Overview Face Foundation

    Foundation is one of the most common makeup products in the makeup industry. Foundation makeup provides your face with an even layer of coverage and usually covers 

    pigmentation, discoloration, redness, tan, and other uneven skin-tone areas. Foundation is usually the first makeup product that goes onto your face, if you skip the colour correcting.

    There are so many important things to consider before buying makeup foundation online and you’re going to be reading about all those things here. Read further and discover what type of foundation works best for your skin type and what shade of foundation would match your skintone .

    What is Face Foundation Makeup

    Face Foundation is a makeup product created in various shades to match your skin tone and undertone.

    What is your skin tone and undertone? We’ll help you figure that out in just a moment.

    Different makeup brands have similar and different shades of foundation makeup from the lightest to the deepest shades. Foundation makeup that is closest to your skin tone and undertone should be applied on your face, after your skincare, to give you an even canvas before you begin the rest of your makeup application.

    Although foundation is an important step in the makeup application process, it isn’t necessary. You’re going to be reading about why you need makeup foundation and how to select the right foundation shade for you. So, read along to discover all these things and more.

    Why Foundation Makeup is Important For Face Makeup

    Foundation is important for some of the reasons mentioned above but also because:

    • Skin tone equaliser:

    When you buy face makeup foundation online, it has to be in the shade of your skin. The reason is that when you apply makeup foundation onto your skin, it equalises the uneven skin tone on your face caused by things like tan, acne scarring, pigmentation, blemishes, and lots more. Foundation makeup, in your right shade, blends the uneven skin areas with your actual skin tone.

    • Reduces the appearance of pores:

    Most people, if not everyone, has pores on their face. Foundation is one of the makeup/cosmetic products that help minimise the appearance of your pores. It doesn’t reduce or get rid of your pores, but it makes them appear smaller, almost non-existent.

    • A base:

    Face foundation which is usually the first makeup product that goes onto your skin is like a canvas for the rest of your makeup. It provides an even base to proceed with the rest of your makeup application.

    • Confidence and Glow:

    Because foundation makeup evens out your face tone and adds a bit of brightness and radiance to your face, it has the power to instil confidence in you. You feel bold and confident, ready to go out and take on the world.

    • Protects your skin:

    A lot of foundation makeup is made with SPF. So, if you skip your SPF or forget to put some on, then foundations made with SPF would provide the same protection for your skin that SPF provides. Foundation which is like a base for the rest of your makeup is also like a barrier protecting your skin from contaminants in the environment.

    How to Select the Right Foundation Makeup According to Skin Tone

    The first thing you need to know before you choose your foundation is your skin tone and undertone. Knowing your skin tone and undertone can narrow down the shades of foundation you have to test before your purchase.

    There are so many different skin tones in various undertones and it can be hard to find the right shade of foundation, but fear not, this guide will help you find yours easily.

    • Light: 

    People with this skin tone are likely to get sunburned because they have less melanin.

    • Medium:

    People with this skin tone don’t get sunburned but are most likely to get a tan. They have olive or warm gold undertones with a tanned skin tone.

    • Dusky (Deep): 

    This is the deepest of all skin tones.

    There are three undertones which are:

    • Warm Undertone:

    Warm undertone people have an olive, yellowish or golden hue around them. They can easily and have green veins. Their nail beds are peach in colour and gold jewellery compliments their skin.

    • Cool Undertone:

    Cool undertone people have a pinkish, bluish, or reddish hue around them, and purple/blue veins. Their nail beds are pink in colour, and silver jewellery compliments their skin. They get sunburned rather than tanned. 

    • Neutral undertone:

    Neutral undertone people have both green and blue/purple veins. Sometimes it might seem like it’s neither. Just like people with warm undertones, neutral undertone people tan easily rather than burn. Both silver and gold jewellery compliments their skin. Their nail beds appear both pink and peach.

    Revlon has a wide range of foundations to choose from available in various shades and undertones. Figure out what your undertone is and find the shade in that undertone that might be a close match to your skin tone.

    Types of Foundation

    Foundation ranges from liquid to powder and we’re going to be taking a look at each of them. (1)

    • Liquid:

    This is the most common type of foundation makeup that gives medium to full coverage, which you can build on if you desire. The liquid foundation is long-lasting and can end up giving you a dewy or matte finish when it is blended into your skin. The Revlon Nearly Naked foundation is enriched with natural ingredients with skincare benefits and SPF. For light coverage and a more natural look, you can go with the Revlon Touch & Glow foundation. Other liquid foundation makeup are the Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation available for oily to combination skin, and normal to dry skin.

