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    Eye Kajal An Essential Makeup Product For Every Girl!

    Can your makeup ever be complete without adding some kajal to your eyes? No. Eye Kajal is the holy grail of makeup and is been used by ladies since centuries to adorn their eyes. Be it simple kohl-rimmed eyes or dramatic cat eye flicks your eye makeup needs the touch of eye kajal to bring in the glamour and drama. Waterproof eye kajal, gel kajal, today there is such a wide variety of eye kajal online shopping available that you are spoilt for choices.

    History of Eye Kajal

    But did you know, more than the aesthetic appeal, eye kajal traditionally was applied to protect the eyes? Yes, let’s delve into the history and find out the origin of eye kajal. Kajal is known by different names across the world – kohl, Surma, and Kajal are some of them.

    The term kohl is derived from the Arabic name ‘Kuhl’. Kajal is used in Egypt 3100 B.C. Ancient Egyptians used eye kajal as a form of adornment for the eyes, and also as a cure for any eye ailment. It was believed eye kajal could protect the eyes from the harsh sun rays, thus a good amount of eye kajal was used to line the upper and lower lash lines. Eye kajal is used in India since ancient times and in Ayurveda, eye kajal is made from ingredients like ghee, almond, camphor etc.

    Today Eye Kajal has become so versatile and is available in so many forms. It comes in a pencil shape for ease of application. Revlon eye Kajal is wax based and gives you the perfect dark-pigmented eye makeup look every day. Its just-glide-on feel makes Revlon Kajal a must-have in your everyday makeup routine.  

    Benefits Of Using Revlon Eye Kajal

    Revlon eye kajal comes in various formulas and colours and can make you look bold and beautiful.

    1. Enhances your overall look

    Revlon eye kajal has the power to enhance your eyes and overall look. Finding what makes your features stand out is the key to finding your own signature look.

    2. Experiment with looks

    Try different looks with Revlon eye Kajal. They come in various different colours and formulas. Draw them simply, wing them, or create graphic eyes to up your glam quotient and stand out among your peers.

    3. Get Confident

    The best part of makeup is it boosts your confidence. Big bold eyes with Revlon Kajal can boost your confidence before an important meeting or look beautiful for your date night. Get Revlon kajal online shopping.

    Types of Eye Kajal Available Online

    Revlon offers a wide range of eye kajal online shopping. Buy kajal online shopping in India and get them delivered to your doorstep. Here are some of the best Revlon Kajal online shopping from the house of Revlon.

    1. Colorstay ® One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Kajal

    This one stroke Revlon Kajal gives you defined intense eyes. They are wax-based and long-stay eye kajal available in five different shades to make big bold eye makeup looks. This is a good choice for everyday Kajal.

    2. Revlon® 24HR Kajal

    Get an intense black kajal look that lasts for 24 hours with Revlon 24H kajal. It has an ultra-soft formula that comes in a twist-up pack. Revlon 24H Kajal is ophthalmologist tested.

    3. Kohl Kajal

    It is an intense Color Kajal in traditional Kohl format with a matte finish. It comes with a sharpener for sharpening the Kohl pencil. The Kohl Kajal has a soft powder matte finish that is easy to blend and gives precise definition to your eyes.

    5 Tips & Hack About Kajal

    Have you experienced eye kajal smudged around your eyes in a few minutes after application? Are you worried Revlon Kajal will make you look like a raccoon? To avoid smudging of eye kajal here are some tips and hacks you can follow.

    1. Always prep your eyelids with an eye shadow primer before applying your eye makeup products. An eye primer works better than foundation and powder by not creating creases on top of your eyelid or around the waterline.
    2. For a winged eyeliner look, take a piece of cello tape and place it at the outer edge of your eyes. Apply your eye kajal on the lash line using this guide. Peel it off to get the perfect winged liner look.
    3. Apply eye kajal on the waterline, dab some pressed powder or translucent powder on the eye kajal with an eyeshadow brush. Apply the eye kajal again for a long-lasting smudge-free kajal look.
    4. Use dark brown eye shadow and Revlon eye kajal to create smokey eyes. Apply a bold thick line on your waterline and lash line. Blend it out with an eye shadow brush. Use a dark brown eye shadow to blend out the edges and your smokey eye look is ready.
    5. Graphic eyes – Use your eye kajal to create various graphic eye looks.  
    6. Apply champagne shade eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes after you have applied eye kajal.

    How to Apply Eye Kajal Properly - Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

    The way you apply eye kajal determines whether it will smudge or not. Here are a few steps you can follow for a long-lasting eye kajal look.

    1. Use primer before kohl

    Use an eye shadow primer before applying kohl. To get a long-lasting effect, blend it well and then swipe your kohl across your eyelids. 

    2. Avoid lining inner corners:

    The inner corners of the eyes are usually moist and eye kajal melts and trickles down that area. So avoid lining the inner corners. You can add white or champagne-coloured eye shadow in the inner corners. It will make the eyes look bigger and more awake.

    3. Glide the eye kajal

    Glide the Revlon eye Kajal on your prepped waterline. Do not over-apply.

    4. Smudge with an eye shadow brush

    For a smokey effect on your waterline, smudge the eye kajal lightly with an eye shadow brush.  

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    Things to Consider Before Buying Eye Kajal

    • Always do a patch test before applying eye kajal, especially for people with sensitive skin.
    • Buy black eye kajal along with coloured eye kajal. Add a hint of black kajal to your coloured ones to add depth to the eye makeup look.
    • Buy Revlon Kajal online shopping in India only from a reputed brand like Revlon.

    Why Choose Revlon

    Revlon is a beauty brand for modern women with fierce personalities. We have created all our products with high-quality ingredients that have skincare benefits. Get Revlon kajal online shopping because

    • The majority of Revlon’s eye kajal are wax based.
    • Revlon eye Kajal is available in different shades to suit every occasion.
    • They come in travel-friendly packages that can be carried in your handbag easily.

    With Revlon’s wide range of beauty products, hair care, and skin care you can find anything that suits your skin. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or normal skin, Revlon has got you covered. Revlon’s wide range of fragrances is worth checking out for their incredible and unique scents that last long and enable you to create a lasting impression.

    Buy your Revlon kajal online shopping India at Revlon.


    Q. Can I use eye kajal as eyeliner?

    A: Yes, Revlon eye Kajal is highly pigmented and long-stay. They can be used both on the waterline and the lash line like eyeliner. You can create a winged eyeliner look or graphic eye looks using eye kajal.

    Q. Why should you apply eye kajal?

    A. Apply eye kajal to define your eyes and make them look big and bold. You can create different kinds of eye makeup looks using both black and coloured eye kajal.

    Q. How to pick the right eye kajal?

    A. Get kajal online shopping from a reputed brand like Revlon. Choose the right eye kajal based on the occasion. For everyday wear at work choose a long-stay eye kajal. For a night out or date night choose a colour glittery eye kajal to up the glam quotient.
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