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    About Revlon Lip Liner

    You can find several lip makeup products online, but none like the Revlon lip liner. This is a super effective and pigmented lip pencil that provides a base for your lipstick, gives your lips a defined look and makes sure your flawless lip colour stays on all day. A lip liner online is increasingly becoming a makeup essential for your daily life, owing to its incredible benefits and ease of application. The Revlon lip pencil gives you a lush and long-lasting colour that looks luxurious and classy, no matter where you go. Our collection of lip liners will give you iconic and jaw-dropping lip makeup that stays perfect all day! It supports your lipstick and gives it an extra touch with its intense colour.

    Benefits Of Revlon Lip Liner

    The lip liner online by Revlon is a classic and luxurious product that solves your lip makeup problems in a jiff. Make your lips appear plump and more defined with a premium Revlon lip pencil. Here are some reasons for buying our incredible lip liner. 

    • Intense colour: This lip liner provides a rich and pigmented colour that makes your lipstick look more defined and makes it pop. With its lush texture and charming intense colour, it will soon become one of your favourite lip makeup products.
    • Long wear: The special thing about this Revlon lip liner is that it is incredibly long-lasting and will outshine any other lip product! You can rest assured that it will last all day and provide a strong base for your lip colour to make it look more prominent.
    • Prevents bleeding or feathering: As you may have experienced, most lip colours do not last long, which is why our lip liner online keeps you covered and prevents bleeding of the lip colour. Also, you can say goodbye to cracks and feathering with our high-quality premium lip liner.
    • Multiple shades: You can buy your favourite Revlon lip liner in 4 awesome shades of chocolate, wine, plum and red. Make every occasion memorable with these irresistible shades.

    5 Tips & Hack About Revlon Lip Pencil

    Revlon’s lip pencil is a super lip makeup product all in itself, but here are some tips to know about using it so it looks more attractive on your lips:

    • Always moisturise your lips with a lip balm before applying lip liner as it will help in easy and smooth application and keep your lips hydrated.
    • Don't use a sharpener on your lip liner, and keep the slightly dull point as it makes your lip makeup look more natural.
    • Try applying lip liner at a roughly 45-degree angle so you can prevent any jagged lines and apply lip liner with minimal pressure.
    • Create a base with a lip liner and apply it to the entire surface of your lips. This will ensure support for your lipstick and will give you a backup in case your lip colour wears off.
    • Draw an X on your cupid's bow and then apply the lip liner, which will give an even more defined look.

    Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners on How to Apply Revlon Lip Liner 

    • First, prep your lips with a lip balm to help hydrate them and ensure a smooth application.
    • Choose your shade of lip liner depending on the occasion and your lipstick colour. Always go for a lip liner shade that is one or two shades darker than your lipstick for a more natural blended look.
    • Start lining your lips in short and natural strokes. You can start from the centre of your lips and move outwards if you are applying lip liner to the complete surface of your lips. You can also start by drawing an X below your cupid's bow to mark a fine boundary for easy application.
    • Fill the lip liner entirely to give extra support to your lipstick and for a long-stay makeup look.
    • Now apply your lipstick for extra colour.

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    Things to Consider Before Buying Lip Liner Online 

    • Always perform a patch test before buying any new makeup product to prevent triggering any skin allergies.
    • Choose a suitable Revlon lip liner shade that matches your lipstick or is a shade darker. Also, choose the shade depending on your occasion.
    • Consider purchasing a lip liner which does not require sharpening, such as the Revlon lip liner which saves you from the hassle of sharpening every time you are getting ready.

    Why Choose Revlon

    Revlon is a popular and best-selling makeup and cosmetics brand, that is committed to providing the most premium and high-quality products to our customers. We know that makeup as a tool is powerful in boosting one's confidence and expressing your personality in a unique way, which is why our range of globally recognised makeup products will never let you down. You can explore our range of makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance products and fall in love with our collections.


    Q. Are lip liner and lip pencil the same?

    A: Yes, you can use lip liner and lip pencil interchangeably, and it is used for giving the lips a more defined look.

    Q. Do you put lipstick over lip liner?

    A: Lipstick is always applied over the lip liner to add extra colour to your lips.

    Q. How do I choose a lip liner colour?

    A: Choose a lip liner shade based on your lipstick shade and also on the occasion.

    Q. Can I wear Revlon lip pencils alone?

    A: Yes, you may apply the Revlon lip liner completely on your lips and skip the lipstick altogether.
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