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    About Eye Makeup

    Eye makeup is the use of beauty products like eye shadow, eyeliners, etc to enhance your facial features. Eye makeup application has the power to alter your appearance based on the look you go for. There are so many different eye makeup looks from minimal to bold eye looks you can try out.

    Eye makeup has evolved over the years and was prominent from Cleopatra’s time. The signature Cleopatra eye makeup look has been remastered by different people over the years. Eye makeup looks in the 80s are different from the looks in the 90s and even now. Although there are some occasions/events that call for reverting to those times, and rocking eye makeup looks in the 70s/80s are called for.

    Nowadays, a lot of people are going for clean makeup looks or the no-makeup makeup look. It is where you use makeup to enhance your features rather than change them. This clean makeup eye look is flawless and natural looking. You can play around with it and make it your own because eye makeup looks are subjective.

    Benefits of Eye Makeup Products

    1. Complements/Enhances your overall look:

    As mentioned earlier, eye makeup has the power to change your features or enhance them. But the key to finding what works best for you is to play around with different eye makeup looks. Finding what alters your features and what enhances your features is the key to finding your signature look.

    2. Experiment with different looks:

    Eye Makeup gives you the power to try out different looks. These looks can be fun and even be a part of your “me-time” to try out various eye makeup looks. Makeup is like art, although there are some steps to getting the best out of every look, a mistake can end up becoming something you like.

    3. Boosts confidence:

    With eye makeup, you can feel like a completely different person with every look. Just like any other makeup application, it has the power to make you feel bold and confident in your skin.

    4. Eye care:

    Playing around with different eye makeup looks will push you to focus on important eye care. Eye care is the use of products to prevent rapid ageing and other concerns like sagging and pigmentation. Even without using eye makeup products, eye care is important, but using eye makeup products is encouraged.

    Revlon Eye Makeup Product Online In India

    1. Eyeliner:

    Eyeliner is one of the important makeup products that is used by almost everyone. Most people skin other best eye makeup products and just go in with eyeliner which has become a norm. Eyeliner can be applied in various ways and has the power to change the shape of your eye to give you a bold/subtle look. Try out the Revlon colostay liquid eyeliner, Revlon so fierce vinyl eyeliner, Colorstay liquid eye pen, or Fabuliner.

    2. Kajal:

    Eyeliners have been often used as kajal. Kajal is meant to go on your waterline and unlike eyeliner, it can be used also on your eyelids for a smokey eye makeup look. Try out the Revlon 24-hour Kajal, Kohl Kajal and Colorstay one-stroke defining eyeliner kajal.

    3. Mascara:

    Mascara is the best eye makeup product that is applied to your eyelashes to give them a darker and fuller look. Using just eyeliner and mascara can brighten up your eyes and make them look alluring. Go for the Revlon water-tight mascara or the So Fierce Mascara.

    4. Eyeshadow:

    This is a makeup product where you can find different colours and textures of the best eye makeup products to give you a different look. With the various colours and textures of this product, you can create numerous eye makeup looks. This Revlon colorstay lookbook eyeshadow palette comes with different colours of eyeshadow that would help you create all different looks.

    5. Eyebrow pencil:

    The shape and shade of your eyebrow can change the appearance of your eye and your entire face. Eyebrow pencil comes in different shades to match your natural shade. They can be used to reshape your eyebrows, and even give them a fuller look. After filling out your eyebrows, it is important to set them so that they remain intact all day long. The Revlon color stay brow fibre filler gel would keep it in place all day long.

    Types of eye makeup

    1. Simple:

    This is the eye look you can try out and requires one to two different eyeshadow shades. You can skip out on the eyeliner. Remember to prime your eyelids with a primer, or concealer and set them with powder. Apply any shade of eyeshadow at the corners of your eyelids and blend it out with your eyeshadow brush.

    2. Shimmer:

    This requires two different textures of eyeshadow which are matte and shimmer eyeshadow. Shimmers have a glitter texture to them that makes them glow. Apply the matte eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyelids and apply the shimmer in the inner corners of your eyelids.

    3. Smokey:

    There are different ways to create a smokey eye look from the easiest and lightest smokey eye looks to the darkest and deepest smokey eye looks. You can build up your eyeshadow to get a darker look. For a smokey look, start with a dark brown, a few shades darker than your skin tone. Try using this Revlon pencil eyeliner by smudging it out on your eyelids.

