7 Tips On How To Dry Nail Paint Fast At Home

A lot of us who get our nails done by ourselves at home always try to find some downtime so nothing can interfere with this ritual. If you get your nails done in a beauty parlour or a nail studio, most times than not, these places have machines to dry your nails before you even leave which is great. But just in case your go-to nail parlour doesn’t have that, then this is for you as well.

Trying to find the perfect time to get your nails done during the day between all of your responsibilities and other things can be challenging. But finding the perfect time is important because well, you don’t want to ruin your hard work by doing something that smudges your nail art, however simple or complex it was for you. Your nails look good and you feel great about it. You get A+ for effort and simply going for it.

After carefully painting your nails evenly, with zero spills, now it’s time to get your mind off your chores for the day while you wait for your nails to dry. Usually, it takes around 15-20 minutes to dry, but around 1-2 hours for the nail polish to set. So, to be on the safe side, waiting an hour or two hours, if you can, would be best to avoid any regrets. During this period, a lot of you get busy doing something that doesn’t require your hands, like watching t.v.. Or most of you forget that you’ve spent almost half an hour on your nails and then dive into your chores till you look down at your fingers and realise you're in your waiting phase.

Well, you no longer need to wait so long for your nails to dry. There are ways to speed up the drying process and get back to your chores. These tips on how to dry nail polish faster would come in handy the next time you get your nails done.

7 Tips to Dry Nail Polish Faster at Home

Nail Paint at Home

1. Use a nail polish that dries fast:

If you’ve painted your nails by yourself for a long while, then you know what brands of nail polish dry faster than the others. So, when you’ve got things to do or places to be, grab this fast-drying nail polish and work your magic.

2. Add a top coat for a quick dry:

Going over with a clear nail polish that’s fast drying is another tip on how to get your nails to dry faster. Not only are these clear nail polish the best thing to cut your waiting time short, but it also makes your polish last longer by preventing chipping and adding a layer of glossy sheen to your nails.

3. Get dry drops:

Dry drops are another thing to use, and it’s also what make you dry your nail polish faster. These dry drops can cut your waiting time in half. Not only do they speed up the drying process, but they add shine, and nourish the skin around the cuticles.

4. Apply thin coats:

Here’s another tip on how to dry nail polish fast. Applying thin coats would dry faster than applying one thick coat. So apply one layer of a thin coat of nail polish. Let it dry and then apply another layer. Do this as many times as you want until the nail polish is just the way you want it.

5. Cold water dunk:

Get a bowl of cold water, the cooler the faster the drying process. Get everything you need, including some extra ice before you paint your nails. After painting your nails, wait for 2 minutes and then dip your fingertips into the cold bowl of water in a way that the chilled water covers your nails. Keep them in for 5 minutes and then check for signs that it has dried which is when water beads on the surface of your nails. That’s another way on how to dry nail polish fast.

6. Hairspray/Cooking oil:

Before you paint your nails, head to your kitchen and grab a bottle of cooking oil, or get your bottle of hairspray from your room. Whichever one you have would be just great. Be sure to pop the cap of the bottle open before painting your nails. After painting your nails, keep the can 30cms away from your hand and spray. The distance between your nails and the can is to ensure that the aerosol force doesn’t smudge your nail polish. After spraying, you can rinse out your hands with cold water and go on about your day.

7. Blow dry it:

One of the last tips on how to dry your nail polish faster is to blow dry your nails after painting them. Ensure your dryer is on the coldest setting and be sure to keep it a reasonable distance away from your nails to avoid smudging it from the force of the dryer. Turn it on and move it in circular motions over your nails for a couple of minutes (2-3 minutes). If you think it needs more time to dry, then do it for another couple of minutes.

These tips are the fastest way to dry nail polish.


These tips and tricks on how to dry your nail polish faster would come in handy when you have important things to do, and somewhere to be. If you rather enjoy the waiting time, then go ahead and relax. Turn on your favourite music or t.v. show and enjoy your waiting time. But, if you’re in a hurry and you really can’t wait, then these tips are the fastest way to dry nail polish.

Remember next time you’re getting new nail polish to get fast-drying ones. You don’t need to be in a hurry before you should consider getting these amazing nail polishes. It’s good to have them around for when you’re not in a hurry as well. Don’t forget to get some dry drops and quick dry top coats as well. These little things would come in handy.

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Q. Does cold water help nails dry faster?

A: Putting your newly painted nails under a tap of running cold water can speed up the time it takes to dry your nails. Or you can put your hand into a bowl of cold water.

Q. Can I use a hairdryer to dry my nail polish?

A: Blast on your hair dryer with the frosty air to dry your nail polish quicker.

Q. How long after painting my nails can I shower?

A: It is best to wait for around 1-2 hours before you get into the shower after getting newly manicured nails, or polished nails.