Mascara Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Applying Mascara Like a Pro

Have you been trying to get signature long, bold, and full lashes to brighten up your eyes and add a flawless look to your features? If so, here are some mascara tips and hacks that will help you achieve whatever look you’re going for, simple and natural, or bold and daring.

Mascara is an eye makeup product that is used on the lashes to do several things. Mascara can darken your lashes, make them look longer, fuller, and bolder, lift your lashes and brighten up your eyes, and more. Some mascaras are specifically designed to address the issue of length, pigment, volume, or others. It is up to you to go for mascaras that offer what you want for your lashes.

Mascara is pretty easy to use, but just like any other makeup product, there is a technique that you can either develop on your own or learn on various platforms. These applying mascara tips and tricks we’ve put together for you will help sharpen your technique and let you know the things you’re doing wrong and the things you’re doing right. This way, you can unlearn some of your mascara habits and take on new habits to help you get the best out of this eye makeup product.

There are different types of mascara, the regular mascara and the waterproof mascara. Each of these mascaras has a different formula and knowing how best to use them and also take them off would be great knowledge for your lashes. There are a few applying mascara hacks for the regular mascara but it is pretty easy to take off. The waterproof mascara, on the other hand, may be similar in application to the regular mascara but it is a bit more difficult to take off because of its unique formula.

Our applying mascara hacks will give you pointers on what to do and what not to do when putting on your mascara. This will avoid clumping of your lashes or any other issue you may have when you apply your mascara. Also, we’ve put together a guide to help you apply your mascara properly and mascara hacks to help you take it off.

Be gentle on your lashes and learn these mascara hacks for short lashes and long lashes.

12 Applying Mascara Tips and Tricks

  1. For a fuller and lifted look, curl your lashes for ten seconds on each eye.
  2. If some mascara stains your eyelids, leave it to dry and then wipe the smudge off with a cotton pad.
  3. Use the mascara wand to add curl to your lashes by curling your lashes around the brush.
  4. Use an eyelash separator, or a toothbrush, in case or to prevent your lashes from clumping together.
  5. Using two or more different types of mascaras is a great way to get the best out of your mascaras.
  6. Apply a double or triple coat of mascara to your lashes when the previous coat is almost dried but not completely dried.
  7. Apply mascara to the front and back of your lashes.
  8. If you focus the mascara on the middle part of your lashes, you get a wider-eye look, if you focus your mascara on the outer corners of your lashes, you get a dramatic cat-eye look.
  9. If your mascara has dried up in the tube, you can place it in a bowl of warm water to de-clump it.
  10. Do not pump your mascara wand into the tube as it may introduce air into the tube which will cause it to dry up and clump.
  11. For a fuller look, wiggle the wand of your mascara at the roots to create the illusion of eyeliner.
  12. To add volume to your lashes, apply some translucent powder between coats.

How to Apply Mascara Like A Pro

  1. Choose from the different types of mascara available and the type you need. Revlon has a watertight mascara which is a waterproof mascara and a so fierce mascara for a bold and fierce look.
  2. First, begin by curling your lashes to give your lashes a lifted look. This technique will give you the look you can get from wearing false lashes and will open up your eyes.
  3. Your lashes need to be primed before you apply your mascara. There are a lot of benefits from priming your lashes before applying your mascara. It gives your lashes a better-staying power which makes your mascara last longer. It also separates your lashes and prevents clumping. It also helps to thicken your lashes and give your more voluminous lashes after applying your mascara.
  4. Apply your mascara to the front and back of your lashes as well as to your upper and bottom lashes.
  5. Wiggle the wand of your mascara at the root of your lashes before swiping it to the tip.
  6. To de-clump or separate your lashes, use an eyelash separator or any brush.
  7. You can coat your lashes as many times as you like to get your desired look.

How to Remove Mascara Properly

Regular Mascara:

You can simply wash off regular mascara for your lashes with a cleanser and some water. You can also take it off with the rest of your makeup with a makeup remover like our Revlon eye and lip makeup remover.

Waterproof Mascara:

Taking off a waterproof mascara requires some technique because you need to break down the product first. After all, it doesn’t wash off with just water. You can use facial oil to break down your mascara and the rest of your makeup, or you can take two cotton pads and put some makeup remover on them before placing them over your eyes. This will break down the mascara and make it easy to wash off with a cleanser.

We hope these mascara tips and hacks will guide you and help you when applying your mascara and when taking it off as well.


Q. How to fix dry mascara?

A: There are various ways you can fix your dry mascara. You can put it in a bowl of warm water which will help soften the product and get it to a formula that you can apply on your lashes. Avoid pumping your mascara wand in the tube to prevent your mascara from drying. See more mascara hacks above.

Q. How long can you use mascara?

A: Mascaras and any other liquid eye makeup products have a shelf life of 3 months. Hence, you need to have them replaced every 3 months because if these products are used near your eye after three months, they can increase the risk of getting a bacterial infection. See more mascara tips above.