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    About Face Makeup

    There are several reasons why individuals, and women, in particular, are so drawn to makeup. While many enjoy playing with colours and experimenting with looks, some use them to achieve a more natural look. Whatever the cause, there is no denying that makeup is a product that every woman enjoys using and would like to have a collection of more.

    Many cosmetics fans have an unrestricted affection for the product. They feel delighted and get an unparalleled buzz from applying and playing with makeup. A highlighter can be more than just a highlighter, just as a foundation can be more than just a foundation. They can change, offer protection, and more.

    You may be unsure of the importance of cosmetics, but we can assure you that it is there. Let’s check out the benefits of face makeup items in detail.

    Benefits of Face Makeup Items

    Boosts Confidence and Self-Assurance

    The main benefit of wearing makeup is that it boosts your self-confidence. Humans have a tendency to over-focus on their flaws to the point of obsession because of the way their brains are wired. When it comes to self-judgement, we are far from being honest and unbiased. We are viewed by others as perfect and whole. However, when we look in the mirror, particularly women, we have a propensity to magnify our flaws rather than pay attention to the whole picture. We don't trust ourselves because we feel too innocent. Therefore, a little cosmetics gives us confidence again.

    Enhances your Appearance

    A good appearance is essential to creating a good first impression. Every woman wants to look her best, but it may be challenging, which is where cosmetics can be useful. The best part is that cosmetics may bring out a lot of a woman's natural beauty. Making the prominent cheeks stand out and appear more vibrantly may help with a nice blush.

    Keeps Skin Protected 

    Your skin is shielded by makeup from contaminants like smog and pollution. It creates a thin barrier around your skin to shield it from contact with dust. Even if cosmetics can't guarantee total safety, they significantly reduce the likelihood of getting wounded.

    Helps Cleanse Skin

    You have to take off your makeup at the end of the day. Fortunately, the cleansers will help you keep your skin and face healthy. The cleansing process will remove extra dirt and debris from your pores, keeping them free. The washing regimen becomes a habit when you wear makeup, contributing to healthy skin.

    Helps Look Younger 

    Ageing is not always simple. It can sometimes wear on your appearance to make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. By giving you a young appearance as you get used to wrinkles and age spots, makeup can help you age more gracefully. This is necessary to learn to appreciate your physical attributes, even as they change with age.

    Gives you a Healthier Complexion 

    The tone of your skin may appear excessively pale or dark. This tone is especially noticeable in the face area, where maintaining a presentable appearance may be difficult. However, you could make your skin tone appear evenly brighter and more attractive by utilising face makeup products online. 

    Let’s you have some Self-time 

    You think about who you are and what you want to achieve during the time you spend applying cosmetics to your skin. Every woman should take time to focus on herself and appreciate the benefits of makeup. Cosmetics help you stand out from the crowd by conveying a sense of self-care. The best justification for using makeup is that it gives you the deserved extra degree of control over your skin.

    Revlon Face Makeup Products Online in India

    Face Primer

    At first, using a face primer may seem like a gimmick, but this product will revolutionise how you apply makeup. Using a primer helps lessen the amount of oil produced during the day, blur pores, and smooth the skin. When you use a primer for face makeup items, your skin is also made brighter, and its texture is smoother, which makes it easier to apply makeup evenly. Revlon’s Colorstay UV Primer with SPF 40 protects your skin from harsh sun rays and its luxurious formula blends in easily with the skin. Our Oil-free, fragrance-free and non-chalky primer gives you 24-hours flawless-looking skin!

    Face Foundation 

    Foundation has made great strides over the past 10 years. A perfect foundation for your skin type helps you look and feel fantastic. It will make your skin appear renewed and glowing like you got 10 hours of sleep.

    Revlon offers you a wide range of Face foundations to choose from. Pick the one which best suits your skin type. Select from Touch and Glow Makeup Foundation, Colorstay Full Cover Foundation and Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation. 

    A new-age foundation blends seamlessly into your skin and restores your natural shine while balancing skin and makeup, giving you an even youthful complexion.

    Also read 11 reasons to wear foundation.

    Compact/ Pressed Powder 

    Compact powder is one of the essential cosmetics for adding the ideal touch-up. It helps you smooth out your complexion and remove extra oil and sweat from your face. It's the favourite product for adding long-lasting coverage to your skin and setting makeup. 

    With 16-hrs shine-free wear, Revlon’s Colorstay pressed powder is perfect for a flawless makeup finish. You can also try Nearly Naked Pressed Powder online. It helps to minimize all the imperfections & provides a natural coverage.