    • Serum:

    A few drops of the serum foundation would go a long way, and it is like your favourite serum in a tinted formula. This type of foundation is known for the skin benefits it provides like other skin care serums.

    • Cream:

    With a soft cream-like formula, this foundation blends seamlessly into your skin giving you a hydrated and flawless finish. It has good coverage with its highly pigmented formula, and is good for mature and dry skin because of the hydration it provides. For that same reason, it is not recommended for oily skin.

    • Mousse:

    This foundation is best for oily skin and is super lightweight. It prevents clogged pores and gives you a matte finish which makes it perfect for oily skin. Ensure to blend well during your application because they can tend to look patchy if not blended properly. The Revlon Colorstay whipped Creme is smooth and contains SPF 22 for skin protection. If you want to go for a full coverage mousse foundation, then the Revlon ColorStay Full cover foundation is a great choice for you.

    • Stick:

    This foundation is travel-friendly and easy to apply. But due to the thick texture, your skin prep before applying your foundation is extremely important. So adhere to hydrate and prime your skin before the application of a stick foundation.

    • Powder:

    If you’re going for a simple no-makeup look, the powder foundation is best for you. This type of foundation is lightweight and easy to apply. Ensure your skin is hydrated before dusting on this foundation. It comes in a powder or pressed powder form like the Revlon Photoready Two-way foundation.

    Types of Coverage in Foundation

    There are three types of foundation coverage from the most natural one to the full-glam.

    Light Coverage:

    This provides a thin layer of coverage over your skin and is completely sheer. It doesn’t cover uneven skin tone, freckles, tan, and other things. But it is lightweight and breathable, giving you a natural finish. This is best for your daily no-makeup use. The Revlon Touch & Glow foundation would help you achieve this natural look.

    Medium Coverage:

    Foundations with medium coverage are more pigmented than the light coverage foundation. These types of foundation can make it easy for you to build up your coverage from medium to full coverage. Medium coverage foundation covers more uneven skin tone and freckles than light coverage foundation. But the more you build on the layer, the more it covers. The Revlon foundations with medium coverage include Nearly Naked, ColorStay Whipped Cream, and Photoready two way foundation.

    Full Coverage:

    Go full glam with the full coverage foundation. This foundation leaves nothing uncovered from reducing the appearance of your pores to evening out your skin tone, covering your freckles and acne scarring, etc. For a flawless base, the Revlon Colorstay Full Coverage Foundation or the ColorStay liquid foundation available for normal to dry skin, and oily to combination skin.

    How to Use Foundation the Right Way

    Makeup artists have different techniques to apply foundation and it is up to you to figure out which way works best for you. If you’re a beginner here are a few ways you can try applying your foundation.


    Before you start this, ensure your face is prepped and your hands are clean.

    Step 1: Apply a pea-sized amount of foundation into your hand and rub it between your fingers like you would your moisturiser. Or you can apply the foundation directly on your face, on your cheeks, and on your forehead.

    Step 2: Go in with your fingers and rub the foundation into your skin like you would your face serum or moisturiser. The heat produced helps the foundation melt into your skin seamlessly.

    Be sure to start with a little amount of foundation and build your way up if more is required. Blend the foundation into every area of your face properly. This technique works especially well with serum foundation but also liquid, cream, and mousse.

    Beauty Blender:

    A beauty blender is a small sponge in various shapes but mostly a tear-drop shape that you need for your makeup application, mostly foundation.

    Step 1: The first thing you want to do is to soak your beauty blender in water. You can put it under a running tap of water or place it in a bowl of water.

    Step 2: Pump the beauty blender a few times under the tap of water/inside the bowl of water. Pump until it has soaked up a lot of water and has doubled in size. Then squeeze out the water from the beauty blender.

    Step 3: Grab a towel or tissue paper and wrap the beauty blender with it and squeeze again to remove the excess water.

    Step 4: Put a few drops/pumps of your foundation into a makeup mixing palette or at the back of your hand.

    Step 5: Spread the foundation with the damp beauty blender at the back of your hand/on the makeup mixing palette.

    Step 6: Lightly pat the beauty blender in the centre of your forehead and work your way outwards.

    Step 7: Work your way from your forehead down to the bridge of your nose. Then beneath your eyes and down to your chin and your jaw. Work your way up to your cheek and cheekbones.

