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    Let Your Eyes do the Talking with a Perfect Eyeliner 

    It is said that our soul communicates through eyes and eyes are a key component of your appearance, and any change to them can significantly impact how you appear. There is always makeup that will work for you, whether you want to look natural for a daytime appearance or smoky for a more dramatic appearance. Numerous eye-specific products have been developed over the years, but eyeliner has remained a mainstay.

    Seeing women with eyeliner on exudes more graceful glamour than anything else. You suddenly feel like a queen with just one flick of eyeliner on your eyes!

    Let’s dive into how eyeliner has evolved over the years!

    History of Eyeliner

    It is believed that, eyeliner first arose in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, almost 12,000 years ago. Both high-status men and women applied eyeliner to define their eyes and shield them from wrinkles that can develop from repeated exposure to the desert's wind, sun, and heat. Even though eyeliners were just one of many cosmetics that they used, they never went out of style and were used by both the upper and lower classes up until Egypt was conquered by the Roman Empire at the beginning of the first millennium AD. Like every other cosmetic item there, eyeliners served as a symbol of their faith and deities as well as a fashion piece.

    Up until the collapse of Egypt in the first millennium BC, all classes—from the aristocracy to the lowest strata of society—were noted to have adopted the trend for kohl-rimmed eyes. Eyeliner was viewed as a sign of sanctity by many since it symbolised not only status and fashion but also a devotion to religion and the holy.

    Benefits of Applying Eyeliner

    1. Makes Eye Look Wider

    Using eyeliner makes the eyes appear bigger and wider, which is a sign of beauty. The broad line that runs across the eyes enlarges and sharpens the shape of the eye, giving it a wider, bolder appearance. Eyeliners highlight the eyes by clearly defining them, and making them pop, which makes the eye appear larger and more alluring. Try Revlon’s Fabuliner to give your eyes the dreamy look.

    2. Expressing Individuality

    Making the eye appear attractive by using colours and patterns is a daring fashion fad. Females employ a variety of hues and express their originality and uniqueness through their makeup, including the various styles and looks they may achieve with eyeliner. 

    3. Offers fresh look all day long 

    Using eyeliner can instantly add much-needed brightness and freshness to your face, it actually helps in hiding the tiredness from your face. One technique that won't make your eyes appear fatigued is applying a perfect winged eyeliner!

    Types of Eyeliner

    Liquid eyeliner

    Liquid eyeliner gives you the most precision and enables you to create thin, well-defined lines, making it ideal for creating bold and dramatic looks. Liquid eyeliners are typically the first choice for many different eyeliner styles, such as winged eyeliner, graphic eyeliner, cat eyes, Egyptian eyes, etc.

    When applying fine strokes with liquid eyeliners, you need a very steady hand and skill to perfect. Revlon’s So Fierce Chrome Ink Liquid Liner is the best eyeliner online for creating long-lasting, ultra-precise lines. Our Colorstay Liquid liner is a must-have to sport your daily office or college look. The perfect finish of the eyeliner is all you need to amp up your look on a busy day.

    Pen eyeliner

    Pen eyeliner is probably one of the most popular types of eyeliner. You are prepared to switch to Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen if you have always lined your eyes with kajal. It's quick, simple, and very beginner-friendly to use and master Revlon’s pen eyeliners online. 

    Typically creamy, Revlon’s So Fierce Vinyl eyeliner online glides on your waterline and lash line with ease. With up to 16-hr long-lasting stay the Fierce Vinyl Eyeliner comes in 6 different shades and gives you the perfect glossy finish. 

    Tips & Hacks for using Eyeliner

    Eyeliner can do so much for a look, from highlighting the colour of your eyes to lengthening and darkening your lashes, they mean so much to our eyes. But, you create the perfect picture look, you need to be proficient in applying eyeliner. Below is a list of tips and hacks you must follow while applying eyeliner: 

    1. Connecting dots

    Join the dots if you frequently appear to mess up the pattern or if your hands aren't very steady. Start dotting your eyelid from the outside corner and work your way inward. You can connect the dots with an eye pencil or roll-on stick.

    2. Start from corners

    Additionally, start petting from the outside corner of your eye. This way it will be easier to draw wing-like, straight, or simply thick lines for you. This method makes the stretching part simpler. By doing this, you may easily guide your hand to create the desired aesthetic.

    3. Smooth out a hard-eye pencil

    Is the pencil in your eye as gritty as sandpaper? Use a blow dryer to briefly soften the tip. This could contribute to a smoother finish.