    Concealer Makeup

    Concealer conceals dark circles, age spots, blemishes, and more by obstructing pigments and blending these flaws into the skin. Our Colorstay Full Coverage Concealer works wonderfully on blemishes, under eye dark circles, pimples and spots. A long-lasting 24-hour stay gives your skin full coverage.


    Blush is considered perfect for enhancing the appearance of your cheeks. As a result, it helps soften the face and gives your makeup a nicer appearance.

    If you are looking for blush, which makes you shine and glow all day long, do buy Revlon Powder Blush which comes in 3 shades!

    Loose Powder 

    A loose powder is utilised to define contour lines or provide a "chiselled" makeup appearance. Our silky smooth Loose Finishing Powder comes in 3 shades and is formulated with Vitamin E, providing nourishment to your facial skin while setting your makeup.

    Highlighter Makeup 

    Highlighter is used in makeup to brighten the skin on a particular area, thus, providing the appearance of depth and angles and contouring the face or other parts of the body.

    Your dream of getting a sun-kissed glow is no more a dream now! With Revlon’s Highlighting Palette shine like never before. Our palette comes in a silky soft texture. Buy products for face makeup items in India at Revlon!

    Face Mist Spray 

    A face mist is designed to hydrate dry skin, revive dull, drained skin, and enhance makeup application. Revlon’s Photoready Rose Glow Face Mist is a genuine glow-giver because it preps skin for makeup, provides all-day moisture, and quickly revives your appearance. Being vegan, it provides your facial skin with 24-hr hydration with a glowy and dewy finish. 

    How to Apply Face Makeup Items Perfectly

    The variety of products and techniques can be intimidating if you've never done makeup. Not to worry. Below, we'll take you step-by-step through the process. face makeup items application will be simple once you get the hang of it.

    Step 1: Start with Moisturizing

    Spend some time preparing your skin with a good quality moisturiser before starting to apply your makeup. The first step in using moisturiser effectively is learning how to use it. A dollop around the size of a quarter should be poured over your fingers. Spread the moisturiser across your forehead, working your way up and outwards, starting in the middle of your face. Spread the moisturiser on your cheeks after doing the same, starting at your nose. To prevent clogging your pores, make sure you've evenly distributed the moisturiser around your skin. When you've used enough moisturiser, gently work it in circular motions and wait a few minutes for it to dry before continuing.

    Step 2: Apply a Primer 

    Primer serves as a protection for your skin and is a crucial step in making your makeup, resulting in stunning and long-lasting results. Primers may also help you use less makeup and apply it more easily. While a makeup primer isn't always necessary, it can help keep your makeup in place, especially on a busy or warm day.

    Step 3: Conceal as Required

    Using concealer can help you look more alive and eliminate shadowy, dark areas. Choose a product that is two shades deeper than your foundation or your skin tone. To make the concealer look natural, dab some on your skin with your fingertips or a beauty blender.

    Step 4: Apply Foundation

    Depending on the tone and type of your skin, choose a foundation. Choose a matte finish and shine-controlling foundation if you have oily skin. Choose a Moisturising foundation for dry skin. Also, do not forget to consider your skin's state and the degree of flaws you wish to cover while choosing your foundation's coverage (full, medium, or light).

    Step 4: 

    Step 5: Apply a Setting Powder

    Use loose, compact, or setting powder to set your makeup base. But keep in mind that little is more when it comes to powder. To set your makeup, use just the proper quantity of powder. Your makeup may smear if you apply it to areas where you frequently produce shine and oil.

    Step 6: Contour 

    All year long, bronzer may give your skin a sun-kissed radiance. Choose a brush made specifically for bronzer to apply a golden tan to your face. These brushes have more bristles and are packed much closer together, so you can get the most out of your vibrant bronzer with each and every swipe.

    Step 7: Blush it Up

    For decades, rosy cheeks have been a staple of makeup elegance. Blush could be the answer if you're looking to give your skin a little extra colour and brightness. Applying blush with a dense brush with many bristles ensures you get the most out of each stroke.

    Step 8: Apply a Highlighter 

    Every makeup look gets a little glitter and glows with the proper highlighter. Highlighters can enhance your makeup look for a more natural appearance or something stunning and bold.

