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    Enjoy Shine less Flawless Finish with Revlon Makeup Compact Powder

    Women's beauty rituals have not been complete without the use of makeup, which is still developing today thanks to new tools and methods. Flawless makeup is a means of self-expression for women to improve their appearance. Today the cosmetics industry provides a wide choice of products that cater to various skin types, tones, and preferences. A compact powder, a popular makeup item, is often used to get a flawless, matte finish. Find the best compact powder at Revlon.

    What is Compact Face Powder?

    Compact face powder, also known as pressed powder is a finely compressed powder that comes in a range of shades to complement various skin tones. Compact face powder is used to set makeup and give a polished appearance. It can be used over the foundation makeup or on its own. It can also be applied to the face in little amounts throughout the day to remove extra oil and stop shine.

    6 Reasons for Using Makeup Compact Face Powder

    There are various reasons for using a face compact powder as it is a versatile product. Let us look at the different uses of makeup compact powder.

    1. It helps to even out skin tone.
    2. The compact face powder can reduce shine by absorbing oil on the face.
    3. It can give a smooth matte finish to your makeup.
    4. You can use a face compact powder to set your foundation.
    5. You can use a makeup compact powder for touch-ups throughout the day.
    6. They come in compact travel-friendly packaging and are easy to carry in handbags.

     How to Choose Best Compact Powder Online According to Skin Type

    Just like how you choose the correct face makeup products for your skin, you must choose the right makeup compact powder. Choosing the correct face compact powder for your skin type can be a tricky task, but it is important to pick the right one for your skin and complexion. Let us look at how to get the best compact powder for yourself.

    Oily Skin:

    Look for a compact face powder for oily skin that has an oil-free formula which can give you a matte finish by controlling oils.


    Revlon ColorStay™ Pressed Powder – Gives you 16 HRs shine-free wear. Available in 3 shades – Light, Medium & Deep.

    Dry Skin:

    Look for a makeup compact powder for dry skin that contains moisturising ingredients like Vitamin E and gives a luminous finish.


    Touch & Glow™ Moisturising Powder – It is a compact face powder for dry skin that gives you a radiant finish without making your skin dry. Available in 3 shades Natural Matte Shade, Ivory Matte shade, and Gold Matte Shade.

    Normal Skin:

    Look for a compact face powder that suits all skin types and has a light formula.


    Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder can provide natural coverage and even out your skin. It is enriched with Vitamins B, C & E. Available in 3 shades – Fair, Medium, and Medium Deep.

    How to Use Compact Face Powder Properly

    Makeup Compact powders are simple-to-use makeup products. To get a gorgeous and long-lasting makeup look, choosing the ideal compact face powder and knowing how to use it properly can make all the difference.

    • On a clean moisturised face, apply BB cream or foundation.
    • Use a powder brush or the sponge applicator to remove the powder from the compact.
    • Apply the makeup compact powder to the face in a circular motion after tapping off any extra.
    • Focus on the T-zone (chin, forehead, and nose), which is prone to oiliness.
    • To prevent any harsh lines, thoroughly blend the compact powder into the skin.
    • To get rid of any surplus powder, use a fresh brush or sponge.

    5 Tips & Hacks About Makeup Compact Powder

    Here are a few tips and tricks about compact face powder you can check out.

    1. Apply makeup compact powder to avoid your foundation looking cakey.
    2. Use it to set your bold kohl eye makeup look for a matte finish.
    3. Use a compact face powder to set your waterproof lipstick for long wear.
    4. Remove the excess shine from your face with a compact face powder touch-up.
    5. You can also use a makeup compact powder to fix eye-shadow primer.

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    All of these products have been chosen by Revlon to accommodate a variety of skin types and demands. Revlon has products for all skin types, whether they are oily, dry, normal, or combination.

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    FAQs on Makeup Compact Powder

    Q. Can I use compact powder as a foundation?

    A: Compact powder is used to set the foundation, so it cannot be a replacement for the foundation. However, if you already have an even skin tone and want to skip using a foundation, you can apply a compact powder on well-moisturised skin.

    Q. What is the difference between compact powder and foundation?

    A: While the foundation is a base product used to even out skin tone and provide coverage, compact powder is used as a setting powder for the foundation. Compact powders keep the foundation in place and provide a matte finish. Usually, compact powder is applied after the foundation.

    Q. Can I use compact powder every day?

    A: Yes, you can use a face compact powder every day and even for touch-ups throughout the day.

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