Enhancing Your Features with Makeup for Different Face Shapes

How to Enhance Your Facial Features? Makeup for Face Shape Is the Answer

Myth- Only women use makeup. Makeup is often used by women with low self-esteem to hide facial imperfections. 

Reality- Makeup is used extensively across the globe today both by men, and women. Makeup is used by many working women to make their look more formal and prim and proper.

Makeup for face shape is a simple yet effective method to add to the natural beauty of the face, and not cover like most people would believe. While statistically speaking it's true that women are more likely to use makeup, an increasing number of the male population worldwide is using makeup nowadays. 

We live in a world that raves about makeup and truly understands that makeup isn't a way of hiding one's flaws but highlighting beauty. It is evident that the ‘one size fits all’ mentality isn’t true. 

Knowing your face shape, and bone structure plays an important role when trying to achieve a flawless makeup look that'll best accentuate your features.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various face shapes and how to enhance their unique beauty with makeup. So, let's explore the world of makeup tips tailored to different facial structures.

Types of Face Shape

Types of Face Shape

Before we deliver the various tips for makeup for face shape, let's first identify the different face shapes:

  • Oval Face Shape

An oval face is often believed to be the most balanced face shape. Having wider cheekbones, which gently taper into a slimmer jawline makes this face shape desirable. 

Discovering how to apply makeup for an oval face shape, and learning techniques to do so, can greatly enhance its features. 

  • Round Face Shape

Characterised by a circular appearance with softer angles, a round face can be enhanced with makeup techniques that help draw attention to the features.

  • Square Face Shape

Square faces have a strong jawline and an equal width and length. Using makeup for a square face shape is one way to help accentuate the high points of your face, and help make any work/party look more elegant with minimal effort. 

  • Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape features high cheekbones and a narrow hairline as well as a chin. To gain the most well-proportioned look, you must learn makeup tips that bring out the best in this facial structure.

  • Heart Face Shape

Heart shape face is characterised by a broader forehead and a pointed chin. The heart face shape is known widely to exude charm and be extremely appealing.

This particular face shape needs little to no-makeup as it is very well balanced naturally. 

  • Pear Face Shape

A pear face shape is known for a wider jawline and somewhat narrow forehead. Learning about the parts of your face that draw the most attention helps in using makeup for face shape in a way that balances facial features if you want that. 

  • Oblong Face Shape

An oblong face has more length than width, featuring a longer forehead and chin. A little amount of makeup that helps strike the right balance is a nice way to enhance this face shape's appeal and charisma. 

Let us now explore makeup tips to add to the natural beauty of different face shapes. our face types. 

How to Enhance Your Facial Features with Makeup

Now that we've identified the various face shapes, let's delve into specific makeup techniques for each shape:

  • Makeup for Oval Face Shape

Makeup for Oval Face Shape

An oval face already has balanced facial features making it much easier to do makeup on such a face shape. Learning how to use different simple makeup techniques to highlight the cheekbones, and adding a blush. Any cream or liquid blush on your hairline, and cheekbones depending on the length of your face is enough makeup application. 

A blush makeup and face highlighter will work well to accentuate the appeal without overpowering its natural grace. 

  • Makeup for Round Face Shape

If you have a round face and are wondering how to enhance your facial features, keep reading. 

The key to makeup for a round face is to add definition and contour to create the illusion of more angles and length. A little contrary to doing makeup application for a square shape where you must soften the edges, makeup for a round face involves imparting definition to the face.

  • Makeup for Square Face Shape

Makeup for Square Face Shape

For a square face shape, the trick to applying makeup lies in softening the sharp angles of the face. The right makeup application method can do a lot to add tenderness, and youthful grace to a square face shape. 

Make use of makeup contouring techniques to achieve a very feminine look, by using products like bronzing powder, dark foundation, etc. Drive attention from the extremely sharp edges of your face and contour on the sides of your jaws.

  • Diamond Face Shape Makeup

Enhancing the features of a diamond face shape is very easy. Even novice makeup artists can achieve a tasteful makeup look for such a face shape. Make sure you highlight the prominent cheekbones. 

Use a highlighter, blush, and bronzer cleverly to magnify the beautiful, and delicate features of a diamond-shaped face.

  • Makeup for Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face benefits from techniques that draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones while softening the forehead and chin.

  • Makeup for Pear Face Shape

Learn how to balance a pear-shaped face by highlighting the upper features and contouring the jawline. This method of using makeup to enhance the upper half of the face helps bring a symmetrical look by enhancing the high points of your face. 

  • Makeup for Oblong Face Shape

Adding width to an oblong face can make all the difference during makeup application. Achieve the best makeup look by carefully using contours on your temple and hairline. The application of bronzer to contour side jaws also gives a balanced face appearance.


Knowing your face shape and understanding the bone structure helps you best tailor your makeup. By employing the right makeup techniques you can transform your look and boost your confidence. 

So no more contemplating, how to enhance your facial features. Embrace your uniqueness and experiment with various makeup techniques to highlight your best features. 

So, the next time you're asked how to elevate your different looks, remember, basic makeup that caters to your face is always better than heavy makeup that'll do nothing for your unique, and special facial features. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How does your makeup based on your facial features?

A: Applying makeup to enhance your face structure does not require any special products. Makeup for face shape simply implies the understanding, and ability to adjust your makeup techniques in a manner that complements your face. 

It is easy to add to the natural beauty of your face shape if you learn a few tips and tricks like contouring, highlighting, blush application, etc. that work well for you.

Q. Why is it important for a makeup artist to understand different face shapes?

A: It is essential for any makeup artist to understand the various face shapes so that she/he can create personalised looks for every client as per their needs. For instance, makeup for heart shaped face will be different from the makeup done on any other face. 

An awareness of various face shapes, helps the makeup artist create looks that enhance the natural beauty of different clients’. Highlighting the best features, and playing down on others is what makes the makeup truly stand out for each individual. 

Q. Does makeup enhance your features?

A: Yes, makeup does greatly enhance your features. The use of makeup for face shape isn’t to hide facial flaws. Unlike popular opinion, makeup is used to bring out the best features of your face. By adding definition, creating dimension, and drawing attention to specific areas of the face while taking away the focus from others, makeup just adds to the natural symmetry and appeal of the face.