Summer Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types: A Complete Guide

Unless you have flawless skin that stays cool and clear all year long, it's obvious for you to change your skincare regime with a shift in season. With the summer season knocking on the door and you getting ready for summer Fridays, beach days, and travel, it's vital to concentrate on transitioning your skin. SPF is essential in the summer, but you also need other products to complete your hydrating, protecting, and glow-inducing armoury. 

This blog works acts as a complete guide for an excellent summer skincare regimen. Keep on reading below for amazing insights!

What Is The Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine


The actions you take on a routine basis to take care of your skin are referred to as skincare routines. However, we can’t deny the fact that each person's version of this regime tends to be different due to varied skin types. This can include weekly or monthly treatments for skincare aficionados or just following the necessities for minimalists. Whatever the case may be, you should always follow the essential steps of your morning and nighttime skincare regimen.

It may be tempting to skip your skincare routine in the morning if you completed it at night, but this is not a smart idea. Your skin sheds the oils and particles that you should scrub off of it in the morning as you sleep. This will stop these irritants from causing breakouts or congested pores.

Your morning and evening skincare regimes could differ slightly from one another. For instance, taking off your makeup is probably a step in the nighttime cleansing routine but not the morning one. Although moisturiser is likely a component of both regimes, your morning glow-up should have an SPF while your night cream doesn't need one.

Identify Your Skin Type

Skin type

Oily Skin 

Individuals with Oily skin suffer from the overproduction of sebum which makes their skin feel greasy and seem glossy, especially around their T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). While those with oily skin may have fewer wrinkles on average, they may be more prone to enlarged pores, acne scars, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Dry Skin 

Natural oil production in dry skin is typically lower than on other skin types. This could make it look dull and make it feel rough, flaky, or even scaly. It frequently has a tight or elastic feel, is dehydrated, and could be more prone to more obvious fine wrinkles. Additionally, it might itch or bother you.

Normal Skin 

Skin that is balanced feels neither either dry or overly greasy. It doesn't flake, break out easily, or feel tight. Normal-skinned people often have small pores, and smooth skin, and are less sensitive or prone to blemishes. Normal skin doesn't have any particular problems or worries, but it still needs the right treatment to look and feel its best.

Combination Skin

Combination skin has dry and oily patches, with the T-zone typically being oily and the cheeks either normal or dry. Due to a variety of variables, including stress and hormone fluctuations, this skin type changes throughout the year and over different seasons.

Sensitive Skin 

If you have sensitive skin, it may seem red and feel dry, itchy, or burning. These symptoms may be brought on by certain substances, such as dyes or fragrances, as well as environmental variables and may be connected to skin that is more sensitive to external irritants.

Guide For a Summer Skincare Routine For All Skin Types

Skincare for all skin type

Summer Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you won't have too many issues because the humidity will take care of your skin and allow you to stop using your normal, heavy moisturisers. What should be included in your routine: For your cleaning, moisturising, and sun protection requirements, switch to lightweight, hydrating lotions such as Revlon’s Touch and Glow Advanced Radiance Suncare Daily Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30. It will immediately absorb into your skin without leaving behind any oily residue. 

Summer Skincare Routine For Oily Skin 

Oily skin suffers the most skin issues in the summer because clogged pores make acne worse. Hence, an ideal skincare routine for such a skin type should entail: Investing in a mattifying sunscreen, a lightweight moisturiser, and a gel-based cleanser. Check your gut health, drink enough water, and take your vitamin A, zinc, and antioxidant supplements as directed if you suffer from acne-prone skin.

Summer Skincare Routine For Combination Skin 

You may also experience rashes and redness on your face, even though your skin problems are mostly the same as those of those with oily or acne-prone skin. What should be on your daily schedule: To remove surplus oil and filth from your skin, wash it twice a day using a face wash that doesn't contain soap. Try a Revlon glow serum to provide your skin with more nourishment if your moisturiser seems too heavy in the sun. 

Summer Skincare Routine For Normal Skin 

Normal skin is not greatly impacted by the summer months, but the buildup of dead skin cells gives your face a lifeless appearance. What your routine should entail: To keep your skin feeling and looking young, exfoliate it two to three times per week. You can continue to use a gel-based face wash and a light moisturiser that works for you.

Tips & Hacks About Summer Skincare Routine

  • Wash Your Face Regularly with Gel-Based Cleanser

While working out in summer, your skin tends to sweat a lot and as a result of this, it might appear too oily. Cleansing should therefore be the first step in your skin care regimen. Consider using a face cleanser made of gel, such as Revlon’s Touch and Glow Gel Face Wash, this summer to remove debris and pollutants without overdrying skin. 

To use, soak your hands and face with water. Then, knead a little quantity of the gel into a foamy lather and massage it gently in a circular motion over your face. Finally, rinse with water.

