Safe Hair Color Transformation: A Step-by-Step Guide for Blonde to Brunette

Want a change in life, and don’t know what it should be? Coloring your hair to get a different look, might be what you need. Makeovers have been synonymous with tiresome, lengthy processes for too long. I think it’s time we change that, don't you? If yes, come discover the ease, and flexibility of hair color transformation. 

Choosing a hair color is tricky, because of the sheer number of options you have. However, if you're making the transition from blonde to brunette, you're definitely on a journey that will endow your hair with some warmth and depth that was earlier missing. Hair color transformations are an extremely fun, and convenient way to reinvent your look. 

And, we’re here with a carefully curated step-by-step hair color guide to ensure that you have a smooth and stunning transformation.

Step-by-Step Guide for Hair Dye Transformation

Here is your easy, and in-depth step-by-step guide to giving yourself a long-awaited hair color transformation. Follow these simple, and efficacious steps to get the hair color you’ve been yearning for. 

Step 1: Assess Your Starting Point

The first, and most essential step in your hair color journey is to assess your hair color as it currently is. You must take into consideration any previous treatments, etc. that you may have done on your hair. 

The hair color transformation process will be different for everyone based on whether you have naturally blonde hair or if you’ve bleached your hair to lighten it, in the past. Knowing your color, and state of hair is a crucial starting point to attaining the desired brunette shade.

Step 2: Choose Your Brunette Shade

Brunette hair color by Revlon comes in a variety of shades - from light golden brown, caramel brown, black-brown, to natural black. To select the perfect shade for your hair you can either check the pictures that come with product details online.

You can also do a little research as to which hair color transformation will work best for your hair type, as well as complement your personal style and skin color. 

Step 3: Prepare Your Hair

To protect your hair from unanticipated damage, and generally maintain hair health make sure you prep your hair well before the hair color application. Trim split-ends if there are any, and deeply condition your hair to nourish it. 

Using a conditioner will strengthen and moisturise your hair strands making them absorb the color better, and provide you shiny/healthy-looking hair after the hair color transformation.

Step 4: Seek Professional Help

For a major hair color change like this, it's often best to consult a professional colorist. They can accurately assess your hair, recommend the right products, and execute the transformation with precision.

Step 5: Use a Quality Hair Dye

When you decide to color your hair at home, you must choose a good-quality brunette hair color. 

A careful selection of a hair color formulated with effective, and nourishing ingredients for hair, will help you achieve a flawless, and healthy hair color transformation whether from natural or previously bleached hair. 

Step 6: Strand Test

It is wise to do a patch test before you use something new on your hair and skin. Thus, we would suggest that before executing your hair color transformation you must test one strand of hair for any reactions, inappropriate effects, etc. 

Apart from adverse reactions, conducting a strand test will also ensure that you attain the desired results with hair dye usage.

Step 7: Dye Application

Color application is an easy step, considering you follow the instructions that come with the package. Make sure you cover the entire length of your hair strands. 

Begin application at the roots, and slowly coat your entire hair strand with the hair color. Repeat the process till you've evenly spread hair color on your hair. You can put a timer to make sure you do it within the stipulated time. 

Step 8: Post-Dye Care

It is best to avoid washing your hair for 24-48 hours after hair color application. Avoid using hot water for hair washing. Use a color-safe conditioner to seal the moisturisation in your hair, and provide some much-needed post-color care.

Step 9: Maintenance

Post a hair-color transformation you must limit sun exposure to protect your hair and help the longevity of the shade. Cover your head during outdoor activities if there's extreme heat. 

Using a color-safe shampoo, and color protection conditioner is advisable as it helps maintain the color while giving your hair the necessary nourishment.

Benefits of Using Color-n-Care for Your Hair Color Transformation

When it comes to selecting a hair color for your transformation, consider products like Revlon color-n-care. Color-n-care by Revlon offers you a great choice in brunette hair color shades while being mindful of your hair health. 

Hair color transformation has never been easier, and healthier. This innovative color-n-care line helps you achieve vibrant color strands while simultaneously caring for your hair. The formula contains ceramides, and mpg molecules, which maintain hair health. Some key benefits include:

Rich color: 

Revlon's color-n-care caters to a lot of different people. The color-n-care range offers various stunning brunette shades to make sure that you get to pick the brunette shade you desire most without compromising. Revlon ensures a smooth blond-to-brunette, and brown-to-blonde transformation for you because its deep color leaves no hair strand uncolored. Thus, you get your best brunette, blond, or, natural black look with full coverage at home. 

Nourishing Formula: 

Revlon color-n-care hair color comes with a highly moisturising composition, comprising a mix of 4 oils, and shea butter to leave your hair fully nourished post-color application.  Our hair color transformation formula is nutrient-rich so that it can help maintain the vitality, and overall health of your hair, even after coloring.

Long-Lasting Results: 

Revlon's advanced color formulation that you get with color-n-care ensures that your new brunette shade will last you a long time, thus providing a hassle-free experience. The color stays vibrant and beautiful for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Ease of Application: 

Revlon's color-n-care package comes with simply explained, easy-to-follow hair color transformation instructions that make at-home coloring a breeze. Whether you're a hair coloring pro, or trying your hands at it the first time, Revlon simplifies the entire process for you.

Can You Do a Hair Transformation: color at Home?

Yes, you can color your hair at home. Truly speaking, giving yourself a new look with store-bought hair color has never been easier. These days you can easily get yourself a hair color pouch, or bottle, which makes hair-dye application at home super convenient, and durable. 

Speaking of hair-color transformation you must get yourself a pack of Revlon color-n-care, hair color, which is formulated especially keeping in mind the many woes that accompany hair coloring. The hair color by Revlon is highly nourishing, and natural, and gives your hair an evenly covered, stunning at-home transformation. 

If you want to color your hair in a specific shade that may not be readily available in the market, or you do not trust yourself with your hair, you must get professional assistance. But like I said hair transformation: color can be easily, and effectively done at home. 


Hair color transition is always an interesting change. When choosing to transition your hair, after having undergone other hair treatments, is a little tricky. 

During hair color transformation you must be mindful of the ingredients present in the hair color you purchase. If you're underconfident about following the procedure, get professional help to change your hair color from blond to the brunette shade you desire. 

Make sure you follow this guide to understand how to complete a blond to brunette hair color transformation at home like a pro.