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    Fragrance for Men & Women Online in India

    Body fragrances online at Revlon are made with love for men and women. These unique fragrance scents are the best fragrances you can find for men and women. With thorough research made on every scent to make it unique for each gender and both, these body fragrances are the best. There are scents/body fragrances that are targeted to meet the needs of a specific gender. However, it is up to the customers to determine whether a scent, which may or may not be made for their gender, is something they like, and want to wear.

    Whichever scent of body fragrance you prefer should not be narrowed down to just scents for your gender. Widen your choice by looking at scents made for other genders as well. Because who knows, you may actually find your signature scent in the body fragrance designed for the other gender. Shop now for body fragrances for men and women.

    Why Is Fragrance So Important?

    1. Fragrance/Scent:

    Body fragrances are made with essential oils that mix with your body’s chemical makeup to produce a unique scent. This scent makes you smell good, clean, and fresh for hours on end. Complete your everyday look with these body fragrances.

    2. Better mood:

    Put yourself in a better mood by spraying yourself with these fragrant scents. One spritz and you’re immediately in a much better mood than you were before. Having your own small collection of body fragrances to change it up on the days that you’re feeling down is great. This allows you to have a signature scent that you use daily, and a special one that brightens up your day and your mood in an instant.

    3. Confidence Booster:

    The body fragrance you find online can be the scent that gives your back your spunk and even a voice. Scents and fragrances can be the boost of confidence you need to get back up and keep going on. It’s like listening to a song that gets you amped up and ready to take on the day. Similarly, the scent of body fragrances can fill you with positivity, light, and determination, and you’re suddenly ready to overcome anything and everything.

    4. Feel and look attractive:

    Body fragrance can put you in a better mood, and a better mood means you feel good. Feeling good rather than sad sends out a vibe to the world and makes you have a positive air about you. Now you not only feel good, but you also look good as well. Also, the fact that your sense of smell is one of the most important senses. People are attracted to other people who smell good and that leaves a lasting impression on them.

    5. Good health:

    If you add up all of the importance of the body fragrance listed above, you are sure to have improved health. Aromatherapy is a way to improve your health and a good, subtle, and calming fragrance can lead to better health. Not only that but feeling good internally can also play a part in that as well. Positivity radiates through your entire body and how you feel on the inside is reflected on the outside.

    Selecting The Fragrance That’s Right For You

    Your personality can be represented by the scent of the body fragrance you use. It can be to represent the person you've become or the person you want to become. Either way, choosing your scent of body fragrance is entirely up to you. But here are a few pointers that will help you when choosing a body fragrance online for you.

    1. What scent do you like?:

    When you close your eyes, what is that one scent that comes to mind that you know you would absolutely love and could become your signature scent? It can be a scent that represents your personality and the person you’ve become. Or, it could be a scent that reminds you of the person you want to become. Whichever it is, find a scent that works for you, something that calms you and brightens your mood. Something that isn’t too harsh that it gives you a headache, but it’s just subtle and intense enough.

    2. Research:

    Once you know the scent you’re going for. Do your research and figure out what kind of fragrance you want? How long do you want it to last and what do you want the notes to be? One note stays on longer than the other notes in a fragrance and that is the base note. The heart note is the actual content of the fragrance and is what the fragrance actually smells like. Lastly, the top note is the first note you smell once you spritz the body fragrance.

    3. Sample test:

    Whether you’re buying your body fragrance online or in a store, always try your best to get samples to figure out if it works best for you. The scent of a fragrance is one thing and the scent of the fragrance begins to change as soon as it touches your skin. That is because of your chemical makeup which is unique for everyone. One fragrance can smell different on everyone who uses it because of their chemical makeup. So, be sure you try it out to see if it’s still something you want.

    Range of Revlon Fragrances Online

    Revlon has a wide and growing range of body fragrance collections all at affordable prices. These Revlon body fragrance collections are:

    1. The Charlie EDT Collection:

    This collection has three scents which are Charlie Red EDT, Charlie Gold EDT, and Charlie Blue EDT. These fragrances have notes of floral, citrusy, woodsy, and fruity scents.

    2. The Charlie Perfumed Body Spray Collection:

    This collection has three different scents which are Charlie Red Body perfumed Body Spray, Charlie Gold Body perfumed Body Spray, and Charlie Blue perfumed body spray. With notes of fruity, floral, and aromatic scents, this collection is unique with its interesting scents.

    3. The Charlie Chic Perfumed Body Spray Collection:

    The two scents in this collection are Charlie Neon Chic perfumed Body Spray, and Charlie Crystal Chic perfumed Body Spray. With a similar note of orange flower and different notes of jasmine, yellow sunset orchids, and more.

    4. The Love Her Madly Collection:

    This collection has two distinct scents that may seem similar outside but have very different and unique scents. The Love Her Madly Body perfumed body spray contains rose, vanilla, carnation, and sandalwood. The Love Her Madly Rendezvous Body perfumed body spray contains jasmine, rose, and grapefruit.

