Blush Makeup 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Blush is an important part of a makeup routine for ages! Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were the first to apply blush by mixing natural pigments to give a rosy look to the cheeks? And since then, this beauty product has been used in the makeup world for creating a magnetic and eye-catching look. Just a touch of blush adds a flush of colour to the cheeks and makes you look younger, softer and prettier! A blush adds dimension to the face and creates a radiant look for special occasions. While the first blush was a powdered form, nowadays you can find liquid and gel blushes, which can be applied as per your skin type. To know everything there is to know about blushes, how to apply blush and which is the right one for you, here is our detailed guide.

What is Blush

If you are wondering what is blush makeup, it is a type of cosmetic product that is used to add some colour and dimension to the cheeks. It is available in a variety of colours, but the most popular one is pink as it makes your cheeks look rosy and makes you look more youthful. Blush comes in several forms, such as powder, liquid and gel and you can use the one that suits you best. It helps give you a natural flush and hence adds a radiant glow to your face. If used properly, it also has a subtle contouring effect by enhancing the structure of your face depending on how you apply it. If you apply it on top of your cheekbones like a highlighter, it will highlight the edges, giving an elevated look. The most recommended place to apply blush is on the apples of the cheeks or the cheekbone, and it is an important part of any makeup kit. In ancient times, it was used to reduce the paleness of the skin and add a natural radiance to it, and now it serves several purposes.

Types of Face Blush

Different types of blush suit different skin types and have their respective advantages. Blush can be classified into different types based on the liquid, gel or powder form and based on the various shades of blush. Here are some different types of blush:

  • Powder blush: This is the most commonly used and well-known type of blush that can be applied easily by a puff applicator. You can buy it in a pressed or loose powder form and goes exceptionally well with oily skin as it absorbs excess oil and does not make the skin look greasy.
  • Gel blush: A gel blush is super lightweight and cool and refreshing. It is also a good option for oily or combination skin types thanks to its light formula and non-greasy look.
  • Cream blush: This is the ideal blush for those with dry skin who need a touch of moisture to their skin. A cream blush is made with hydrating ingredients and adds a healthy radiant glow to the skin.
  • Liquid blush: This blush is available in a unique fluid-like consistency that is easy to apply and blends quickly. It is often mixed with makeup foundation and applied all over the skin for a rosy look and natural finish. 

How to Choose Face Blush According to Skin Tone 

- Cool skin tone: If your skin has a cool undertone, you can go for brighter blush for cool undertones shades such as berry or mauve, or any other shade with blue in its base, such as blue-pink.

- Warm skin tone: Avoid cooler shades if you have a warmer skin tone. Instead, go for warm red or deep orange shades of blush for warm undertones that have a red base instead of a blue base. 

- Neutral skin tone: A mixture of the above two tones and blush shades will suit you best. If you are on the warmer side, go for yellowish tones and if on the cooler side, for a blue or purple shade of blush for neutral undertones.

How to Apply Face Blush According to Face Shape

- Oval face shape: For an oval face shape, you need to apply blush to ensure you balance out the shape of your face while highlighting its natural symmetry. You can apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks, and try to apply it a little bit above the cheekbones rather than lower as it will lift your cheeks.

- Round face shape: Apply the blush for a round face directly underneath your cheekbones, but drag it upwards towards the temples by drawing a diagonal line. Also, add a little blush to the chin and blend to make your face look longer.

- Square face shape: For a square face, you may want to soften your face and apply the blush slightly below the cheekbones to define them blush in the hairline will also help soften the face edges if you have a true square face.

- Diamond face shape: Apply blush over the tops of your cheekbones and blend it out towards your ears.

- Heart face shape: Apply your blush in a sweeping motion by starting at the top of the cheekbones and blending in a C shape in an upwards direction. 


We hope the tips for applying blush were truly helpful for you and you take them home by applying blush properly for your next party! Choosing a blush for your particular skin type, tone and shape can be tough but not impossible because Revlon has a wide variety of blush shades and types that will give you a luxurious makeup look which will last all day.