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    Body Spray for Men & Women Online in India

    Body sprays online are made for both men and women. The unique scents for both genders have been thoroughly researched to suit the different genders. While some body sprays target a specific gender, can end up being a hit with the untargeted gender. For example, sandalwood is a scent with men as the targeted gender, but research shows that sandalwood ranks second on the list of scents women prefer.

    So, your preference of body spray scents shouldn’t be limited to just those ones for your gender. Who knows, you might find your favourite scent in the body sprays targeted to the other gender. Shop now for body sprays for both men and women.

    Importance of Body Spray

    1. Fragrance/Scent:

    Everyone wants to smell good and body sprays are the final touch to complete your outfit of the day. It keeps you smelling good, fresh, and clean all day long. Just like you have a daily routine, wearing body sprays should become a routine to keep you smelling good.

    2. Better Mood:

    The second you spritz on your body spray, you’re instantly in a better mood. This works best if you have your own collection of body sprays to choose from. Selecting one of them for those special days is an instant mood game changer.

    3. Confidence Booster:

    Body spray for men and women can be the confidence boost that you need to take on the day. As soon as the scent reaches your nostrils, you’re filled with determination and positivity to overcome anything the day throws your way.

    4. Feel and Look Attractive:

    The fact that body spray makes you feel better by putting you in a better mood has already been established. But the scents you choose make you look attractive as well. The most important of the five senses is your sense of smell. The way you smell leaves a lasting impression on whoever you encounter.

    5. Good Health:

    All of these importance of body spray listed above put together leads to better health. Once you feel good on the outside by spritzing on body spray, you’re affected internally as well. This positive effect causes not just your mood but also your health to be boosted.

    Selecting The Body Spray That’s Right For You

    Your scent represents your personality or it can be a reminder of the person you aim to become. It is entirely up to you to decide your scent/fragrance but here are a few things to guide you in choosing the right body spray online.

    1. Find Out What Scent You Like:

    If we’re asked about the time we smelled something so good, most of our minds would divert to a delicious plate of tasty food. But take food out of the equation, for now. What other scent comes to mind? It can be anything like the fresh floral scent as flowers bloom on a spring day, the scent of fragrance from your washed clothes, or maybe even the citrusy scent of freshly squeezed juice.

    That scent that just came to mind is your scent. It represents you but also the person you want to become.

    2. Research:

    Doing research just to find a body spray scent that matches your dream scent can sound dreadful. But it’s pretty straightforward once you know what to look for, and here’s a quick rundown of what that is. Just like perfumes, body sprays contain three notes; the base note, the heart note, and the top note.

    The top note is the first thing you smell as soon as you spray it. This note is often floral but mostly citrus scents.

    The heart note is the actual scent of a body spray and it makes up a major percentage of the body spray. It usually contains oils that are aromatic like Jasmine, Geranium, etc.

    The base note is the least volatile of all the notes and it usually includes scents like vanilla, musk, patchouli, woody notes, etc.

    3. Sample Test:

    The day you choose to test body spray samples, take some coffee beans along to sniff in between samples. This will refresh your nostrils and not cause you to mix up the scents of two different body sprays. We all have different chemical makeup that affects the final scent of body spray on your skin. Two people can use the same body spray and end up smelling completely different because of that. So, it is advisable to test the samples on your skin. Wait for a moment before smelling it.

    If you’re getting your body sprays online, then be sure to check the reviews, ingredient list, and product description. If the brand offers samples for testing, then order some.

    4. Bear Your Budget In Mind:

    If you have a low budget then Body sprays are sure to fall within your budget. They are budget-friendly and come in various scents for you to choose from. Buy your body sprays/deodorant online at Revlon at affordable prices. 

    Range of Revlon Body sprays Online

    Revlon has a wide and growing range of body spray collections at affordable prices, The six collections of branded Body sprays and Body spray online at Revlon are:

    1. The Charlie Collection:

    This collection has three separate collections which are Charlie Eau fraiche Natural Spray, Charlie red Body perfumed Body Spray, Charlie Chic Body perfumed Body Spray, Charlie® neon chic perfumed body spray and Charlie® blue perfumed body spray.

    These Charlie collections have different interesting notes of floral, fruity, and aromatic. Check this collection out to find out which one is for you.

    2. The Love Her Madly Collection:

    This collection includes two similar but completely different Body sprays. The Love Her Madly Rendezvous Body perfumed body spray contains rose, jasmine, and grapefruit. And the Love Her Madly Body perfumed body spray contains rose, carnation, vanilla, and sandalwood.

    3. 24 Seven Collection:

    This collection contains scents that would capture your attention and draw you in. The 24 Seven Mercury is a hot scent and is one of the long-lasting Body sprays Revlon has for you. The 24 Seven Krypton is very sensual and would bring out your daring side. Last but not the least, the 24 Seven Platinum, is a bold choice to keep you active and alive throughout the day.

