Matte Lipstick


    Matte lipsticks have become a popular makeup product in the last few years, and rightfully so! These creamy and luscious lipsticks make your lips look irresistible. With a smooth matte texture and non-transfer qualities, these lipsticks are a game changer in your lip makeup kit. Everyone must have these matte lipstick shades such as reds, browns, pinks or nudes in their makeup kit. The best matte lipstick can be found only at Revlon, with our high-quality ingredients and the luxurious feel of the lipstick. 

    What Is The Appeal of Matte Lipstick?

    There are several reasons why matte lipstick online has made people obsessed and happy. This lipstick is long-lasting, helps prevent dryness and looks super charming and elegant. As opposed to glossy lipstick, which was popular until a few years ago, matte lipstick is largely transfer-proof and provides a sophisticated look, which can be worn in the office, for parties, dinners and more. Such a versatile range and classy appearance have made matte liquid lipstick a favourite among makeup enthusiasts.

    Types of Lipstick

    Mainly there are two types of matte lipstick available at Revlon. These are the creamy and the liquid matte lipstick. Both these lipsticks are best-selling lip makeup products that can be used for different occasions and outfits.

    Creamy Matte Lipstick 

    Our creamy lipsticks and you are a match made in heaven because this matte lipstick will make you look divine. The Bold Matte Super Lustrous lipstick by Revlon is a unique formulation of hydrating ingredients and intense pigments which give you an effortless colour in just one swipe. You can also buy the Revlon ultra HD Mousse hyper matte lipstick that brings matte to perfection. This super creamy and hyper matte lipstick is packed with pigments and can last up to eight hours.

    Liquid Matte Lipstick 

    The ultra HD matte lip colour by Revlon is the ultimate matte lipstick online and will give you the shiny look you desire, even in a matte finish! Your lips can stay hydrated and lush with this liquid matte lipstick that is super luxurious and easy to apply. If you are wondering about the matte lipstick price, it is totally affordable and worth the money, as the matte lipstick will make you look phenomenal. We also have a variety of matte lipstick shades in all of the lipsticks, such as brown lipstick, purple lipstick, nude lipstick, maroon lipstick, pink lipstick and red lipstick so you can explore and pick your favourites.

    How To Apply Matte Lipstick Properly

    1. Exfoliate and Hydrate: The best way to make your lips look good is to first remove all the excess dead skin cells that have built up by using an exfoliant. Then you can moisturise your lips.
    2. Use a primer: You can use a lip primer to prime your lips for the lipstick.
    3. Lip liner: A lip liner prevents your lipstick shade from getting out and helps you get a clean, long-lasting look. Apply the lip liner on the outlines of your lips.
    4. Apply matte lipstick: First, apply the colour on your bottom lip and press your lips together to spread it to your upper lip. However, do not press your lips together if you are using liquid matte lipstick. Dab your pout with a tissue to remove excess lipstick. 
    5. Clean up the edges: You can use makeup remover to make your lipstick appear neater by removing lipstick from the outer edges.

    Matte Lipstick Tips & Hacks

    • Always use a lip liner if you want your lipstick to last longer and look stunning. It helps in merging your lip colour, makes it appear striking and gives you a neater look 
    • Try exfoliating before applying lipstick as it will make your lips soft and give a smooth texture.
    • If you feel your matte lipstick is getting dry, apply lip balm before and after applying the lipstick.
    • You can use a highlighter in the centre of your lips to make thin lips appear plump and attractive.

    How To Remove Matte Lipstick 

    • Apply Vaseline to your lips and wipe with a warm soft washcloth. Keep repeating until the lipstick is gone.
    • Use a cream or oil-based cleanser, dip a Q tip in it and apply it over your lips for easy removal.
    • You can also use makeup remover to get the stains of matte lipstick off your lips.

    Common Mistakes With Matte Lipstick 

    • Not applying lip balm: Matte lipsticks may cause your lips to dry, which is why it is better to apply lip balm to your lips before applying matte lipstick.
    • Picking the wrong shade: It is true that not all colours look flattering on everybody, but matte lipsticks are also super pigmented, which is why picking the wrong colour may create a problem. Go for shades that suit your skin and makeup.
    • Not choosing a long lasting lipstick: Matte lipsticks should be long-lasting such as those offered by Revlon, otherwise, you would be troubled by reapplying them continuously, and this would spoil the look.

    Things To Consider Before Buying Matte Lipstick 

    • Buy lipstick with high-quality ingredients and trusted formulation. This will ensure there are no allergic reactions to the product.
    • Choose a hydrating lipstick with nourishing ingredients. These will moisturise your skin and prevent it from getting dry.
    • Always perform a patch test before buying lipstick to avoid adverse reactions.

    Why Choose Revlon

    Revlon is a globally acclaimed makeup brand that creates unique and standardised makeup products that give you the confidence to be yourself. These makeup products include face makeup products, eye makeup products, lip makeup products, nail products and more. You can trust Revlon with its products thanks to our excellent legacy of serving customers to satisfaction by providing high-quality makeup products.


    Q1. Why you should wear matte lipstick?

    A: Matte lipstick is super popular nowadays and you should try it too because it is super luxurious, easy to apply and looks absolutely stunning.

    Q2. Is matte or glossy better lips?

    A: Both look amazing, however, matte lipsticks are trending and versatile for wearing on several occasions.

    Q3. Should I apply lip balm before matte lipstick?

    A: Yes, you should absolutely use lip balm before applying matte lipstick, because it will prevent your lips from getting dry.

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