8 Amazing Makeup Tips To Survive Monsoon Season

Alas, the scorching summers are behind us and we have welcomed the pleasant monsoons. Although we all love this season for picturesque weather and stunning views, monsoons tend to put us in sticky situations. When you are all dressed up and ready to go outside, it may just happen that you get the worst of the rains outside. But what is it with the monsoon season that makes your makeup look patchy? It’s the rains, along with the heat and humidity that causes a lot of annoyance. In this unpredictable weather, we are afraid to step outside and ruin our precious makeup and attire. Well, don’t let the monsoon stop you from having the time of your life! We have some brilliant rainy season makeup tips to keep your makeup looking as glam as ever. These quick monsoon beauty hacks might just save the day and make you monsoon-ready in just a few minutes. 

Monsoon Proof Makeup Tips and Hacks

If you are looking for some monsoon beauty tips, we have some easy ideas and products that will silently take care of your makeup in the rainy season. 

1. Protect It With A Sunscreen

Even though the sun is little to be seen during the monsoon season, the UV rays are still very much present and can damage your skin if it is not cared for. A dash of sunscreen when applied daily can also help keep your makeup in place. You can use a good, waterproof and non-greasy sunscreen this rainy season.

2. Wear Waterproof Makeup

Water resistant makeup is a must if you want to keep your makeup looking pretty as a picture. This is especially true for eye makeup, because it is the first to become runny and spoil your makeup look. Using waterproof eyeliner, mascara and kajal is one of the best makeup tips for monsoon as they help you in achieving a long-lasting makeup look.

3. Go For Subtle Makeup

A handy makeup hack for the rainy season is to apply minimal makeup and avoid excessive layering of makeup products. Looks like dramatic eyes and heavy makeup must be kept aside because they may lead to runny makeup in the high humidity that can put you in a difficult situation. This is why high coverage foundations and concealers are a big no for the monsoon season. 

4. Moisturise Thoroughly

Fight skin patching in the monsoons by hydrating your skin with good water-based moisturisers. You should avoid oil-based moisturisers during this time as they promote acne growth and make your skin look greasy. Make sure to first cleanse your skin and then moisturise it with a good quality moisturiser before going for makeup application.

5. Use Powder-Based Makeup

Ditch liquid makeup and go for mattifying powders, lightweight foundations and keep it subtle to avoid blotching or caking. If you must use eye shadows, avoid the cream eye shadows and go for the powder ones. Opt for lighter colours as they are easy to maintain and look flattering in this season.

6. Opt For A Good Primer

A primer is your best option to keep your makeup looking flawless as it holds your makeup together for a long time. If you are going to be using any type of foundation, be sure to apply a dash of primer to help keep your makeup in place.

7. Use Matte Lipsticks

Keep your glossy lipsticks aside and go for some drop-dead matte lipsticks in the monsoon season. They are water resistant and give an even, neutral colour to your lips, which is ideal for rainy days. One of the most crucial monsoon makeup hacks is to purchase the right products that will keep your makeup untouched and in perfect condition.

8. Use A Setting Spray

This monsoon, make setting spray your best friend and use it to keep your makeup in place. Setting spray or mist is the best solution to hold your makeup during this heavy downpour of rain and the humidity it causes. Applying a water-based finishing setting spray is exactly what you want as it will also reduce the need for more touch ups.

Revlon Monsoon Proof Makeup Products

Monsoon proof makeup products

You no longer need to worry about spoiling your makeup this monsoon, especially with our range of various waterproof makeup products, creams, sunscreens, primers and more.

  • PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation: This powder foundation is ideal to replace liquid foundation in the monsoon season. It is enriched with ultra-chromic pigments to give your face a soft luminous glow. It is oil and fragrance free to give a non-sticky experience. It will also shield you from UV rays with an SPF 20 formula. 
  • ColorStay UV Primer: This is the most important product for the rainy season and provides a long stay flawless look for over 24 hours. It has SPF 40 protection from the harsh UV rays and when applied with foundation looks absolutely luxurious. It fills in your skin pores and makes your skin a base for the smoothest makeup finish.
  • PhotoReady Rose Glow Mist: Preparing your skin for makeup is one of the most crucial steps in skincare for the rainy season. The Revlon Rose Glow mist primes your skin for makeup and provides 24-hour hydration. It also leaves your skin looking glam with a glowy, dewy finish.
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour: A matte lipstick is a non-transfer and intensely pigmented product that is a must for this season. Revlon's matte lipsticks range is your go-to choice as they contain a 100% wax-free, gel formula with the most luxurious application.
  • Water Tight Mascara: This is a must-have in your makeup kit in any season of the year. It is a 100% waterproof and smudge-proof mascara that will be a great help for getting your makeup on point in the rainy season. 
  • ColorStay One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Kajal: Get this smudge-proof and waterproof kajal available in 8 striking shades that are for long wear and provide intense colour with just one stroke.


Hopefully, you have gotten some useful monsoon beauty tips to survive this unpredictable season. We not only have these awesome tips for you but have also come up with the best quality waterproof makeup products that will save the day. These premium products are globally recognised to be superior in terms of application and ingredients, which is why you will surely get your desired look this monsoon. You will no longer have to avoid going out or stop applying makeup just because of the weather. Shop for these and more luxurious products from Revlon’s premium collection.


  • Which is the most important makeup product for battling monsoon?
  • One of the most important products for dealing with monsoons is a good quality primer, powdered foundation, waterproof mascara, eyeliner and matte lipstick.

  • Which is the most preferred look during monsoon, matte or glossy?
  • Matte look is the most popular for monsoon because it provides smudge-proof and neutral makeup that stays in place and best suits the season.

  • Can we use facial mist spray during monsoon season?
  • Yes, facial mist spray can be used during the monsoon season to prepare your skin and set the makeup.