Fragrance Trends for Summer - You Must Try

Perfumes are such a must-have for the summer. These liquid elixirs can lift your mood and make you feel good. Whether your makeup is runway-ready or your outfit is to the point, your look is never complete without some good perfume. In this blog, let’s check out some trending perfumes that are enchanting for your senses and can leave a lasting impression.

Why Perfumes are Such Essentials?

Essential Perfume

But first, let us understand why perfumes are essential. Perfumes can have a big impact on our daily lives and fulfil a variety of functions, thus they are regarded as necessary for several reasons, like:

  • Personal Expression: Through the use of fragrance, people can convey their distinct personalities and feelings. The scent we choose to wear becomes a part of who we are, making a lasting impression on others and expressing our unique preferences and style.
  • Boosting confidence: A carefully chosen scent can improve our self-esteem and boost our confidence. The feeling of confidence we experience when we smell nice can be beneficial in many areas of our lives, including our interpersonal and professional meetings.
  • Memory & Emotions: Fragrances have a special power to bring back memories and arouse emotions. Some smells have the ability to take us back to a particular moment, place, or person, invoking nostalgia and setting off emotional reactions.
  • Sensory Pleasure: Fragrances provide a multimodal experience that appeals to our senses of sight, touch, and smell as well. The sensory pleasure provided by the exquisitely designed bottles, the act of spraying or dabbing the fragrance into the skin, and the scent's persistence throughout the day improve our total sensory experience.

What are the different kinds of perfumes?

All perfumes are similar is a myth. There are various kinds of perfumes depending on the concentration and their long-wear properties.

  • Parfum – the highest concentration of essential oils, lasts for 12-24 hours.
  • Eau de Parfum – has a 15%-20% concentration of fragrant oils per bottle, and lasts for 8-12 hours.
  • Eau de Toilette – has a 5% - 15% concentration of fragrant oils per bottle, and stays for 2-4 hours.
  • Eau de Cologne - 2 to 4% concentration stays for 2 hours or less.
  • Eau Fraiche - 1% to 3% concentration, best for sensitive skin.

Trending Perfumes – 5 Summer Fragrances You Need to Try

Trending Summer Perfumes

These scents, which range from floral bouquets to oriental delights, provide a harmonic fusion of tradition and innovation, enabling people to express their unique sense of style via the power of fragrance. Here are some trending perfumes you can look at.

The sensual fragrance of Charlie Gold is perfect to lift your mood. With interesting floral notes of rose, jasmine, peach, and sandalwood, Charlie Gold is one of the trending perfumes that will please your senses. Its unique fragrance is glamorous and daring. You can wear it for the day or the evening and be the star of the occasion with your pleasing fragrance and stunning appearance.

This Eau Fraiche has a free-spirited fragrance with a hint of rose, jasmine and sandalwood. This trending perfume for ladies is perfect for everyday wear. This fresh perfume can also be used for evening parties.

This bold and arousing fragrance is perfect for women because it has a hint of floral notes and fruity notes of rose, jasmine and orange flower.

This perfumed body spray is one of the trending perfumes for men with its floral, oriental and woody scents. It is sporty and fresh and lingers around you for longer.

Body fragrances are so important when you want to feel fresh all day long. Infused with the fragrances of orange flower, jasmine and tomato leaves this trending perfume for ladies is bound to make all head turn.


In conclusion, perfumes & body fragrances are necessary because they promote self-expression, boost confidence and, arouse memories and emotions. These trending perfumes offer sensory enjoyment and provide a layer of fragrance to our life that improves our well-being and fosters deep connections with others and ourselves.

FAQs on trending perfumes

  • Is EDT or EDP better for summer?

EDT with its lesser concentration of fragrant oils is better for summer. They are usually airy and lightweight. EDT is better for humid conditions too.

  • Can I use Eau de Parfum in summer?

The base notes tend to linger on longer in the summer heat when the perfume evaporates. This might not be ideal when you use a strong concentration of Eau de Parfum.

  • Why do perfumes not last in summer? 

Perfumes evaporate faster in the heat and the rising temperatures of summer play spoilt sport when it comes to perfume. Sometimes you might need to use trending perfumes twice in summer.