    5. 24 Seven Collection:

    With attention-capturing scents, this collection draws you in and they include the 24 Seven Krypton perfumed body spray that is daring and sensual. The 24 Seven Mercury perfumed body spray is a long-lasting hot scent, and the 24 Seven Platinum body spray, is the only bold choice for you.

    6. The Fire and Ice Collection:

    This fragrance collection is everything you think it is and everything you think it’s not. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s fire and ice. Two sides of the same coin, these two scents in this collection are Fire and Ice Red perfumed body spray and Fire and Ice Cool perfumed body spray.

    5 Tips on How to Wear Fragrance

    1. Spray it:

    Spraying your body fragrance is the first and best way to wear your body fragrance. But remember just to spray it on, do not attempt to rub the spot you spray. Rubbing the essential oils of the body fragrance into your skin introduces external heat that it doesn’t need which disturbs the natural diffusion of the fragrance on your skin. So, the next time you spray your body fragrance, let it be, and don’t rub it into your skin.

    2. On your pulse points:

    Pulse points are great places on your body to spritz some of your body's fragrance. Because of the constant pulse of those points on your body, those places are warmer which can help diffuse scents naturally. Your pulse points are places like the sides of your neck, the back of your ear lobes, the inside of your wrists, and below your belly button. You can also spray body fragrance on the inside of your elbows which is especially a good place to spritz some when you wear short sleeves.

    3. On your Skin:

    Spritz your body fragrance on your body as it is the obvious place. Ensure you keep the body fragrance away from your body before spritzing it on your moisturised skin. The warm surface of your hydrated skin would make it easy for the body fragrance to attach to. A unique scent is produced when the scent of the body fragrance mixes with your chemical makeup.

    4. Spritz and Walk:

    To get a full and immersive experience of your body fragrance, doing this would instantly brighten up your mood, and would be a good start to your day. Spray some body fragrance up in the air in front of you. Walk into the cloud of mist with your eyes closed. Make sure not to inhale some of the mist.

    5. Avoid spraying too much:

    The rule of thumb is to spray on a little body fragrance and then build on it if you think you need more. But remember to always start with a small spritz because moderation is important and with Revlon’s range of body fragrances.

    3 Fragrance Hacks That’ll Have You Smelling Nice All-Day

    1. Apply after a shower:

    Having a quick warm shower/bath right before you put on your body fragrance would get your pores to open up and also warms up your skin. The state of your skin would make it easy for your body fragrance to be absorbed.

    2. Moisturise your body:

    Apply moisturiser on your skin and then go on and spritz on your body fragrance. The essential oils that are mixed to give the body fragrance its scent need something to hold on to. Using a moisturiser before spritzing the body fragrance gives it a surface it can attach to.

    3. Layer it!:

    The amazing thing about body fragrance is that you can add layers of any other scents. Layering up on sprays, fragrances, or perfumes can get tricky, so be careful what you layer your body fragrance with, or else you can end up smelling bad rather than nice. So, be sure to layer up with single notes and get the hang of it before progressing to double note layers.

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    Fragrance Price List

    Fragrance                                    Price

    Charlie® Gold EDT - 850

    Charlie® Gold Perfumed Body Spray - 295

    Charlie® Blue EDT - 850

    Charlie® Red EDT - 850

    Love Her Madly® Perfumed Body Spray - 249


    Charlie® Red Perfumed Body Spray - 295

    Charlie® Neon Chic Perfumed Body Spray - 200

    Revlon® Fire & Ice Red Perfumed Body Spray - 249

    Charlie® Crystal Chic Perfumed Body Spray - 295

    Charlie® Blue Perfumed Body Spray - 295

    Revlon® Fire & Ice Cool® Perfumed Body Spray - 200

    Love Her Madly Rendezvous® Perfumed Body Spray - 200



    Revlon 24 Seven® - Platinum Perfumed Body Spray - 200


    Revlon 24 Seven® - Mercury Perfumed Body Spray - 200

    Revlon 24 Seven® - Krypton Perfumed Body Spray - 200

    E-COM KIT (FIRE & ICE COOL PBS 100 ML X 2U + FIRE & ICE PBS 100 ML - 200


    Q. Can a woman wear men's perfume?

    A: Yes, a woman can totally wear perfume created for men. A woodsy scent like sandalwood that is created for men ranks as one of the most loved/used scents by women.

    Q. What's the difference between perfume and cologne?

    A: The difference between them is that one has a higher concentration of essential oils and the other has less. The one with a higher concentration is perfume, and the lower is cologne. That’s why colognes have subtle and less intense scents.

    Q. Do guys wear perfume or cologne?

    A: Guys can wear either perfume or cologne. They can also wear both at the same time which is called ‘layering up’ on scents. But this can be tricky because you need to be careful what scents you’re layering up on and with.

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