7 Easy Steps To Maintain Hair's Health While Using Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling has increasingly become a trend and even a necessity when it comes to giving a flawless look to your hair. Heat styling tools come in handy in making your hair appear curlier, more straight, getting a blowout or just getting a salon-like hairstyle at home. However, heat styling comes with its problems, and long-term use may lead to hair breakage, dull and dry hair, split ends and damaged hair if you are not being careful. But you need not part ways with your favourite heat styling tool just yet, because we have some wonderful ideas and insightful steps to avoid damage to your hair while using heating tools.(1)

7 Steps to Protect Your Hair From Heat

Easy Steps To Maintain Hair's Health

1. Keep Your Hair Away From Heat as Much as Possible

It might seem very obvious, but the best advice to protect your hair is to use only as much heat as is required. For example, you need not blow dry your hair every time you wash them, especially if you have the time to air dry. This will help limit the contact of heat with your hair and solve the problem at its root!

2. Use Good Quality Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling tools that have good control over heat exposure are ideal and help protect your hair from excessive heat damage. Using superior quality tools is the best way to avoid heat-damaged hair, and will go a long way in keeping your hair healthier. They have a temperature control that lets you decide how much heat your hair can be exposed to.

3. Use Heat Protectants

If you must use heat styling tools, always ensure your hair is safe from damage by applying heat protectant sprays. These are super easy to use and take up no extra time. But they will surely enhance the health of your hair by preventing the heat from scorching your hair and reducing breakage and frizz. It's just like when you use SPF while going out in the sun!

4. Use High-Quality Hair Care Products 

7 Steps to Protect Your Hair From Heat

If you want to know how to protect hair from heat damage, it starts in the shower. If you care for your locks by using a good quality and nourishing shampoo and conditioner, your hair will surely reward you. Keeping your hair in its best health all the time may sound difficult, but you can get hair care products such as Revlon's specially formulated Flex shampoo for dry and damaged hair that give you supreme protection and nourishment. You can also go for an outrageous colour protection shampoo or keratin-infused shampoo based on your hair needs. Using a conditioner with high-quality nourishing ingredients helps give your hair an extra layer of protection from heat.

5. Apply A Hair Mask

If you have always wondered whether a hair mask is worth it, it is the best thing you can invest in and add to your hair care routine. A weekly hair mask ritual not only relaxes and calms you but also gives intense nourishment to your hair, reduces tangling and frizziness and makes your hair smoother. Just swap your conditioner with a soothing hair mask once a week and observe how healthy your hair looks.

6. Don't Apply Heat To The Same Part More Than Once

While using heat styling products, you may feel like going over the same section of your hair repeatedly to achieve the perfect look. But heat-damaged hair can only get worse with the increasing number of times you apply heat to that part of your hair. Make it a rule to use heat on one part and then move on to the next without returning. If you feel like one pass isn't giving you the desired look, try turning the temperature up by a little, because you need to find the lowest temperature that gives you your desired look in one go.

7. Get a Trim

7 Easy Steps To Maintain Hair's Health

If you are wondering how to know if your hair is healthy, one of the most important signs of heat-damaged hair is hair breakage and split ends. Finding these means that your hair needs a little more care, nourishment and grooming to stay healthy. So an added step along with the ones mentioned above would be to get a regular trim to ensure free growth of your hair and prevent split ends. 


We hope you have got some insightful tips to protect your hair from heat styling tools and keep them healthy, luscious and long. You can follow all these at the same time and observe the results in a few weeks. The crucial thing is to know when you are overdoing the use of heat styling tools and whether your hair is sufficiently protected using heat protectants and conditioners. Check out Revlon's hair care range that has specially formulated hair shampoos and hair conditioners for your specific hair problems.


- How do you keep your hair healthy with heat styling?

You can reduce the time of exposure to heat, use heat protectant sprays, and give your hair added nourishment with a conditioner.

- Can I use a straightener every day?

You can use it every day, provided you limit the amount of heat, use good quality styling tools and only use it when it is necessary. 

- How do you keep your hair healthy?

Give your hair the care they need by using a good quality shampoo and conditioner and using hair masks every week.