Liquid Lipstick


    Overview Liquid lipstick

    Nothing compares to excellent liquid lipstick. They are the real game changers when you seek a perfect makeup look! With precise application, they are an indispensable part of every girl's. 

    These liquid lipsticks first gained popularity in the beauty world a few years ago, and they soon cemented their status as a must-have in every girl’s purse. All for a good reason. Compared to regular lipsticks, liquid lipsticks have more pigment and leave a stain that lasts all day.

    What is liquid lipstick?

    Liquid lipsticks take the top seat among all the lipsticks available. They keep our lips looking beautiful for a very long time. Liquid lipsticks have a longer wear time than other types since they glide on like glosses and adhere to the lips. Additionally, they are significantly more pigmented than other formulas, so you typically only need to apply a single swipe of color to have a noticeable result.

    With long lasting liquid lipsticks onboard you can now dine, drink, and even get caught in a downpour, without having to constantly touch up your makeup!

    Types of liquid lipsticks


    Lipsticks with a creamy texture feature rich pigments that provide complete coverage. They moisturise your lips and make them appear full.


    Applying glossy liquid lipstick gives your lips a lush, glossy appearance. Glossy lipsticks hydrate the lips and make them appear moist. Glossy lipsticks need frequent touch-ups and can be sheer, softly pigmented, or strongly colored.


    Frosted liquid lipsticks have tiny flecks of glitter or shimmer that make your lips shine.


    A pigmented long lasting liquid lipstick that dries on your lips with a matte texture and no shine is known as a matte liquid lipstick. Although a matte solution lasts for a long time, it can dry out your lips, so use a lip balm first.


    Sheer or satin lipsticks accentuate your lips' fullness. Lips will be moisturised and hydrated by satin formulations. They appear natural and have mild pigmentation. Satin or sheer lipsticks, in contrast to matte lipsticks, do not last all day; you will need to touch them up periodically.

    How to choose the correct liquid lipstick according to your skin tone

    Lip color may add a spark to your appearance, helping you stand out and boosting your self-confidence.

    If you're having trouble deciding on the ideal lipstick hue for your skin tone, keep in mind that the shade you select should match your undertone. Warm undertones match well with warm hues, cool undertones look best with cool lipsticks while neutral undertones can go either way. Let’s check out in detail: 

    Cool Undertones 

    If your complexion has a pink, red, or bluish tint, you are a cool-toned individual. Additionally, you may determine if your undertone is cool if your skin is complemented by silver items and jewellery, if your skin tends to burn in the sun before tanning, or if the veins in your wrist appear blue.

    Choose lipstick shades with blue or purple undertones if you want to look your best. With its complimentary undertone, this color brightens the face and rich crimson will enhance a chilly undertone while assisting in defining the lips.

    Warm Undertone 

    Individuals with complexion such as yellow, golden, or olive are generally referred to as warm-toned. If gold jewellery complements your skin tone, you tend to tan quickly, or the veins in your wrist look green, you can also determine that your undertone is warm. The ideal lip colors for you are reds, oranges, and copper tones. Vibrant colors are the ideal partner for individuals with warm undertones.

    Neutral Undertone 

    You have a neutral skin tone if your skin's undertone is a blend of pink and yellow. Additionally, if you look excellent in both silver and gold jewellery, you can categorise your undertone as neutral. Lighter shade tints are the best picks for people with neutral undertones. 

    How to apply liquid lipstick

    There is nothing better than long lasting liquid lipstick to finish the glamorous look; the colors may change with the trends, but a flawless, smooth lipstick application remains the same. Despite the fact that lipstick is a staple in our makeup bags, the majority of us forget to take into account a few crucial steps that can make or break the perfect lipstick look. We have jotted down some advice to assist you to make it all great, so let's get started!

    1. Lip exfoliation and hydration

    Flaky lips aren't just a wintertime problem. Our lips are the most sensitive part of our skin and get easily impacted by the weather. In general, if lips are chapped then long lasting liquid lipstick gets in between the cracks and highlights them badly. Therefore, exfoliating your lips is always the first step to removing dead skin and smoothing down rough lips.

    After finishing, it's crucial to moisturise your lips with an SPF-containing lip balm or oil. Our lips get moisturised in this process, becoming supple and full. One can also use a tinted lip balm to give your lips a subtle tint for a more natural appearance.

