothes:

    Fabrics have a different interaction with fragrances, unlike skin. Everyone has a different chemical makeup that interacts differently with the skin and fabrics don’t have that. When you spray some onto your fabric you get a different scent, so spritz some and wave your cloth for an even coverage.

    • Layer up!

    You can layer up your perfume/spray with another single-note fragrance or with a not-too-complex mixture. This can be tricky but when done right, you can get a unique scent that’s just for you.

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    Charlie Perfumes Online Price Lists -

     Perfumes                                                                                 Price

    Charlie® Gold EDT       -                                                 ₹850

    Charlie® Blue EDT       -                                                 ₹850

    Charlie® Red EDT        -                                                 ₹850    

    FAQs on Charlie Perfumes

    Q: Should you use perfume every day?

    A: Yes, you can. But continuous use of a perfume can make you used to the smell and while you don’t notice it, others would. So, you can think about switching up your scents once in a while.

    Q: Is Revlon perfume good for the skin?

    A: Yes, all Revlon’s fragrances and perfumes are good for your skin.

    Q: Can I spray Revlon perfume on my armpits?

    A: Yes, you can. But the best places to spray your perfumed body spray are your pulse points which are inside of your wrists and elbows, the side of your neck, below your belly button, and the back of your ear lobes.

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