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    Volumize your Eyelashes with Revlon Mascara

    Eye Mascara is a makeup product that is used to enhance your eyelashes. It is a cosmetic product that darkens, lengthens, thickens, and even defines your eyelashes. Eye Mascara accentuates your eyelashes which makes your eyes pop and look bigger and brighter.

    Eye mascara comes in various different sizes, formulas, and, now, colours. Mascara was formerly known as Kohl and it had a different method of application. In today’s time, mascara has a much better method of application and there is an option for a waterproof mascara to prevent smudge and drip.

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    History of Eye Mascara

    In the 19th century, Eugène Rimmel created the world’s first-ever eye mascara which was the first one to be commercially available. Before then, an antimony powder was discovered by the French in Algeria during their conquest. The powder was used by nomadic tribes to protect themselves from eye diseases and trachomas (1).

    Then waterproof mascara was known as Kohl and it was used to darken the lashes, brows, and even lids. It was used by both men and women to ward off evil spirits from the eyes. The use of kohl persisted in the Greek, Babylonian, and Roman empires through Egypt’s influence.

    The shift of cosmetics toward women happened in the Victorian era. Women spent their time undergoing different beauty regimens and even went on to make kohl in their homes. Eugène was a French perfumer-entrepreneur and chemist who made waterproof mascara by mixing petroleum jelly and coal. His name, Rimmel, was synonymous with waterproof Mascara in different languages.

    Ever since, eye mascara has undergone various upgrades from the use of a brush to apply mascara to the wands used today. Not only has the method of application improved, but the ingredients used are also ingredients with so many benefits.

    Facts About Eye Mascara

    1. Mascara can ruin your lashes if you go to sleep with them. So ensure to wash them off before going to bed for the night.
    2. If your waterproof mascara smells like vinegar, then you need to replace it with a new one.
    3. Sharing your eye makeup, like mascara, can put you at risk of getting infected or having red eyes.
    4. If runny eye mascara is your problem, then get a waterproof mascara or a clear mascara online to lock it all day long.
    5. Pumping your eye mascara wand into the tube can allow air to get in and then cause it to dry up faster.
    6. If your waterproof mascara runs out, keep the wand and use it to apply vitamin serums to your lashes to keep them long, voluminous, and healthy.

    How to Apply Eye Mascara Properly

    1. Decide which waterproof mascara you want. There are various types of mascara online focused on length, volume, or both. Some are waterproof and others can be washed off easily. Revlon watertight mascara is waterproof but it also provides length.
    2. Curling your lashes with a lash curler is the first step in getting the best-lifted lashes. You don’t need flash lashes to make your eyes pop. You just need to know the right steps to take to make your mascara stand out.
    3. Just like you need to prime your face before applying your foundation, you need to prime your lashes before applying your mascara. There are different formulas of eyelash primer out there, find one that provides what you need.
    4. Apply your mascara by wiggling it from root to tip. Be sure you get every strand separately rather than clumped together.
    5. If you need more length or volume apply a second coat of mascara before the first coat dries.
    6. Be sure to apply some waterproof mascara on your lower lashes as well.

    Tips & Hacks About Eye Mascara

    1. If you stain your eyelids, leave it to dry before you smudge it off with a cotton pad.
    2. Using two different lashes that focus on different things is a great way to get the best out of waterproof mascara.
    3. Focusing on your outer lashes can add to your dramatic cat-eye look.
    4. For a fuller look, wiggle the waterproof mascara wand at the roots before swiping it to the tip.

    How to Remove Waterproof Mascara Properly

    Regular Eye Mascara:

    1. Splash water onto your eyes. Most times, the eye mascara would start to drip off.
    2. But use a good makeup remover like the Revlon eye and lip makeup remover.
    3. Put the remover on a cotton pad and dab it onto your eyelashes to get off the waterproof mascara.
    4. Wash off with water afterward.

    Waterproof Mascara:

    1. Apply makeup remover on a cotton pad. Add some oil to speed up the removal process.
    2. Place the cotton pad on your closed eyes so that it covers your lashes.
    3. Keep the cotton pad there for 20-30 minutes.
    4. After, glide the cotton pad gently down your lashes.
    5. Wash off the remnants while washing your face.

    Apply a lash serum to keep your lashes healthy.

    Things to Consider Before Buying Waterproof Mascara Online In India

    1. Why do you need eye mascara? Do you need it to add length, volume, or colour to your lashes?
    2. Is the brand you’re getting a well-known brand?
    3. Do you want regular eye mascara or waterproof mascara?
    4. Is the price budget-friendly?
    5. Do you like your previous mascara or do you want to change it?

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    Q. Is it OK to wear waterproof mascara every day?

    A: Yes it is. As long as you take it off before you go to sleep, then it’s fine to wear mascara every day. But be sure to have an aftercare routine with lash serums or masks.

    Q. Do I need to reapply for waterproof mascara after some time?

    A: If you get good eye mascara, then it should last all day long without having to reapply it. If your waterproof mascara fades off before the end of the day, then you should invest in a different brand, a more trusted brand like Revlon. With the Revlon mascara, you just need one application for it to last all day, until the moment you take it off.

    Q. How do you make waterproof mascara last longer?

    A: Follow the application step listed above. But be sure you get an eyelash primer for more defined, curled, longer, and bolder eyelashes.

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