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    About Face Blush

    The subtle splash of colour can brighten up your face and add the illusion of a “sunkissed glow”.

    Blush is a makeup product that is applied to different areas of the face to add some natural rosy colour to your face. This feminine touch can add a delicate look to your features and even enhance some of your facial features. Face blush comes in different shades of colours to suit people with different skin tones. It can be applied on areas of your face like the apples of your cheeks, nose, and chin.

    The best face blush is one that looks natural on your skin tone and is the perfect texture for your skin type. Blush makeup available at Revlon comes in different shades. Check out Revlon Blush online now.

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    Benefits Of Using Revlon Blush

    The face blush online at Revlon comes in three beautiful shades and they are the best face blush for you because of their amazing benefits.

    • This blush has a microfine, powdery soft texture.
    • It has a buildable colour with a smooth formula.
    • This face blush online has an intense pigment and gives a lustrous and defined look.
    • It is available in three different shades which are great for different skin tones.

    How To Choose The Perfect Face Blush Shade According To Your Skin Type

    When selecting a shade of face blush online, you need to know your skin tone and what shade would look more flattering on you. The different shades of blush at Revlon are perfect for different skin tones. So, go on and figure out what shade of Revlon blush is perfect for your skin tone.

    • Light skin tone:

    This is the lightest shade of Revlon blush and the shade perfect for you is the Mauvelous shade.

    • Medium skin tone:

    The Ravishing rose shade would be perfect for people with this skin tone. But for a brighter look, you can try out the Mauvelous shade or the Classy coral shade.

    • Deep/Dusky skin tone:

    Revlon blush has a Classy coral shade perfect for this skin tone. The Ravishing rose shade can also be a great shade.

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    How To Use Face Blush Properly

    The Revlon blush is a powdery texture and therefore needs to be applied a certain way.

    To apply powder blush:

    • Dab the bristles of your brush on the product lightly and dust off any excess.
    • Sweep the brush lightly over the areas of your face you would like to apply the blush.
    • Remember to start with little and work your way up for more pigment.

    To apply cream blush:

    • Apply the blush using your fingertips or a brush to areas of your face.
    • Blend out with a brush.
    • Add more if you need extra pigment.

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    5 Things To Consider Before Buying Face Blush

    Here are some things you should consider before buying face blush online.

    • Know your skin tone and skin type.
    • Find the right texture for your skin type and the right shade for your skin tone.
    • Check out the ingredient list to be certain you aren’t allergic to any of it.
    • Check the shelf-life.
    • If you have sensitive skin, check to see if it’s something that can be used for sensitive skin.

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    Q. Why do we blush our noses?

    A: Our noses tend to get a bit or a lot red when the temperature drops but it also happens on various occasions. Applying blush on your nose adds a type of “sunkissed glow” to our features. Going over your nose and the apples of your cheeks tends to add a cute feminine touch to your face.

    Q. Can I wear blush everyday?

    A: If it is something you want to do, then yes, you can wear blush every day. It adds colour to your face and feminine touch to your facial features. Blush can also be used on your eyelids to add a pop of natural colour to your face.

    Q. What type of blush is suitable for dry skin?

    A: Cream blush is perfect for people with dry skin. Not only does it do what blush is supposed to do, but it also hydrates and moisturizes the skin. This also adds a sheen of radiance to your face while preventing certain areas of your face from getting dry and flaky.

    Q. Can I apply blush with my fingers?

    A: Yes, you can. A lot of people have taken to applying makeup with their fingers, this includes blush as well. This is a really good practice as the products blend in better under the heat of our fingers as we massage the product into our skin. It is also a great way to create a natural and flawless base.

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