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    Unleash Your Best Look with the Power of Face Primers Makeup

    The art of doing make-up dates back to 6000 BCE when Egyptian men and women used to adorn themselves with some form of natural make up as an act of obeisance to God. (1

    The art of using creativity to enhance one’s features and overall appearance can be termed as make-up. Over the years, the art of doing makeup has evolved into a very sophisticated form and several products have come into being to enhance your experience with make-up. A face primer makeup is one of those products that can enhance the efficacy of your make up and make it look more seamless. 

    What is Beauty Primer?

    A face makeup primer is a makeup product that helps in soothing the texture of your skin and blurring out pores so that the subsequent cosmetics can glide like a dream on your face, thereby giving you an effortless glow and impeccable complexion. The lightweight face primer online by Revlon will be an excellent addition to your vanity kit because it will intensify the appeal of your make up products and make your make-up experience very satisfying. 

    Why is Face Primer Makeup Important?

    Primer makeup can be equated to a face filter that is used in real-world make up. You can use it on your face, over your eyes, and even your lips before applying any other product. A lightweight face primer makeup can have a number of advantages :

    • It Will Enable Your Make Up Products To Give The Best Results

    A face primer will create a barrier between your skin and the foundation that you apply over your face. A beauty primer will give a base for the foundation to cling to. This will ensure that whatever you put over your face after that spreads evenly. Makeup looks best on even skin and a face primer makeup helps you in achieving that evenness on your face. 

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    • It Will Make Your Makeup More Long Lasting 

    If you are a fan of natural makeup and love it when make-up augments the natural appeal of your face, the face primer by Revlon should be your go-to product. When you apply a face beauty primer before applying foundation on your face, your makeup will stay on for longer without cracking or flaking. 

    • It Conceals Spots And Bumps

    A face primer will prevent the natural oils from your face from mixing into your foundation, causing it to crack.  A layer of face primer will cover the spots and bumps on your face to facilitate a coherent and flawless application. 

    • It Gives An Anti Ageing Effect

    You must have cringed at the sight of cracked makeup that highlights skin flaws in an evident and unpleasant manner.  The face primer makeup is here to alleviate those woes. By covering the fine lines, wrinkles, spots and bumps on your face, it will turn your face into a smooth canvas for makeup application. This will give an anti-ageing effect to your face as all signs of skin ageing will be covered to a certain extent before the application of foundation. 

    Types of Makeup Primer

    Face primer makeup by Revlon will suit any skin type because we have the perfect lightweight primer, whose consistency will resonate with your participant's skin type and texture. 

    How to choose the perfect makeup primer according to your skin type : 

    • Dry skin

    The Revlon colorstay UV primer is perfect for dry skin as it will make your skin look flawless for over 24 hours. This face primer is enriched with SPF 40 which means that it will protect your skin from UV rays every time you step out wearing it. 

    • Normal skin

    If your skin type is normal, you can use the ColorStay Grip Matte Primer for a creamy base product that works wonders for your skin. Our ColorStay Blot setting powder can also work well for your skin for setting your makeup. 

    • Oily skin

    If you have oily skin, you can opt for the ColorStay Grip Matte Primer by Revlon, which will absorb excess oil from your skin and provides a mattifying effect for up to sixteen hours. 

    • Combination skin

    Revlon ColorStay Blot Setting Powder will give a mattifying effect to your face and minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines. The effect of this powder will stay intact for up to sixteen hours. 

    Face Primer Makeup Tips & Hacks

    The following tips and hacks will help you in doing your primer makeup effectively : 

    • If you like long lashes, try using a beauty primer on your lashes before putting on mascara. It will make your lashes look longer and fuller. 
    • You can create your own customised face cream using a beauty primer, by mixing your favourite coloured foundation, moisturiser and primer in one go. This will reduce the number of steps of doing make-up and make your skin look super radiant. 
    • If you have bushy brows, you can apply some primer makeup to your brows to make them look more contrived and tamed. 
    • You can apply some makeup primer on your lips before putting on lipstick to stop your lipstick from bleeding around the edges. 
    • Who has not experienced eye shadow fallout and ruined their makeup by trying to clean it with a napkin? You can simply take some beauty primer on your finger or on a brush and clean the eye shadow fallout with it. This will pick up the extra product from underneath your eyes without spoiling your makeup look. 
    • You can also use a face makeup primer to tame the baby's hair by putting on some face primer on a hairbrush or comb and gently combing the crown of your head with it. 

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    There are so many makeup products available in the market that it is very important for you to make well-informed choices. If you aren’t articulate about your choice, there are chances that no matter what you use on your face, it won’t yield desired results. 

    By using the right makeup products for your face, you can use makeup as a powerful tool to boost your confidence by looking your best. The right kind of primer makeup will prep your skin perfectly for any kind of makeup look thereon. 

    FAQs on Face Makeup Primer

    Q. What is the difference between concealer & primer?

    A: A concealer is a makeup product that works primarily to conceal your blemishes and dark spots whereas a face primer is meant for creating a smooth canvas in your face for makeup application. You can apply concealer after primer but not a primer after applying concealer. 

    Q. Can I use a face primer everyday?

    A: Yes, you can use a face primer every day. It can be applied to your face after doing your skincare routine to create a flawless-looking complexion. If you want to go for a natural look in terms of your makeup, you can skip the foundation and apply a little blush on your cheeks after putting on a moisturiser and primer. 

    Q. Is It good to use face primer on oily skin?

    A: You can choose the face primer according to your skin type. For example, there is a Revlon ColorStay blog setting powder or ColorStay Grip Matte Primer depending upon your choice.

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