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    Use a Revlon Hair Shampoo For Healthy And Nourished Hair

    Clean, healthy and bouncy hair is everyone’s dream. A good hair day every day might seem like an impossible task but with proper care, you can achieve it. If you are yearning for lustrous locks maintain a hair care routine with shampoo and conditioner. You can clean your hair and scalp with a Revlon shampoo in the gentlest of ways and address hair issues like dry hair or get care for coloured hair. At Revlon, we create the best shampoos with superior formulations so that you don’t get bad hair days. Get the best shampoo for damaged hair online at Revlon from our wide range of hair shampoos.

    Why Do We Need Hair Shampoo Products?

    Everyone desires healthy shiny hair. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. A shampoo is one of the essentials you need to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Hair issues like the itchy flaky scalp, dandruff, and hair breakage stem from an unhealthy scalp. Here are some important reasons why you should use Revlon shampoo regularly to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

    #1 Cleanses your Scalp

    Our body produces sebum, the skin’s natural oil, to keep our skin and scalp moisturised naturally. However, if you don’t clean your scalp with the best shampoo for damaged hair regularly this sebum build-up can make your hair oily, and lead to inflammation on the scalp causing dandruff. Use shampoo to keep your scalp clean of oil, dirt and residues from hair products like styling gel or mousse.  

    #2 Reduces hair loss

    Hair loss can occur for many reasons including thinning hair, scalp infection, shrunk hair follicles etc. Use protein-enriched Revlon shampoo that can stimulate your hair follicles and keep the scalp clean to reduce chances of hair breakage and hair loss.

    #3 Protects Coloured Hair

    Some hair shampoos online are specially formulated for coloured hair to prevent fading of colour. Revlon Shampoo for colour protection is specially designed to protect your chemically treated hair to keep hair colour intact.  

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    Range of Revlon Hair Shampoo Online

    Buy shampoo online only at Revlon India, because we have an array of hair shampoos online for different hair problems. Revlon Shampoo is designed for the modern woman who likes fuss-free beautiful hair. Shop Shampoo Online India.   

    Outrageous® Color Protection Shampoo

    Revlon Outrageous Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo for chemically treated hair. Hair colour can fade away with every wash but does that mean you avoid washing your hair? The answer is NO. Use the Outrageous Color Protection Shampoo to gently cleanse your scalp and prevent colour fading. Outrageous Color Protection Shampoo is a popular Revlon Shampoo that protects all kinds of chemically treated and coloured hair.

    Flex® Dry & Damaged Shampoo

    If you are experiencing dry and damaged hair use Revlon Flex® Dry & Damaged Shampoo regularly. The unique Flex formula is designed to balance your hair with gentle cleansing without drying out the scalp. This Revlon shampoo for damaged hair adds more bounce and beautiful shine to your hair. It is a best shampoo for damaged hair that can be used regularly to gently cleanse your scalp. The Flex shampoo makes your hair manageable and gives gentle cleansing.

    Flex® Normal to Dry Shampoo

    This Flex shampoo is a body-building protein shampoo. It leaves your hair clean without drying it out. The unique Flex formula adds volume and shines to your hair while making it soft. Buy shampoo online for softer shinier hair only at Revlon.            

    Revlon ColorSilk with Keratin (with Outrageous Shampoo 90 ml) combo

    If you enjoy colouring your hair and are worried about how to protect your hair from colour fading get the Revlon ColorSilk and shampoo combo pack. This shampoo combo pack comes with Revlon ColorSilk with keratin hair colour and colour protectant Outrageous Shampoo. Ensure you are using a colour-protectant shampoo if you have coloured hair. With this combo pack now colour and wash your hair without any worry. Buy shampoo online at Revlon to protect coloured hair.   

    Revlon Hair Shampoo Tips & Hacks

    Getting healthy shiny hair becomes easier when you eat a balanced diet, build a good hair care routine and remain consistent with it. Hair is made of a protein, called keratin. While using the right products helps keep hair clean, it is also vital to follow some tips and hacks for healthy hair.

    1. Use a hair shampoo according to your hair type:

    Everyone is born with different hair types. You can have wavy hair, curly hair or straight hair. If you have curly hair, use hair care products and buy shampoo online that is designed for curly hair.

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    2. Do not wash your hair every day:

    The skin produces natural oil, and sebum to keep the scalp moisturised. Do not use shampoo every day because it might strip your hair of natural oils making it dry and brittle.

    3. Massage the scalp while washing:

    Use your fingertips or a scalp massager to massage your scalp while using a Revlon shampoo. This improves blood circulation in the scalp. Do not use your nails to massage – you might end up scratching the skin on the scalp, leading to infections.

