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Hair Color


    Hair Color for Men & Women Online in India

    Hair is a very important noticeable aspect of your personality. No one is aloof to the fact, what a good hair day can do to perk up your spirit. 

    When we talk about hair care and its upkeep, we can not ignore the importance of Indian hair color.

    After a certain age, hair color becomes such an important part of your hair care routine. It is something you indulge in to maintain the lustre and shine of your hair which is lost overtime. 

    Whether you are someone who is just embarking on this journey or someone who has been coloring their hair for a while, Revlon hair color is your best bet if you are looking to buy hair color online shopping India. Moreover, Revlon hair colors come in an expansive range of shades which make it easy for you to pick out the online hair color to complement your skin type.

    Why Do We Need Hair Color Products?

    Hair is the crowning glory of one’s personality. People usually opt to color their hair because it makes them feel good and confident about themselves. In addition to that, hair color for men & women adds that extra shine to your hair which makes your hair look healthier and shinier.

    Revlon’s hair colors will actually leave your hair in a better condition then they were before you used the product. When you suit the perfect Revlon hair color for your tresses, then you can definitely add an extra and interesting layer to your personality. 

    The best indian hair color for women in India will make your hair reflect light beautifully and it will enhance your personality’s overall appeal significantly. Revlon’s hair color products collection is enriched with a variety of silk proteins which make your colored hair look tamed and super healthy. 

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    Range of Revlon Hair Color Online

    If you are planning to do some hair color online shopping India, then make sure to take note of these Revlon hair colors. 

    1. Top speed hair color

    This is a no ammonia-in Revlon hair color for women which is enriched with multiple hair conditioning properties that make this Revlon hair color, the perfect pick for coloring dull and damaged hair. This online hair color is available in 8 shades and it is infused with the goodness of ginseng extracts and the mother of Pearl. 

    The application is easy, and fuss-free and it literally takes five minutes for you to color your hair within the comfort of your home. The Top speed hair color online comes in small packaging as well. 

    You can buy hair color online shopping in India at Revlon.

    2. Colorsilk beautiful color 

    This Revlon hair color is made with the Revlon 3D color gel technology that enables the user to give themselves a natural-looking yet multi-tonal hair color online shopping in India. This online hair color for men & women is a no ammonia product which has a unique UV defence formula that doesn’t just give your hair added character, dimension and shine but also works on improving your holistic hair health. The silk proteins in this Revlon hair color will give 100 grey coverage that will be long-lasting. It comes in 9 permanent shades which are infused with the properties of keratin, which is the natural protein of our body responsible for strong and healthy hair.

    Revlon makes it easy to buy hair color online shopping in India.

    3. Revlon color and care hair color 

    This Revlon long-lasting hair color online shopping comes in 6 beautiful shades and it takes a little longer than the other two variants to color your hair. The special formulation of this Revlon hair color for women promises soft, silkier, shinier and healthier hair. 

    At Revlon, you can easily buy hair color online.

    Stunning Shades of Revlon Hair Color

    1. Black

    The perfect black shade to help you color your tresses in the darkest shade out there. 

    2. Brown Black

    It is a lighter shade of black with a dash of brown in it to make your hair look lighter than jet black. 

    3. Dark Brown 

    This is the perfect shade for those who love to experiment with darker shades of brown. It is perfect for Indian skin. 

    4. Dark Mahogany Brown 

    This is the best hair color for women in India has a tinge of red to it, yet it is dark enough to pass off a hair color from the brown family. This is another good online hair color for the Indian skin tone. It is perfect for those who like dark-colored hair. 

    5. Deep Burgundy 

    This is another beautiful hair color shade with deep hinges of red in it. It is a perfect choice for those who love dark-colored tresses. 

    6. Light Golden Brown 

    This shade inclines towards the lighter side and it is an ideal choice for fair-skinned people or anyone who likes to experiment with lighter hair color. This one is definitely a head-turner. 

    7. Medium Brown

    This shade is the perfect combination of a dark and a light shade of brown. It is a vibrant online hair color for women and can greatly augment your overall look. 

    8. Medium Golden Brown

    This is a blend of medium brown and blonde color. This is a super glamorous shade and falls in the lighter tone category.

    9. Soft Black 

    If you are someone who loves natural looking hair, then this hair color online shopping is the perfect pick for you. It amalgamates the brown and black color and suits warm skin tones very well.

    Revlon Online Hair Color Tips & Hacks

    1. Always begin by washing your hair with a good hair shampoo to deep clean your hair and to get rid of any kind of dust or germ build up. 
    2. After shampooing, make sure that you consult ion your hair with a good hair mask or condition so that you can replenish the moisture that will be lost by using hair color 
    3. It is recommended that you do a patch test on your skin to be sure that the hair color products won’t cause any sensitivity or irritation.
    4. After that, it would be in your best interest that you try covering your counter with some paper towels and wearing overalls over your clothes to protect them from stains. 
    5. You can divide your hair into manageable sections to make sure that you are able to properly color your hair. 
    6. Always begin by applying the Revlon hair color products to your hair roots first because it is always your hair roots that need maximum attention. 
    7. After that, start applying from the back to the front. 
    8. Let the color sit in for the stipulated length of time and then wash your hair. 
    9. Apply the after-color conditioner and let it stay in your hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing your hair. 
    10. Another noteworthy tip would be to incorporate more of hair color products, moisturising and nourishing products in your hair care routine in the coming weeks post coloring your hair to strengthen your hair further. 
    11. After using hair color products, it is advisable to stay away for some days to avoid hair damage. 