    2. Apply a Lip Base

    It's time to apply a base now. Start by applying a thin concealer or foundation that complements your skin tone. You could think skipping this step is an option, but trust us when we say that it is an essential hack. By serving as a primer, it fills in lip creases and provides an even foundation for application. This phase takes care of all lip coloring issues, including fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven coloring.

    3. Define your Lips

    It takes a lot of skill and persistence to get a fine lip line using your long lasting liquid lipstick applicator. Lip liner provides the precise outline you require and is more forgiving of mistakes. Additionally, certain long lasting liquid lipstick colors won't bleed into the skin around if you use a lip liner.

    Start by making an "X" on your cupid's bow to begin lining your lips. Trace each side of your top lip line down to the corners of your lips starting at the top of the "X." Next, make a line going from the centre of your bottom lip line to the corner of your mouth.

    4. Blend in the edges

    After lining your lips, you must now soften the lip line's outside edges. If your lip line appears a little scratchy and you want your lip liner and liquid lipstick to blend together, this is a smart step to take. Smudge your lip line's outer edges using a clean cotton bud or lip brush. After applying long lasting liquid lipstick, work inwards along the inner edge of your lips to get a more smooth transition between your lip liner and lipstick.

    5. Start from inside

    For several reasons, it's best to begin applying lipstick to the interior area of the lips, where your lips purse.

    First of all, it provides you with ample room to evenly apply the long lasting liquid lipstick without having to worry about going beyond of your lip line. Second, starting here allows the long lasting liquid lipstick to dry down first because this area experiences a lot of movement and friction when speaking.

    Last but not least, you may quickly make changes to your application to improve the color buildup or produce a more exact line when working outwards.

    6. Start by applying thin layers 

    Start with a light, thin layer since this is a helpful technique for applying liquid lipstick properly. You may now more easily decide how vivid you want the color to be. Lipsticks with good color buildup don't feel heavy on the lips, such Revlon’s Colorstay Overtime Lip Color.

    7. Give it a final finish

    Always remove excess lipstick with a tissue or piece of blotting paper to avoid smudging outside lip lines. If there appear to have been any feathery ends, mask the asymmetry using a lip brush and concealer. A concealer with good coverage can disguise blemishes and help your lipstick last longer.

    You can now master the lipstick look with these easy suggestions. Once you master the fundamentals, you can experiment with other makeup styles to enhance your sense of style.

    How to do ombre lips with Revlon liquid lipstick

    If you're not familiar with the style, let us tell you that back in 1990s ombré lips featured a black, noticeable lip liner with a contrasting tone (typically a milky, nude hue) in the middle of the lips. To achieve the ombré effect and preserve the contrast against the centre of the lips, the lip liner was blended very delicately. 

    Start by exfoliating, moisturising and creating the base with a primer or a foundation as we generally do before putting on any lipstick. Post that follows the below-mentioned steps:

    1. Apply Lip Liner Liberally

    Use a little lip brush to gradually spread the lip liner to begin the ombré effect. If you want the color to be deepest at the outermost areas of your lips and fade in towards the centre, mix it in very lightly.

    2. Use A Pale Lipstick Color

    Take a three to four shades lighter nude lipstick that has undertones comparable to the lip liner you decided on. Try the Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Color, if you want to make a particularly striking contrast. Choose a lipstick that is only two to three shades lighter than the liner if you desire an ombré effect that is more subdued.

    3. Make an Application on the Middle of Lips

    As a next step, apply the color to the middle of the lips, taking care not to overlap the lip liner. The edges of the lipstick need to be blended into the lip liner with a lip brush or your finger.

    4. Add Lip Gloss to Finish the Look

    Although you can easily wear the look without adding lip gloss and still have stunning ombré lips, but it wouldn't be a proper throwback to the '90s. Applying a clear lip gloss would give it the ideal finishing touch as back then it was all about the shine.

    How do you get Revlon liquid lipstick off? 

    Liquid lipsticks offer a plumper and fuller lip look. However, after a long day, the last thing you would want to do is spend a long time removing it. Removing these lipsticks can be a genuine challenge because of their long-lasting nature. But vigorously rubbing your lips to take the lipstick off is not the right solution. You should instead find a more efficient yet delicate approach to take matte lipstick off. 

    Here are the gentle ways through which you can take off your lipstick easily!

    1. Oil 

    The easiest way is to grab oil from your kitchen, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or even baby oil. Simply apply the oil to your lips with a cotton pad, and watch the lipstick disappear! Additionally, your lips will feel nourished and healthy thereafter.