    Remember to start with a small amount and work your way to more foundation if you need more. If you put a lot of foundation in any area of your face, use the clean side of your beauty blender to grab the excess product.

    This technique works well with all the different types of foundation. With a stick foundation, you can either follow this technique or apply it directly to your face and blend out.


    A lot of makeup artists use a brush to apply their foundation and sometimes, some of them go in with a beauty blender after their brush application. So it is up to you to use a brush or a beauty blender.

    Step 1: Apply your foundation directly on your face in areas like your cheeks and your forehead. You can go in later with more products if you require some more, especially for your chin and jaw area.

    Step 2: Use one side of your brush to lightly drag the foundation to other areas on your face. Be sure to go in a single direction and not back and forth (Up to downward motion, or left to right motion).

    Foundation Tips & Hacks

    1. Dampen your beauty blender or set it with a setting spray. You would get a flawless finish than with a dry beauty blender.
    2. Mix your foundation in a makeup mixing palette or at the back of your hand before you apply it on your face with your brush or beauty blender.
    3. Ensure you apply the foundation even around your face and down to your neck.
    4. If you’re having a hard time finding your foundation shade, get two shades of foundation (One; a shade/two lighter, and the other; a shade/two darker). Mix these two shades in little amounts and add more of either until you reach a shade that matches your skin tone.

    How to Remove Foundation Step-by-Step

    Step 1: It is important to start with a cleansing oil to break down the makeup product on your face. A cleansing oil would make it easier to take your makeup off.

    Step 2: Go in with a face wipe to take off the makeup. Be sure to wipe off gently and not drag to avoid stripping your face.

    Step 3: Wash your face with the Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Radiance Face Wash.

    Check our Revlon Foundation Range

    Revlon’s wide selection of foundations ranges from dry skin and normal skin to oily skin and combination skin types. Check out Revlon’s full coverage foundation for better coverage, the medium coverage for daily use, or the light coverage for a natural no-makeup look.

    All these foundations at Revlon are available for a wide range of skin tones and undertones. So, go look for your perfect shade now with the guide provided.

    Things You Should Know Before Buying a Foundation

    Before you buy your foundation, make sure you know:

    1. Your Undertone: To narrow down the foundation shades to choose from.
    2. Your Skin tone: To help choose your perfect shade of foundation.
    3. Your Skin type: Do you have oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, or combination skin? Find the type of foundation that works best with your skin type.
    4. The coverage you want; light, medium, or full?
    5. The type of foundation you want; liquid, serum, cream, mousse, stick, or powder?

    If you have the answers to these questions, then you’re ready to buy your foundation. So, buy your face makeup foundation online in India at Revlon.

    Why Choose Revlon

    Revlon has crafted the foundations and other makeup products with ingredients that are beneficial for your skincare. Most of Revlon’s makeup products contain SPF which saves time and money, so you can skip the sunscreen and go in directly with these products.

    Revlon has curated all these products to suit everyone’s needs as well as skin types. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, or combination skin, Revlon has got you covered.

    Not only does Revlon have the best makeup products, there is a wide range of skincare products, hair products, charlie body spray and fragrances to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and shop online at Revlon.

    Foundation Price List -

    Foundation                                                                                                                 Price

    Touch & Glow Makeup                                   -                                                          ₹399

    Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Normal to dry Skin SPF20          -         ₹1285

    Photoready Two Way Powder Foundation SPF 20/PA++          -          ₹1800

    ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup                              -                                ₹1395

    Nearly Naked Makeup                                                   -                                          ₹849

    Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Oily to Combination Skin SPF 15   -     ₹1285


    Q. Can you just wear foundation as makeup?

    A: Yes, you totally can. Especially if you’re going for a natural look, a light coverage foundation would be great.

    Q. Can I apply foundation without moisturiser?

    A: It is not advisable to apply your foundation without hydrating your skin. Whatever skin type you have, the best tip to get a flawless foundation is to hydrate your skin.

    Q. Can I apply foundation everyday?

    A: Yes, you can. Especially if it is a lightweight foundation with skincare ingredients that promote the health of your skin. If not, then make sure you have a good nighttime skincare routine.

    Q. Can you put the foundation under your eyes?

    A: You can put the foundation under your eyes, but it doesn’t do anything for you. The makeup product that works best under your eyes is concealer. Check out Revlon’s range of concealers.

    Q. Are Revlon foundation makeup long-lasting?

    A: Yes, they are. Revlon’s medium coverage foundation and full coverage foundation last for up to 24 hours. The other Revlon foundations are long-lasting as well.

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