    How to Choose Hair Color for Men

    Greying hair is a common problem for both men and women. Gone are the days when personal care was only restricted to women. More and more men are taking an interest and paying attention to keeping up with their grooming. Just like their haircut and shaving hair color for men is also an important part of a well-groomed look.

    Whether you are in college or you are working, looking presentable every day is a necessity. No one wants to look dishevelled at work – especially while attending any event while making a presentation or at a job interview. Maintaining your hair color with the best hair color for men adds to your charm and personality.

    Men don’t need to stick to black when choosing a hair color for men. At Revlon India, you can find best hair color for men that will make you look dapper and feel confident at all times. Now get salon-like color at home easily with Revlon hair color for men. Revlon hair color for men  formula is free of ammonia and gives you natural shine and glossy hair.

    Things to keep in Mind while Choosing Hair Color for Men

    1. Decide what you want to achieve – whether you want to cover your greys or change your hair styling.
    2. Determine your skin undertone – Choose a hair color for men based on your skin’s undertone.
    • Greenish veins – warm undertone – choose blackish brown hair color for men.
    • Bluish or Purplish veins – cool undertone – choose natural black shades.

    1. Choose a hair color for men that you are comfortable with and carry off everywhere.

    Shades to Try from Revlon’s Range of Different Hair Color for Men

    1. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color Small Pack - Natural Black-70,  Dark Brown-65, Brownish Black-68
    2. Top Speed® Hair Color - Natural Brown 60M, Dark Brown 65M, Natural Black 70M
    3. Revlon Color N Care® Hair Color - Natural Black 1N, Brown Black 2N, Darkest Brown 3N

    How to Choose Hair Color for Women

    When it comes to hair color women are not used to merely covering greys. Women like to color and tone their hair for hair styling. If you want to change your hair color at home choose hair color for women by Revlon India and get salon-like hair color from the comfort of your home.

    Things to keep in mind while choosing hair color for women

    To ensure your new color suits you, take care of the following while choosing the best hair color for women.

    1. Your Complexion – skin tone and complexion plays a big part in hair color suiting your style
    2. Your Eye Color – Dark hair colors look beautiful for brown and dark eyes, lighter brown, blonde and burgundy suit lighter eyes like blue or hazel.
    3. Your personality – Choose a hair color for women that complement your personality which you can carry off in style.

    Shades to Try from Revlon’s Range of Different Hair Color for Women

    1. ColorSilk Beautiful Color® - Black 1N, Soft Black 1WN, Brown Black 2N,  Dark Brown 3N, Dark Mahogany Brown 3RB, Deep Burgundy 3DB, Medium Brown 4N, Medium Golden Brown 4G, Light Golden Brown 5G
    2. Top Speed® Hair Color - Natural Black 70, Brownish Black 68, Dark Brown 65, Natural Brown 60,  Deep Mahogany Brown 50
    3.  Revlon Color N Care® Hair Color - Natural Black 1N, Brown Black 2N, Darkest Brown 3N, Medium Brown 5N, Burgundy 3RV, Light Golden Brown 6G

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    If you are looking for a complete hair care, skin care and make up solution, then Revlon is your one stop solution. Revlon’s flex dry and damaged shampoo or the outrageous color protection shampoo can work wonders on your hair by targeting your specific hair problems. To that end, Revlon has what you need when it comes to finding the best shampoo online or the best conditioner online

    Coming to cosmetics, Revlon’s lip makeup products, eye make up products, face makeup products, nail care products, perfumes online and body fragrance products are also diverse yet specific enough to deliver satisfactory and seamless results. 

    Why Choose Revlon

    Revlon is an iconic beauty brand that is committed to transforming the lives of men and women for better through their skin care products, beauty productshaircare products and fragrances products. This brand has been around for so long that they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to trailblazing and effective beauty solutions that are formulated in a responsible way. Much like the rest of their collection, Revlon hair colors are also phenomenal, trendsetting and made to perfection. 

    Hair Color 

    ColorSilk Beautiful Color                                                                                

    Top Speed Hair Color                                                                                         

    Revlon Color N Care Hair Color                                                                        

    Revlon Top Speed Hair Color Small Pack                                                    

    Revlon ColorSilk with Keratin (with Outrageous Shampoo 90 ml)      


    Q: How long does Revlon hair color last?

    A: Revlon’s permanent hair color will last around 3 months. The frequency of root touch up will depend upon the rate at which your hair grows. 

    Q: Which color is best for grey hair?

    A: It is advisable to opt for various shades of brown like mahogany or some variant of brown to color your grey hair. Having said that, if you are someone who likes to keep their hair dark, then you can opt for those kinds of shades and touch up the roots to keep the color uniform. 

    Q: Which Revlon hair color online is best for Indian skin tone?

    A: Dark Mahogany brown, medium brown or deep burgundy are the best Revlon hair color for the Indian skin tone. 

    Q: What hair color is trending now?

    A: A toasted shade of caramel is so much in vogue at the moment. You can opt for Revlon’s light golden brown or medium brown to match the toasted caramel shade.

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