How to Transition Your Skincare Routine for the Summer Season

There’s no longer a chill in the air, the temperatures have started to soar high, and the sun is out for a little bit longer each day. All these are signs that summer is quickly approaching and winter is ending. While you'll be making significant modifications to your wardrobe by replacing warm clothes with light and breezy pieces of clothing, it's also a great idea to switch up your skincare routine for summer. Winter months are generally dry for your skin, but summer months bring higher UV levels, warmer temperatures, and more humidity, so it's time to revise your summer skin routine.

Why Do You Need To Change Your Skincare Routine For Summer

Summer Skincare

1. Excess Perspiration

Due to the high temperatures throughout the summer, there is a lot of perspiration as compared to other weather. The body produces more sweat when the temperature and humidity are higher. As a result, the skin gets oilier and is more prone to breakouts and other types of irritation. Hence, it’s important to make a switch to products that feels non-greasy on the skin and feels lightweight on the skin. To combat skin-related issues during summer, it's important to adhere to a skincare routine for summer.

2. Harsh UV Rays

The effect of UV rays in summer is severe as compared to winter and monsoon season, Your skin is more prone to tanning and damage from sun exposure during summer months. Hence, it is important to make a shift to a proper summer skin routine to maintain skin texture and glow.

3. Skin Texture Changes

Your skin texture too changes when it's hot outside, if you live in high-humidity areas, chances are high that your skin becomes greasy but if you live in areas that face dry heat your skin may become dry and dry flakes might erupt on your skin. Hence, to combat the different situations it’s important to make a shift to a proper skincare routine for summer.

How should you change your skincare routine?

Summer Skin Routine

SPF is obviously an essential part of the summer skin routine, but it's not the only product our skin might require to complete our moisturising, protecting, and glow-inducing armoury. It is crucial that you have your summer skincare regimen in place if you want to have the best summer skin yet, regardless of whether you are preparing for a lunch date, travelling to work now that WFH is a thing of the past, or becoming a part of your annual summer vacation with the girls. Before we move onto the skin-type-specific summer skin routine, here are some common steps which everyone should follow irrespective of skin type:

  1. Cleanse: Use a cream-based face wash first thing in the morning to get rid of any buildup that might have occurred overnight.
  2. Tone: You can use a toner to remove the oil your cleanser may have missed. Simply choose a hydrating toner that helps restore skin pH and balances sebum.
  3. Nourish: Give your skin a boost of hydration with a hydrating toner.
  4. Moisturise: The next step is crucial, and this may be where you make the biggest change to your routine: when you moisturise, choose a moisturising lotion with SPF, to create an additional layer of protection.
  5. Sunblock: The last and final step is to layer your skin with sunscreen.

Now moving onto the skin-type specific skincare routine for summer.

  • Summer Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you won't have too many issues throughout the summer because the humidity takes care of your skin and lets you forgot your normal, thick moisturisers. What your daily regimen should entail: If you need to clean up, moisturise, or protect yourself from the sun, switch to lightweight and cream-based cleansers like Revlon’s Touch and Glow Advance Radiance Cream Face Wash and moisturising lotions with SPF. A hydrating serum is extremely crucial for people with dry skin as it provides skin with the required nourishment. Get your hands on the Touch and Glow Advance Radiance Face Serum from Revlon.

  • Summer Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Due to the possibility of clogged pores and worsening acne, oily skin suffers the most skin issues during the summer. What should be on your daily schedule: Purchase a non-greasy sun care daily moisturising lotion, a pore-minimising toner and a gel-based Touch and Glow Advance Radiance Face Wash from Revlon. If you have acne-prone skin, make sure your gut health is in order, that you're getting enough water, and that you're taking your dose of vitamin A, zinc, and antioxidant in your diet. To lessen breakouts, don't touch them; as it may worsen the acne condition.

  • Summer Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

While you share many of the same skin issues as people with oily or acne-prone skin, you may also develop rashes and facial redness. What should be included in your routine: To get rid of excess oil and dirt, wash your face twice a day using a Touch & Glow Gel Face Wash that contains natural ingredients like fig extracts, Vitamins 5, Hazel extracts and Capucine Flower Extracts. Try a hydrating serum infused with the goodness of hyaluronic and salicylic acid to give your skin adequate nourishment and lastly finish up your skincare routine with an SPF-based moisturising lotion.

  • Summer Skincare Routine For Normal Skin

Normal skin isn't too affected by the summer, but the buildup of dead skin cells makes your face appear dull. What your daily regimen should entail: You should exfoliate your skin two to three times a week to keep it feeling and looking young, even if you continue to use a gel-based face wash and a light moisturiser that works for you. Try using a moisturising face mask once a week to keep your skin hydrated throughout the summer.


Having known about why it is important to build a separate skincare routine for summer, if you are thinking of building one for yourself, you are on the right track my dear. Look no further, check out your skin type and follow the steps mentioned above with the right set of products. Revlon brings you a wide range of skincare products to choose from and set your summer skin routine.

Wishing you Happy skin days ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Should you change your skincare routine for summer?

A: Different seasons affect your skin differently. For instance, winter months may bring a lot of dryness whereas summer months may make your skin oily and more exposed to UV radiation. Hence, with the change in season, it is advised to change your skincare routine. A healthy summer skin routine must be followed to take control of oily skin and fight UV radiation.

Q. Can I skip moisturizer in the summer?

A: You might think that it’s summer, your skin is already oily and you may skip the moisturiser. But, wait! That’s not right. Regardless of whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, missing moisturiser during the summer will cause a healthy skin barrier to break down over time, making your skin more vulnerable to inflammation, irritation, flaking, and sensitivity. Putting on a moisturiser is a crucial step of the skincare routine for summer.

Q. Why is my skin the worst in summer?

A: During summer, the production of oil and sweat on your skin increases leading to clogged pores. Heat and humidity lay a perfect foundation for bacteria to grow, which can then become trapped in closed pores, thus causing various skin issues.