Loose Powder


    What Is A Loose Powder?

    Loose face powder is a finely textured powder that is seamless and has a lightweight finish. Loose powder makeup is mostly used for makeup baking in the makeup industry. It can be used after your makeup application or alone to get rid of oil and shine from the face. When applied after your makeup, it can set your makeup in place and give it an even and smooth texture.

    Loose face powder can be used for other makeup hacks, not just to remove shine or smoothen your complexion or texture. Revlon loose powder makeup is formulated with Vitamin E which makes it nourishing for the skin.

    Explore all the amazing benefits of loose face powder below.

    Benefits Of Using Translucent Powder

    • The Revlon loose finishing powder is formulated with Vitamin E and is super nourishing for the skin as it leaves your skin feeling moisturised.
    • The fine texture of this loose face powder is lightweight, with a silky and smooth finish.
    • This loose face powder can even out the skin tone and give you an even complexion.
    • It controls oil and shines on the skin for up to 8 long hours.
    • This loose powder is good for sensitive skin.

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    How To Choose Loose Powder Makeup According To Skin Tone

    The most important thing when choosing a shade of powder is your skin tone. Right now, Revlon has three shades of loose powder makeup for dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and combination skin. To choose your shade, you need to know your skin tone to select one of these available shades of loose face powder.

    The translucent powder price is reasonable for all the quality of the powder with the added benefits you will be getting from using it. Here are the available shades of Revlon’s loose compact powder.

    • Light Skin Tone:

    This is the lightest shade of loose face powder and the available shades of people with this skin tone are light and light/medium. These two shades have different undertones, one with a yellowish undertone, and one with a pinkish undertone.

    • Medium Skin Tone:

    There are also a couple of shades of this Revlon loose powder makeup for this skin tone. The shades are medium and light/medium. Similar to the shades available for light skin tones, these shades differ in an undertone.

    • Dusky (Deep) Skin Tone:

    As of now, Revlon currently has no dusky/deep shade of loose face powder.

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    How To Use Loose Face Powder Properly

    For a natural makeup look:

    • When applying loose powder makeup, there are different ways to proceed depending on if you’re using powder alone or on top of your makeup.
    • For a light, natural application to get rid of shine or mattify your face use a brush and lightly dip into the jar, and dust off the excess product.
    • Sweep the product across your face while handling the brush lightly.

    For a full-glam makeup look:

    • For baking or brightening areas on your face like underneath your eyes, the t-zone, and around your mouth and chin you will need it to sit for a while.
    • For makeup baking, this needs to be done after applying most of your face makeup product, after you conceal areas on your face.
    • Simply take out some loose powder inside the cover of the jar and dip your beauty blender.
    • Press the powder into your face and let it sit for a while before you brush off the extra product.
    • Ensure you brush out properly so it doesn’t leave a distinct trace of baking but rather a subtle brightening effect in these areas.

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    5 Tips & Hacks About Loose Face Powder

    1. If you have oily skin, applying loose face powder can get rid of the shine on your face.
    2. To get thick and dramatic lashes, dust some powder on your lashes after the application of eye mascara, when your lashes are still wet.
    3. You can use loose powder to set your lipstick and mattify it as well. Apply your waterproof lipstick then dust some powder over it and blot it. Repeat this process until you feel like it’s ok.
    4. If your face blush or bronzer is darker for you, especially in the winter season, you can lighten it with some loose powder makeup.
    5. Set your eyeliner pencil with some loose face powder to prevent it from smudging and make it last longer.

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    Q. Is loose powder makeup good to use?

    A: Yes, it is. Loose powder makeup is used by a lot of people in the makeup industry from beginners to professionals. It can be used in from lightly airbrushed makeup to get rid of shine to baking your under eye area among other places.

    Q. Is it okay to use loose face powder every day?

    A: Yes, you can if you choose to use it every day. Loose powder makeup was the first and only type of powder before compact came along. It is perfectly ok to use it every day.

    Q. What is the difference between loose powder and compact powder?

    A: Loose face powder has a consistency which is similar to baby powder, unlike pressed powder which is mostly for touching up your makeup. Loose powder is lightweight and therefore has a more natural coverage.

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