  • Regularly Exfoliate Your Skin

Summers bring with them dry skin, therefore it's crucial to routinely exfoliate and remove any chance of dryness and redness on the face and other regions of the body. To prevent drying out and depleting skin cells, make sure you exfoliate your skin atleast twice a week. 

  • Opt for an SPF Containing Moisturiser

Sunscreen is a crucial component to have in your beauty vanity while thinking of creating a summer skincare routine. Apart from a routine sunscreen, look for products that have SPF content in them, for ensuring an additional layer of protection. An SPF, or sun protection factor, lets you gauge how well a product will shield you from the sun’s UVB and UVA radiation. A higher SPF promises more protection from harsh sun rays. 

Opt for Revlon’s Touch and Glow Advance Radiance Suncare Daily Moisturising Lotion with SPF 50. Its antioxidant and antiaging properties will shield your skin from harmful sun rays and its non-greasy texture gives you the perfect dewy look you always dreamt of!

Also read SPF 30 vs SPF 50: what’s the difference?

  • Keep Skin Hydrated

With summer approaching, you are all set with gentle skincare products and makeup products but it's crucial to stay hydrated from within. Drinking a lot of water will aid your skin to appear and feel soft and supple as a result of retaining hydration. This is because the top layer of the skin has enough moisture to remove toxins and transport nutrients to the skin's tissues.

  • Put on a Mist

A hydrating face mist is one of the best summertime ways to cool down your skin. Opt for Revlon’s Photoready Rose Glow Mist, its hydrating formula gives you 24 hours of hydration while locking in the skin’s moisture content. 

Apart from keeping your skin moisturised, a face mist helps settle down makeup giving it a flawless finish. 

  • Use a Primer 

Do not even think of skipping primer during summer, as it prevents your makeup from slipping off your face due to sweat or dirt. A primer also helps in filling the pores and fine wrinkles, thus enabling you to achieve a flawless appearance without overdoing the makeup. 

Go for Revlon’s Primer for a perfect photo-ready look. This 24-hour long wear primer’s luxurious formula blends well into the skin radiating a bright glow.

  • Go for Lighter Makeup

Say a big NOO to heavy makeup during summer. Go all classy and elegant by including good quality makeup products in your vanity. Revlon’s Photoready Foundation allows your skin to breathe while preventing pores clogging.

Hence, this summer it's time to say bye-bye to those cakey foundations and swap to lightweight, oil-free and fragrance-free foundations. Lastly, do not forget to put on a Charlie body spray and a light Sultry shade of Revlon Matte Balm.

  • Don’t Forget to Put on a Serum

Apply an antioxidant serum to your face once daily. Revlon’s Touch and Glow Advance Radiance Face Serum infused with the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid provides the power to shield your skin from pollutants, support collagen production, and fight free radicals. 

  • Put on a Toner

Toner helps in combating clogged pores and greasy slick conditions brought on by heat and sweat. Summer seasons might look like a curse to you if you have oily or severely sensitive skin. Heat at this time of year will result in increased sweat, oil, and grime production as well as quicker skin cell turnover.

Use Revlon’s Touch & Glow Advanced Radiance Pore Minimizing Skin Toner enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C, Salicylic acid, AHA and BHA. It helps by shutting all of your skin's open pores and preventing acne issues in individuals with oily skin.


Summers are almost approaching and the warm climate outside is calling us to expose a little more skin. Beyond fretting about sunburns, we all aspire to have flawless, even tan skin that gives us that dewy, summertime look. Taking the effort to protect oneself from the potent midday sun and maintaining a healthy glow are the two most important aspects of summer skin care.

Revlon’s skincare and makeup products are here to help you achieve your perfect summer skincare regime. From face wash to moisturiser, serum, face mist, body spray and toner, they have everything you need to have in your summer skincare arsenal.

Follow the guide above and do not shy away from sunshine these summers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Should you use a toner in summer?

A: Toners help in minimizing the pores and skin tightening. They are a must-apply skincare product if you are thinking of doing makeup during scorching summers.

Q. How can I get glowing skin in summer?

A: Keep skin hydrated from within, put on a pore-minimising toner, apply an SPF-based moisturiser and spritz some face mist.

Q. How can I manage my skin in summer?

A: To manage your skin well during summer opt for a perfect skincare routine such as double cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, toning and putting on sunscreen.

Q. Why is my skin worse in the summer?

A: Your skin looks worse during summer due to clogged pores. These clogged pores are caused by increased production of oil and sweat in summers due to warmer temperatures. Heat and humidity provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, which can become trapped in closed pores, blemishes and make skin worse.

Q. How do you control summer acne?

A: Wash your face regularly, apply a lightweight SPF-based moisturizer, use light makeup and gently exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to control your acne.