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    Eyebrow Definer

    Eyebrow definer or eyebrow pencil is an eye makeup product that adds volume to the eyebrows by filling and defining them. These products come in various forms, sizes, and colours. These pencils or definers are used for adding hair-like strokes in the direction your natural eyebrows grow and in a similar colour or a colour you prefer.

    Revlon waterproof eyebrow pencils are waterproof and are available for you in different shades with a tip that allows you to get precise and even hair-like strokes. This definer/pencil lasts for up to 24 hours. It also comes with a spoolie which is an important tool when using waterproof eyebrow pencils or definers.

    Spoolies are brush-like tools used for brushing through your eyebrow before and after you use an eyebrow definer or pencil. It brushes your eyebrow in the direction you like it and also evenly spreads out the product of the eyebrow pencil or definer so that it looks as natural as possible.

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    Why Are Waterproof Eyebrow Pencils Important?

    Waterproof eyebrow pencils and/or definers are important because they groom the eyebrow. Since your eyebrows are an important feature of your face and enhance your eyes, it is important that you groom them as well.

    • Eyebrow pencils can add volume to your eyebrows.
    • They can change the shape of your eyebrows.
    • They can fill in sparse areas where there is less hair.
    • They can define your eyebrows.
    • They complete the overall face makeup.
    • The Revlon waterproof eyebrow pencil includes two shades of soft and deep colours.

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    How To Determine The Shape Of Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape?

    Here is the shape of eyebrows for the different types of face shapes.

    • Round Face:

    A higher arch helps open up your face and can add length and structure to your face.

    • Long Face:

    A low arch, and elongated, and straight brows will complement your face shape and make it appear wider.

    • Square Face:

    A soft arch that isn’t sharp or overly defined will soften the edges of your face. Avoid angled brows for a slightly undefined look.

    • Rectangle Face:

    Go for non-structured and fuller brows. This will reduce the size of your forehead as well as soften your jawline.

    • Triangle Face:

    Go for low eyebrow arches low and do not angle the tail of the brows downwards. Rather, have it tapered upward to lift the face.

    • Heart-shaped Face:

    A straighter brow with a rounder arch will help balance, as well as soften the pointed chin.

    • Diamond-shaped Face:

    Avoid overly defined brows to prevent a harsh look on your face. Keep the arches of your brows rounded to soften the shape of your face.

    • Oval-shaped Face:

    Go with natural brows with soft angles ensuring that the start and end are on the same level.

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    How To Use Eyebrow Pencil Properly

    • Choose the eyebrow pencil you would like to go for. It is best to go for a natural colour similar to the colour of your hair.
    • If you’re blonde, pick a pencil that is 1/2 shades darker, and if you’re a brunette, 1/2 shades lighter.
    • Lightly create upward strokes using the pencil and fill in sparse areas.
    • Be sure to focus on the arch and tail of your brows.
    • Use a spoolie to blend the marks of the pencil into your brows to create a natural look.
    • Add some gel if you require it. This will lock your eyebrows in place all day long.

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    Q. What does a brow definer do?

    A: Brow definer just like eyebrow pencil defines and fills your brows to give them a groomed and structured look.

    Q. What is the best way to enhance eyebrows?

    A: Plucking your eyebrows in no way enhances your eyebrows. Using Revlon eyebrow pencil gives your brows a defined look as well as enhances your eyes and eyebrows.

    Q. How do I know my eyebrow shade?

    A: If you have dark brows, go for an eyebrow definer 1/2 shade(s) lighter and if it’s the opposite, go for 1/2 shade(s) darker.

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