    4. Keep it intact with a Concealer

    Apply a little concealer around the eyes after you finish applying your eyeliner to keep your eye makeup in place.

    5. Use eyeshadow to secure your liner

    Brushing on some black eyeshadow to your waterline can help your eyeliner stay put.

    6. Add Glitter Over Eyeliner

    Apply glitter eyeliner over your black eyeliner if you want to instantly glam up your appearance. Another simple option is to use some sparkly eye shadow. Buy the best eyeliner online in India from Revlon.

    Step-by-Step for Beginners to Apply Eyeliner

    1. Start lining with a pencil 

    You can feel overpowered by your selections if you're new to the eyeliner game. Gel, liquid, pencil, etc, list continues. We'll suggest you pick a pencil liner. Why? Because it's the simplest and an excellent way for beginners to start. In comparison to liquid or gel, pencil eyeliner glides smoothly, doesn't drag, and is forgiving of unsteady hands.

    2. Layer your lids

    Lacking the skills to draw a precise line yet yearning for the inky-black, flawlessly flicked effect of liquid liner? Prior to applying the liquid eyeliner, line your eye with a pencil liner. This makes your line more pronounced without forcing you to trace precisely on your lid.

    Tilt your head back and stare down into the mirror. Next, place a level surface under your drawing arm or elbow to keep it steady. Beginning from the outer corners of the eyes, drag the liner inward as closely as you can to the lash line. Draw the line steadily and gradually. To create the appearance of fuller lashes, fill up any spaces between your lashes with eyeliner.

    3. Connect Dashes

    If applying liner always causes your lid to tug, you might choose to take a less complicated path. Specifically, connecting the three dashes you drew along your eye. You may either use an angled eyeliner brush to blend the line or a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to smooth out any imperfections.

    4. Move Outside-In

    For beginners, drawing perfect cat eyes might be intimidating—we get that. To get hands-on we advise beginners to start from the outside in. The eyeliner should be applied to the outside corner of your eye, a wing should be drawn up at the same angle as your lower lid, and a line should be drawn along your upper lid and connected to your wing. Buy eyeliner online from Revlon!

    Things to Consider before buying an Eyeliner Online

    1. Colour 

    The first thing you should choose is the colour of your eyeliner. Do you like something that will truly draw attention to your eyes for special events or a neutral colour that you can wear every day? Your best bet if you're unsure of what colour would look best on you is to match the liner to the colour of your eyes.

    2. Type of Eyeliner

    You should consider what kind of eyeliner is suitable for you in addition to colour. The most popular varieties are felt-tip, liquid, and pencil liners. Different eyeliner gives lines with varying thicknesses. While felt-tip liners produce thick, soft lines, liquid eyeliner produces narrow, crisp lines. Depending on the pencil, pencil liners can produce lines that are soft or crisp, thin or thick.

    3. Check for Longevity

    Eyeliner is renowned for fading or smudging rather quickly. This is mainly due to the fact that the eye area is constantly moving during the day, which can cause temporary wear and tear midway through an eight-hour shift.

    If you don't like that, you should try Revlon’s long-lasting eyeliners for creating a fantastic look that lasts the entire day.

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    Eyeliner Price List -

    Eyeliner                                                                                          Price

    Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliner            -                         ₹750

    Fabuliner                                                -                                    ₹580

    Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen                       -                           ₹1100

    Colorstay Liquid liner                              -                              ₹840

    Revlon So Fierce Chrome Ink Liquid liner        -           ₹990

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q. Which eyeliner is the best liquid or pen?

    A: Depending on your expertise both eyeliners serve the purpose well. If you master at applying eyeliner then liquid eyeliner is the best pick, whereas if you are a beginner, then pen liner is your best friend. You may also consider features before picking the eyeliner online to get the desired look.  

    Q. Which liner is best for beginners?

    A: Pen eyeliners are best for beginners, they are easy to draw and hold even if your fingers shake during application.

    Q. How do you take off eyeliner?

    A: Soak a cotton ball or makeup pad in a makeup remover and wipe the eyeliner gently from your skin. Post cleansing the eye area, wash your face with Revlon’s Touch and Glow Advanced Radiance Gel face wash and lukewarm water.

    Q. Why does my waterline eyeliner disappear?

    A: Since your upper and lower waterlines constantly make contact with the fluid in your eyes, hence they tend to disappear over a period of time.

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