    4. Washing hair every day can make your scalp greasy:

    Washing your hair every day can not only strip your hair of moisture and natural oils it might trigger excessive production of oil. The dry scalp starts producing excessive oil to counter the dryness making your hair greasy.

    5. Use a shampoo for the right hair problem:

    Find out the hair problem to use the correct solution. If you have an itchy flaky scalp, use a dandruff shampoo. If you have dry damaged hair use the Flex shampoo for dry hair, if you have chemically treated hair use Outrageous Color Protection Revlon shampoo to prevent colour fading.

    6. Use a microfiber towel:

    Be gentle with your hair when you are drying them after a wash. Avoid using a blow dryer on a high heat setting on wet hair. Your hair is the weakest when it is wet from the roots. It is better to air-dry your hair. Use a microfiber towel to pat your hair dry.

    7. Use a scarf or umbrella under the sun:

    Sun damage on hair can make it dry and brittle. It is better to protect your hair with a scarf, umbrella or hat when you are out in the sun.

    8. Use a swimming cap on pool days:

    If you are going to swim in a pool, use a swimming cap to protect your hair. Swimming pools use chlorine and other chemicals to treat the water which is harmful to hair. Protect hair from these chemicals.

    9. Do not use hot water to wash your hair:

    Even if it sounds tempting, avoid washing your hair in hot water. Use lukewarm water in winter and room temperature water all year long to wash your hair to prevent drying.

    10. Don’t go overboard with heat styling:

    Using heat and chemicals heat often on hair can be damaging. Use it for special occasions and don’t apply heat on hair daily.

    11. Eat foods that promote good hair health:

    Eating a well-balanced meal with vegetables and fruits is a good way to keep your hair healthy from within. Try to include foods like eggs,  berries, sweet potatoes, avocado, nuts and seeds in your diet to provide healthy nourishment to your hair.

    Things To Consider Before Buying Shampoo Online

    Today buying shampoo online has become easy and hassle-free. However, you must use products from a reputed brand so that you know there is nothing harmful in them for your hair or skin. Here are a few things you should consider while buying shampoo online in India. A single shampoo doesn’t suit all types of hair so follow these pointers before buying shampoo online.

    1. Check your hair type – Check if your hair is straight, curly or wavy because these hair types behave differently. Also, check if you have dry or oily hair before you buy shampoo online.
    2. Check the ingredients – Avoid shampoos with too many chemicals, as they can damage hair further. 
    3. Check for harmful chemicals – Avoid shampoos with artificial fragrance or alcohol as they can make hair dry and brittle leading to hair breakage. 
    4. Buy from a reputed brand – Buy shampoo online from a reputed brand and be assured of its quality.
    5. Check if you have chemically treated hair – If you have coloured hair or chemically treated hair you should buy shampoo online that is designed to prevent colour fading.

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    Revlon is one of the most famous beauty and hair care brands in India today. Revlon provides its consumers with only high-quality innovative products for their skincare, hair care and makeup needs.

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    Why Choose Revlon?

    Revlon has been enthralling women for years with its high-quality innovative products. All our makeup and hair care products are created with high-quality ingredients which have skin and hair benefits. Most of our makeup products and eye makeup products come with SPF to keep your skin safe from sun damage.

    Apart from Revlon Shampoo, you can find nourishing Revlon hair conditioners and Revlon Hair colours to keep your hair shiny and stylish.  Find a wide range of beauty products, hair care, and skincare products at Revlon that are designed for modern women. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, Revlon has got a product designed just for you. Shop Shampoo Online India from our wide range of shampoos and get them delivered directly to your home.

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    FAQs on Hair Shampoo

    Q. How many times a week should I shampoo my hair?

    A: For a clean scalp, you need to wash your hair regularly. You can shampoo your hair thrice a week depending on your hair type. If you have dry and damaged hair limit shampooing to twice a week. If you have an oily scalp you can shampoo thrice a week to clean sebum build-up.

    Q. What happens if I shampoo my hair every day?

    A: Shampooing your hair every day is not advisable. Using a shampoo every day can strip your hair of natural oils and make it dry and brittle. This can lead to either excessive oil production or hair breakage. Avoid shampooing your hair every day.  

    Q. How often should you use shampoo?

    A: You can use shampoo twice a week if you don’t have any hair issues like dandruff etc. If you have oily hair and a greasy scalp you can shampoo thrice a week. It is better to condition your hair with a conditioner after you shampoo your hair.

    Q. Is it OK to shampoo 3 times a week?

    A: Shampooing your hair thrice a week is advisable if you have an oily scalp. Oily greasy scalp tends to have sebum build-up so you need to keep it clean. Use a mild Revlon shampoo like Flex shampoo to gently cleanse your hair without making it too dry.
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