    Tips and Hacks for Revlon Face Makeup Products

    1. Do you know how everyone always says to start with the foundation? It appears that you needn't always. Applying blush first, followed by foundation, is all you need to do to appear illuminated from within. Voila! You have a base for your makeup that gives you the ideal radiance.
    2. Because every person's face is unique, the optimum location for your contour may be different from your BFF's. Roll a pencil, pen, or cosmetic brush handle just beneath your cheekbone (in the pocket beneath the actual bone) to determine the proper angle for your face before applying bronzer or contour powder. Once you've determined the ideal spot, use a contouring brush to apply some bronzer there lightly and blend the colour to soften it.
    3. Select an item that is suitable for your skin type. Use a creamier texture if you have dry skin because a matte foundation can crack and split on your skin. Use a water-based matte foundation instead of an oil-based one if you have oily skin because an oil-based foundation will splotch on you. With less product, the concealer's richer, whipped texture allows for greater coverage.
    4. Setting powder seals the makeup to prevent smearing, shifting, and transfer. Furthermore, it absorbs any extra oil. For optimal results, apply a thick coating with a powder puff or sponge to the T-zone and under the eyes. After letting it bake, use a brush to remove any extra. Melt the transparent powder beneath the eyes using a wet sponge. Laugh lines, the forehead, the area behind the lips, and the side of the cheekbone can all benefit from this.
    5. Although it's an old tactic, it's not often employed. Make sure your face is slightly wet before using a day cream or SPF. Your skin will retain moisture thanks to this. A face mist is a convenient technique to ensure that your face is prepared for the cream without visiting the ladies' room.
    6. One quick highlighter trick is to blend the liquid highlighter with your primer on days when you don't wear makeup to hide pores and bring radiance to your skin. Use a setting powder and apply it strategically to regions of your face that appear overly dewy while leaving the rest of your face glowing.
    7. Many women have found one tip that is quite helpful is combining blush and bronzer before applying it to your cheeks. This makes it look much more natural, quickly uplifts your face, and imparts a healthy glow and boost of radiance.

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    Why Choose Revlon

    Utilizing cutting-edge Research Centre in Edison, New Jersey knowledge, Revlon uses cutting-edge technology and strict product quality requirements (USA). The brand's most well-known products include Super Lustrous®, Colorstay®, Revlon PhotoreadyTM, Top Speed®, Colorsilk®, Flex®, Charlie®, and many more.

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    Face Makeup Products

    Face Makeup                                                   Price

    ColorStay Lock Setting Mist         -                  ₹1495

    ColorStay Grip Matte Primer        -                  ₹1390

    ColorStay Blot Setting Powder     -                  ₹1350

    Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Normal to dry Skin SPF20  -    ₹1285

    Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Oily to Combination Skin SPF 15  -   ₹1285

    ColorStay™ Pressed Powder         -                   ₹1285

    ColorStay ™ Full coverage concealer    -      ₹699

    ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup      -     ₹1395

    Colorstay UV primer                     -                        ₹1425

    Photoready Two Way Powder Foundation SPF 20/PA++ - ₹1800

    Touch & Glow Makeup                  -                      ₹399

    Touch & Glow™ Moisturising Powder    -   ₹515

    Nearly Naked Makeup                    -                    ₹849

    Nearly Naked™ Pressed Powder     -              ₹799

    Revlon ® Powder Blush-                 -                  ₹885

    Loose Finishing Powder                   -                 ₹1315

    Revlon® Colorstay® Full Cover Foundation  - ₹1095

    Revlon Highlighting Palette            -                  ₹1350

    Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Mist   -         ₹1450




    Revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken 5-in-1 Concealer    -      ₹999

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q. How can I hide my pimples using Revlon face makeup items?

    A: Pimples make you look extremely gross. Hence to get the best dreamy look while hiding pimples, you should cleanse your face before applying makeup products, followed by a primer throughout your face and concealer on spots. Lastly, apply foundation and set your makeup with a setting spray for a more even look!

    Q. How can I do natural face makeup at home?

    A: Natural-looking makeup can be attractive and pleasing, whether you're just starting to wear it or you want a more understated appearance. Even if you've never tried it before, you can easily achieve this look on your own! 

    Just follow the simple steps and you are ready to rock! 

    1. Cleanse thoroughly
    2. Hydrate via Moisturising
    3. Apply Primer 
    4. Stroke a Concealer
    5. Apply Foundation 
    6. Apply Compact/Pressed Powder
    7. Blow a Blush 
    8. Let it Highlight 

    Q. Do and don'ts of face makeup?

    A: Dont’s- Avoid trying a lot of various brands on your skin, Avoid putting makeup on a dirty face, Don't apply makeup with dirty brushes and Don't go to bed wearing makeup.

    Do’s- Always apply concealer following foundation for a creased look, Do take care of your skin by keeping it hydrated and moisturised and Do use a primer for an even look!

    Q. What are the things to consider before applying face makeup?

    A: Before applying essential face makeup products, one must take into account the following necessary steps: 

    1. Cleanse your skin well 
    2. Keep a check on what goes well with your skin, the skin type
    3. Exfoliate it
    4. Moisturise it 
    5. Last but not least, stay hydrated for a dewy appearance throughout the day!
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