6 Holi Makeup Look Ideas

Holi is right around the corner and you must be in search of some Holi makeup ideas to make this day even more special and memorable. It is important to put your best foot forward on such special occasions and try to unleash your creative personality. Holi is known as the ‘festival of colours’ and the ‘festival of spring’. It welcomes positivity along with the spring season and gives you a different perspective, energy and enthusiasm. It is a festival for the youth, and also cheers up young children and elders. So we have come up with some eccentric holi makeup ideas that will make you look gorgeous and inspire others to reveal their personality through their makeup. We have loads of options to offer, right from different ideas for face makeup, to nail art and also eye makeup. So stay with us to get to know some interesting and show-stopping beauty tips for Holi.

6 Holi Makeup Ideas 

1. Minimal Makeup Look

If you are someone who loves to play Holi and get down and dirty, this look might be the best for you. Minimal Holi makeup look is an art and looks absolutely spectacular when done right, using the right tools. All you need is some nude-coloured lipstick, foundation to match your skin colour or a shade lighter and a complementing eye shadow. You can experiment with some brown-toned eyeshadow and other earthy tones which will not steal anything from your glamorous outfit and will also highlight your best features.

2. All Things Pink 

All pink things

The most popular colour to be chosen on Holi is pink, and you can use it to your best advantage with some glam makeup inspired by this lovely colour. Go for a pink powder blush or pink-hued lipstick to give your cheeks a rosy tint. You can also try different shades of pink, such as magenta for eyeshadow, baby pink for blush and so on, to create a layered makeup look. Let this vibrant colour add some radiance to your face and make you look unforgettable this Holi! You can create an amazing pink eye makeup look by first applying primer, then going for light pink eyeshadow and finishing off with some pink glitter for added pizzazz.

3. Purple and Silver: A Heavenly Match

No matter what you try, the combination of purple and silver looks absolutely breathtaking and makes you stand out from the crowd. This Holi, go for a vibrant and festive Holi makeup look by adding the colour purple to your eyeshadows, and makeup. Apply base makeup using  foundation, concealer and compact, and then start with shades of purple and pink around the edges of your eyes and apply silver on the inner corners of the lids. Blend these shades well to  look spectacular. This makeup look can  immediately catch the attention at any Holi party. . It looks, even more, spellbinding with the application of mascara and a thick layer of eyeliner on the eyelids.

4. Crimson Lips Are Always In

Show your deadly pout to the world and flaunt those lovely colourful lips with this bold and glam makeup look. On Holi, you need to use a darker and more vibrant shade of lipstick that will stand the test of the colours and water. What better way to achieve this other than using Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in the shade So Lit that lasts all day and gives you an intense red colour that just won't give up. Go for a natural makeup look on your face and add a pop of colour to it with this mesmerising shade of lipstick. It will drastically change your look and make you gorgeous in no time. 

5. A Sharp Eyeliner Can Save The Day

Eye makeup has received a lot of popularity in recent trends and it is an important part of your entire look. Just one sharp stroke of eyeliner could add a lot of grace and charm to your look. So give your Holi look a twist with a double eyeliner, using a waterproof and long lasting eyeliner. Just prime your eyelids and then apply a simple line of eyeliner on top. Then go for the tricky wing of the eyeliner and pull it back inside just above the lower line of eyeliner to create an arrow like double eyeliner look at the edge of your eyelids. This is the most charming look that can also be created on colourful eyeshadow and will go perfectly for the Holi occasion.

6. Paint Your Nails Too!

Paint your nails

If you are planning to go with plain nails to the Holi festival, let us stop you and give you some awesome Holi makeup ideas that are easy to try at home. You can make several designs on your nail using nail art tools or simply two or three nail colours and try various floral designs. Applying a light nail colour in the background and then adding a splash of bright nail colour on top of it gives a charming and unique festive look.


We0 hope you have got what you were looking for, and some very unique out of the box ideas that you can try out this Holi. Holi being the festival of colours, a lot of water is also used in the process. So you need makeup that stays with you throughout the day, and is one that you can trust. Who better than Revlon to offer high quality waterproof and non transfer makeup that never budges out of place. Get inspired by these wonderful Holi makeup looks and get ready to paint the town red this Holi!

FAQs on Holi Makeups

Q. How to do Holi makeup?

A: Getting your desired Holi makeup look is actually very easy, and can be done using the right makeup products such as primer, foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can refer to the different Holi makeup ideas mentioned above and experiment with yourself as to what suits your makeup and outfit the best. The first step is to apply primer, then go for foundation and concealer. Then you can start with your creative makeup styles such as eye makeup or lip makeup using different techniques, beauty tips for Holi and makeup products.

Q. What kind of makeup should you use on Holi?

A: You should prefer to use waterproof makeup products that will stay on your skin all day long and will not be smudged while playing Holi. Revlon's waterproof makeup products such as eyeliner and other products are ideal for using this Holi.

Q. How to get the best Holi makeup look?

A: For standing out of the crowd this Holi, make sure you have all the right tools at your disposal. You need colours, skincare products and a glam outfit to rock this festival, but the most important one is the right makeup products which provide intense and vibrant colours to make you look spectacular. Revlon's products including Super Lustrous lipstick, Blush, Nail Colour and others will make your Holi memorable.