    4. The Fire and Ice Collection:

    Hot and Cold; Fire and Ice. This collection is exactly what it is but at the same time what it is not. It is the burn from the fire and the phoenix in the fire, the chill from the ice, and the snow queen/king in the ice. The Fire and Ice Cool and the Fire and Ice Red are two sides of the same coin, similar but opposites. Find out by buying these perfumed body sprays online in India at Revlon.

    How To Use Body Spray

    1. Spray It:

    Most people make the mistake of spritzing the body spray and then rubbing it into their skin. Wherever you spritz the body spray, whether inside your wrists or the pulse on your neck, avoid going in to rub it into your skin. This action will change the scent of the body spray on your skin because of the chemical interruption from the heat by rubbing your skin. In other words, two notes, the top, and middle are affected and the body spray loses its freshness and crispness. So, spritz/spray your body spray, don't rub it.

    2. On Your Pulse Points:

    Your pulse point happens to be the warmer part of your body because it emits extra heat, and that helps with the diffusion of the scent naturally. Your pulse points can be found on the sides of your neck, the inside of your wrists, the back of your ear lobes, and below your belly button. Another pulse point area is the inside of your elbows which you can consider spritzing with body spray especially if you decide to wear short sleeves.

    3. On Your Skin:

    Your skin is the obvious place to spritz your body spray. Be sure to keep the body spray at a distance before spritzing the content on your moisturised skin. Your skin’s warmth and hydration would allow the body spray to easily stick. Mixing with your chemical makeup, you will get a unique scent of the body spray on your skin.

    4. Spritz and Walk:

    Spritz some body spray in the air in front of you and walk into the mist. This is something you can allow yourself to indulge in every morning. This experience is a fully immersive one to put you in a good mood and start your day on a good note.

    5. Avoid Spraying Too Much:

    Generally, too much of anything is not good. Doing everything in moderation is the best which is why the range of Revlon body sprays can go a long way. Start off with a little amount and build up on it slowly if you need more.

    Tips & Hacks About Body Spray

    1. Apply After a Shower:

    Taking a warm shower/bath before spritzing your body spray would open up your pores by warming up your body which makes it easy for the body sprays to be easily absorbed.

    2. Moisturise Your Body:

    Moisturising your skin before spritzing on your body spray gives the essential oils in the body spray something to hold on to. That makes the fragrance last longer, so be sure to have a warm shower/bath and moisturise before going in with your body spray

    3. Layer It!:

    The great thing about body spray is that you can layer another body spray on top, maybe even a perfume. But this can get tricky and not done the right way. Whatever you’re layering up on should have an uncomplex mixture of notes. If the notes from the second body spray/perfume are something that would work great with your original body spray, then go ahead. But having too many notes that don’t work together might end up with you smelling weird. So, be careful when layering up.

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    Buy your body spray and deodorant for men and women online at Revlon

    Body Spray Price List - 

    Body Spray                                                                                                                                   Price

    Charlie® Gold Perfumed Body Spray                                                 -                  ₹295

    Love Her Madly® Perfumed Body Spray                                           -                 ₹249


    Charlie® Red Perfumed Body Spray                                                     -                 ₹295

    Revlon® Fire & Ice Red Perfumed Body Spray                                   -              ₹249

    Charlie® Crystal Chic Perfumed Body Spray                                      -             ₹295

    Charlie® Blue Perfumed Body Spray                                                      -             ₹295

    Revlon® Fire & Ice Cool® Perfumed Body Spray                               -          ₹200

    Love Her Madly Rendezvous® Perfumed Body Spray                     -         ₹200



    Revlon 24 Seven® - Platinum Perfumed Body Spray                         -        ₹200


    Revlon 24 Seven® - Mercury Perfumed Body Spray                     -          ₹200

    Revlon 24 Seven® - Krypton Perfumed Body Spray                      -        ₹200

    E-COM KIT (FIRE & ICE COOL PBS 100 ML X 2U + FIRE & ICE PBS 100 ML)    -       ₹200


    Q. When should you use body spray?

    A: After you have a warm bath/shower and moisturise your body, you can spritz your body spray onto your skin.

    Q. How long does a body spray last?

    A: Body sprays last for 4 hours which is why it is the most affordable of all the other fragrances.

    Q. How do you make body spray last longer?

    A: Spray it on your moisturised skin, and your pulse points. Read the tips and hacks above for more ways to make it last longer.

    Q. Can I put body spray on my armpits?

    A: You can, but it might cause irritation. That’s why it’s best to spritz places on your skin that can easily be aired out.

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