    2. Vaseline

    Vaseline has proven to be a miracle lip gloss remover. It only needs to be applied to your lips, allowed to dry for a minute, and then removed with a tissue. Vaseline will make the color disappear.

    3. Creamy Textured Lip Color Remover

    Revlon’s Creamy Eye and Lip Color Remover is your BFF if you want to make your lip color vanish in a few seconds after a long tiring day. The best part about it is- It is Transfer Resistant.

    Do’s & Dont’s of Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick You Should Know

    Are you trying to find a way to showcase your sense of fashion and add some flair to yourself? If so, you might be considering using Revlon liquid lipstick. Given that it is simple to use, available in a wide variety of hues, and lasts for a long time, liquid lipstick is a great alternative while picking up a lipstick. On the other side, you must also be careful how you apply long lasting liquid lipsticks. Check out some of the top long lasting liquid lipstick dos and don'ts below.



    Make sure your lips are properly prepared before applying your lipstick. Even though you might be in a rush in the morning, exfoliating your lips will maintain them healthy and ready for lipstick application.

    The exfoliating procedure is essential since it enables you to remove any possible dead skin. When you apply lipstick, dead skin functions as speed bumps. Your fingers will get thrown off and your accuracy will be compromised if you apply cosmetics over these bumps. Scrub your lips beforehand to avoid this. You will have a smooth surface throughout the remainder of your lipstick in this manner. Also, do not forget to moisturise them with a good lip balm. 


    Liquid lipstick will start to run down if your lips are not lined up properly. The final appearance of your lipstick will be significantly different even though this will add a few extra minutes to the application process. Make sure the lip liner you use gives your lipstick a distinct boundary. Using sheer, neutral, or skin-colored lip liners like Revlon’s Colorstay Lipliner will work if you don't have matching ones.


    Applying thin layers is preferable to one heavy coating! Apply the Revlon’s long lasting liquid lipstick starting in the middle of your top lips and working outward. Wait for the first layer to dry before putting on the second one. Get the ideal pout by shopping online for the best matte liquid lipstick online with us.



    You might be used to putting a very thick application of lipstick when using conventional lipstick. This could bring attention to the color of your makeup and highlight your greatest features. With conventional lipstick, this would be OK, but not with liquid makeup.

    If you use a lot of liquid lip gloss, your lipstick may bleed or smear. Your lips may appear strange as a result. You might only need a light coating to completely cover the surfaces of your lips.


    Before applying your lipstick, use lip balm if your lips are parched. Chapped lips do not respond well to liquid lipsticks. This lipstick's watery composition can accentuate whatever lip splits you already have. You might end up risking unintentionally drawing attention to some of the faults or blemishes you're trying to cover up with makeup.

    Furthermore, after applying liquid lip gloss, flaky skin that you have can form lines. As a result, it will also bring out your lips' flakiness, making them appear unattractive.


    Since long lasting liquid lipsticks have a tendency to adhere to your skin firmly, removing them can be challenging. You might be tempted to scrub your lips to remove the stain if the lipstick does not remove in one swipe like your typical lipsticks. Avoid doing this at all costs because you can get chapped lips. When removing, be gentle with the lips. Use Revlon’s Lip makeup remover to gently wipe away the best liquid lipstick in India

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    Why Choose Revlon

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    Liquid Lipstick Price List -

    Liquid Lipsticks                                                                                     Price

    Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color                        -                       ₹1250

    Revlon ColorStay SatinInk Crown Jewels              -             ₹999

    Revlon Colorstay Overtime  Lip Color                  -                   ₹799

    Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse Hyper Matte          -     ₹1250

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Is liquid lipstick better than matte?

    The choice is all up to you, so go ahead and rock whichever lipstick you love. However, there are benefits of employing liquid lipstick over conventional ones. They tend to be smudge-proof.

    2. How long do Revlon liquid lipsticks last?

    Revlon’s liquid lipstick comes with long-lasting technology and hence they last for upto 16 hours. 

    3. How do you keep Revlon liquid lipstick on all day?

    Before using lipstick, apply lip balm or petroleum jelly and let it sit for a while. Utilize concealer to outline your lips. It serves as a lip primer and will stop spills and edge smudging. Lipstick automatically stays on longer with less edge bleeding.

    4. How do I prepare my lips for liquid lipstick?

    Exfoliate, moisturise, apply a lip base, outline your lips with a perfect lip liner and you are ready to put on a liquid lipstick on your lip canvas!

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