2023's Trending Hair Colors: Unveiling the Hottest Looks and Saying Goodbye to Outdated Tones

The color of your hair can enhance and change your features. That’s why there are always new hair color trends every year and every season. Everyone wants to try something completely new, different from their old look, and something that matches a new season in their life.

This sense of freedom comes from being able to change your look one hair at a time. Hence, there are countless trending hair colors in 2023 and previous years for you to explore and choose from. Whatever season you’re in your life, or 2023, always go for colors that you know you can pull off.

Just like fashion, hair color goes in and out of trend, so you have to ensure that you go for colors that you would love even if it goes out of trend. In this blog, we’ve put together a list of 2023 hair color trends that are in trend right now.

9 Trending Hair Colors 2023

Some of these latest hair color trends in 2023 are bold and daring colors for you to try. Others are subtle and natural colors that would look good in every season.

  • Sunlit Honey Blonde:

Get in the trend and get that Pinterest warm blonde hair color you’ve pinned for a while now. This bright and sunkissed hair brings light to your face and highlights your features.

Pro Tip: You will only see yellow at first until it is transitioned to honey. Deeper and more natural-looking roots can lessen the bold shade of this hair color and even add some dimension.

  • Warm Honey Blonde:

This is a few shades darker than the previous one and gives a less shocking change and look if you’re looking for a trending hair color in 2023 that feels light and natural.

Pro Tip: To get the perfect Honey Blonde mix, you need a ratio of 50/50 of  Natural Blonde and Golden Blonde hair color shade. You can adjust the lightness and depth to suit your skin tone by changing the ratio.

  • Caramel Melt Balayage:

Lighting the ends of your hair and the area around your face can bring out your features. Caramelizing your hair with caramel brown hair color shade especially if you’re brunette is a way to go without touching your roots.

Pro Tip: Once the coloring is applied, it will remain in your hair without having to do frequent follow-up salon visits.

  • Bronze Hues:

A true bronze hue is the perfect balance of a warm sheen that doesn’t reflect gold or orange. To create this shade of bronze, you need to choose the right hair color to mix that suits your skin tone.

Pro Tip: It can be quite tricky to nail the tonal range of this bronze trend. But let bronze not be mistaken for copper.

  • Auburn & Wine-Toned Reds:

There has been ton of copper hair looks this year, but we are almost certain that more people will go redheads come autumn and a nice wine-based or mahogany brown hair color shade or chic auburn is the way to go. 

Pro tip: There are different shades of red for you to choose from, one that you like and/or one that suits your skin tone from a neutral auburn to a red-violet shade.

  • Strawberry Brown Balayage:

Add some pop of your color to your hair by low-lighting with an intense red hair color shade to give you the perfect balance of strawberry brown with your natural hair color. This is a new hair color trend in 2023 that you can try out.

Pro Tip: Make this hair trend interesting by mixing red with a dark brown base color for a nice and balanced look.

  • Burnt Caramel:

This is a classic dark mahogany brown hair color shade or brunette perfect for all seasons. It is a subdued version, low maintenance, but is a total knockout. Get this hair color for an entire year throughout all seasons.

Pro Tip: Make the freehand highlights a few shades brighter than the roots. This will add a glow or glimmer throughout the darker mid-lengths. 

  • Soft Cool Black:

Of course, black is one of the trending hair colors in 2023. So, a shoutout to all the natural black-haired folks out there. A natural black hair color shade is a perfect shade to start you off with such a dark hair color.

Pro tip: Apply Vaseline to your temples, forehead, and ears to avoid the hair color from reaching these areas and turning them dark as it can temporarily stain your skin.

  • Soft Copper:

In the same family as red, this soft copper brings a bit of distinctive difference to your hair that adds brightness and glow that you can achieve. Muted coppers that range from a vibrant peach to strawberry blonde will be seen this year.

Pro tip: For a natural look, for level 8 or higher. Mix some Gold in the formula to add more depth for a lighter copper color. For muted results, mix a small amount of Pearl into the formula.

We hope these old and new hair color 2023 trends will help you narrow down your options of the hair colors you want to go for.

One major tip we’re going to leave for you before we end this blog is that you should choose a color that suits your skin tone. That is the most important tip because certain hair colors might wash you off. Hence, you want something that complements your skin tone and makes you look good. To find out ways you can figure out what color suits you perfectly, you can read more about How to know what color suits you.


Q. What highlights are in for 2023?

A: The hair color highlight trends in 2023 are soft colors that look natural and subtle like Blended Bronde, Caramel Melt Balayage, Soft Cool Black, Strawberry Brown Balayage, Sunlit Honey Blonde, etc.

Q. Is grey hair a trend in 2023?

A: Grey hair which is quite similar to certain shades of platinum blonde is a trending hair color in 2023 that is suitable for women of different ages and we believe it will be an ongoing trend.

Q. What is the hair color of the year 2023?

A: Strawberry brown balayage is the latest hair color trend in 2023 and it also happens to be the perfect hair for fall or autumn. If you’re big on getting your hair colored to make it suitable for the seasons, then this color is perfect for you.

Q. What is the rarest hair color in 2023?

A: When it comes to natural or authentic redheads, this is the rarest hair color in 2023 and the past years. But it is a color a lot of people have turned to dye their hair because of the rich color.