How to Make Your Body Fragrance Last Longer Throughout the Day

We all want to smell good and make a good first impression or leave a lasting impression. While your put-together outfit may do that for you, smelling good can only further your chances of making those things happen. Scents create a memory that helps us recall what it smells like at any time.

How is that possible? Well, the olfaction, your sense of smell sends signals to the limbic system that leaves an imprint that creates a memory of that scent (1). So when you see something or someone, without even being close, you already know how it or they are going to smell.

While there may be other reasons you want to smell good or simply make your fragrances last longer, it is good to have a good signature scent that others remember you by. Here, you will figure out how to make a perfume last longer and learn things you should stop doing, start doing, or continue doing.

How to make your body fragrance last longer

How to Make Your Body Fragrance Last Longer Throughout the Day

  • Spray it - Don’t rub it:

A lot of people have developed a habit of rubbing their body fragrance into their skin after they spray it on, which is not a good habit for one important reason. There is some kind of misconception that it would evenly disperse the scent on your body, which is untrue. Your body has a unique chemical makeup that mixes differently with body fragrances and perfumes to give you a slightly different scent that differs from the actual scent of the body fragrance.

So when you rub it into your skin, you introduce external heat into the diffusion of the scent. This ruins the unique and natural scent of the top and middle notes of the body fragrance you’re supposed to have and gives you something entirely different. Hence, you should avoid rubbing your body fragrance sprays, and perfumes into your skin to prevent this interruption. Simply spray it and enjoy the actual crisp and fresh scent of the body fragrance.

  • Apply after a shower:

One of the best ways how to make a perfume last longer is to take a nice warm shower before you spray on your body perfume/body spray. A warm shower or bath would warm up your body which will allow your pores to open up. This is the best condition to spray on your body fragrance because open pores make it easy for your perfume or fragrance to easily be absorbed into your skin. This makes the diffusion of the body fragrance quick and seamless.

  • On your pulse points:How to Make Your Body Fragrance Last Longer Throughout the Day

There are different pulse points on the human body and these pulse points are the warmest areas of your body because they emit extra heat. This body heat helps with the natural diffusion of your perfumes, body sprays, and fragrances. You can find your pulse points in areas on your body like below your belly button, the inside of your wrists, the inside of your elbows, the back of your ear lobes, and the sides of your neck.

Not only do they help with the diffusion of the body fragrance but also the emission of the scent which is how people take notice of your perfume. Spraying some on the insides of your elbows is a great way to wear your perfume as well as make it a long-lasting fragrance especially if you wear short sleeves.

  • On your Skin:

The most obvious place to spray or spritz your body fragrance is on your skin. The natural body heat of your skin will allow the scent to diffuse easily and give you a unique scent when it mixes with your chemical makeup. Yes, some people choose to spray their clothes as well, but the scent you get when you spray your clothes would be different from the scent of the same perfume on your body. As mentioned earlier, everyone has a unique chemical makeup that clothes don’t necessarily have. Also, most fragrances have some essential oils that may leave a stain on your clothes, so be sure that you aren’t spraying clothes that would stain or simply avoid spraying your clothes.

  • Moisturise your body:

Moisturising your body after your bath or shower will give the body fragrance something to attach to. As body sprays contain a small amount of essential oils, moisturisers create an environment that will allow these oils to hold onto. Hence, it is always best to moisturise your body before spritzing on somebody's fragrance. This is another way how to make a perfume last longer.

  • Avoid spraying too much:

Spraying more body fragrance or body spray doesn’t mean it will make it stay on for longer. Less is always more and too much of anything is generally not good. So, when spritzing on your body spray or fragrance, be sure to keep it moderate and not overdo it. Start with a few spritzes and add a little more if you feel the need to. Else, four sprays are as far as you should go, and one or two to keep things light.

  • Layer up!:

The amazing thing that you can do with body spray is layer it up with other fragrances, body sprays, or perfumes. Although, this can be a tricky thing because if done wrongly, you might end up smelling a certain way which you may or may not like. However, when done right, you can create your signature scent by using two body sprays every day.

The best way to get the desired result is to try layering your signature body spray or perfume with one fragrance that has a few simple notes. Go for some of the notes from floral, oriental, fresh, or woody. Remember, to be extra careful if you decide to layer up.

While all these things are practical, remember that spraying on your body fragrance is not methodological but is more about it is an experience. So, understand these points and make it a practice to implement them. But also bask in those few moments every day where you get to spritz on your body fragrance.

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Q. How do you make the fragrance last on your body?

A: There are different things you can do and ways to make your body fragrance last longer. Some of these things include taking a warm bath or shower, moisturising your body, and some other things which are mentioned above. There are also things you should avoid doing, all of which you can read more about above.

Q. How do you keep fragrance on all day?

A: The key to making your body spray or fragrance last all day and maybe even longer is knowing the right places you can spray them. Some of the best places you can spray your body fragrance to make it last longer are your pulse points. There are also other things you can do which are all listed above.

Q. Why does perfume not smell on me?

A: There are probably a few things you’re doing or not doing that are the cause of this. Some things you may be doing include spraying your clothes instead of your body, rubbing the spray into your skin, etc. Some things you may not be doing include not moisturising enough, etc. We’ve put together a list of things that can help which are all mentioned above.