    4. Semi-cut crease:

    This eye makeup look requires the use of different eye makeup brushes to achieve this specific look. A cut crease at the crease of your eyelids is made. Sometimes the cut crease is made above the actual eye crease to create the illusion of wider eyelids.

    5. Full-cut crease:

    This is a step further in creating a semi-cut crease. Rather than stop halfway, you cut your crease to the outer corners of your eyes. This is one of the eye makeup looks that can change the appearance of your eye giving you a completely different look. Finish off the look with the Revlon Fabuliner.

    How to apply eye makeup correctly

    Prep your eyelids:

    Start by setting your eyelids with an eye primer, or you can prime it with this Revlon concealer and then set it with translucent powder.


    The range of Revlon eyeshadow can create numerous looks. Begin with a shade that is closest to your skin tone, a few shades darker. Apply it at the outer corners of your eyes as shown in 3 in the picture.


    Apply a bright colour, maybe even a shimmer on the middle part of your eyelid. This brightens up your eyes as shown in 2 in the picture.


    The brightest shade in an eyeshadow palette which is usually a shimmer is used in the inner corners of your eyes as shown in 1.


    You can decide to go without eyeliner if you prefer. The Revlon Colorstay one-stroke defining eyeliner kajal can be used to create a subtle winged eyeliner look.

    5 Tips & Hacks about eye beauty products

    1. Always prep your eyelids before applying your eye makeup products.
    2. Remember to blend and keep blending. When in doubt, blend some more.
    3. Use an eyebrow gel to set your eyebrow after filling it.
    4. Curl your lashes before applying a coat of mascara at the tips of your lashes.
    5. For a winged eyeliner, cut a piece of sellotape and place it at the outer edge of your eyes. Apply your eyeliner and peel off the sellotape.

    Eye Makeup according to eye shape

    Round eyes:

    Apply dark eyeshadow at the centre of your eyes and apply light shades at the corners of your eyes. This will highlight the corners of your eyes and enhance your big eyes.

    Almond-shaped eyes:

    For almond-shaped eyes, apply dark eyeshadows at the outer corners of your eyes and lighter shade at the centre. Apply a bright shade in the inner corners of your eyes.

    Downturned eyes:

    Apply a light shade in the inner corners of your eyes blending it towards the centre of your eyes. Apply a dark shade on the outer corners of your eyes and blend in inwards towards the centre of your eyelids.

    Upturned eyes:

    Apply a dark shade of eyeshadow near the shape of your eyes. Focus the dark shadow closer to your eyelashes and the outer corner of your waterline. Apply a little on the outer corner of your eyes.

    Hooded eyes:

    Apply dark eyeshadow on your eyelids, focus it on the lower portion of your eyelids, and blend the eyeshadow from the eye line and blend it upwards towards the rest of your eyelids.

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    Eye Makeup Price List 

    Eye Makeup                                                        Price

    Colorstay ® One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Kajal          -     ₹710

    Revlon® 24HR Kajal                         -      ₹285

    Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeline   -   ₹750

    Colorstay Liquid liner                    -  ₹840

    Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen        -       ₹1100

    Fabuliner                                            -        ₹580

    Revlon Colorstay Look Book Palette™       -     ₹1450

    Colorstay Not Just Nudes™ -     ₹995

    Kohl Kajal                                         -     ₹235

    Water Tight® Mascara    -           ₹540

    So Fierce!™ Mascara       -           ₹1095


    Q1. Is it ok to wear eye makeup without foundation?

    A: You don’t have to wear foundation especially if your skin is clear. Even if it’s not, putting on a foundation is a choice. You can forgo it and still rock your eye makeup with clean and hydrated skin.

    Q2. Should eyeliner go on top or bottom?

    A: Most people mistake eyeliner for kajal/waterline. Eyeliner is meant to go on your eyelid, on top of your lashes. Kajal or eye pencil, or waterline is meant to go at the bottom. That is, on your waterline.

    Q3. What do I put on my eyelids before eyeshadow?

    A: Prepping your eyelids before going in with eyeshadow is important for many reasons. This is why you should apply an eye primer, or concealer before you apply your eyeshadow.

    Q4. Where do I start eyeshadow?

    A: Start applying your eye shadow at the outer corners of your eyelids. First, go in with a transition shade and progress to a darker and lighter shade.

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