Summer Skincare Don'ts- Things to Avoid Doing to Your Skin During the Hot Months

Popsicles, icy mocktails, and vacations are the absolute best things about summer! We wish summer skincare was this simple to discuss and do as well. 

In the summer, the majority of us notice a change in our skin. While some of us may have oily, mixed, or dry skin. In reality, your skin was typical throughout the previous season. Therefore, picking the proper product is crucial, and maintaining hydration is the most important factor. 

We occasionally tend to overdo it when it comes to caring for our skin in the summer. Some things need to be shunned, while others—reluctantly—should be welcomed. Consider these don'ts for your summer skincare routine. 

15 Summer Skincare Don'ts

  • Don’t Spend More Time In The Shower

Splashes of cold water on the body during the summer are just as reviving and calming as steaming showers in the winter. Long showers, however soothing they may seem, are not the healthiest choice for your skin since they can cause dryness, itching, etc.

  • Don’t Scrub Frantically

Exfoliation aids in cleaning the dead skin cells and pollutants from the skin. Abrasions, rashes, and skin damage can all be brought on by frequent and aggressive exfoliation, thus affecting your skin badly. The continual exposure to sweat throughout the summer might exacerbate these skin problems.

  • Don’t Use Comedogenic Products 

Knowing the components in your makeup is the first step in choosing the healthiest skincare products. Products classified as comedogenic have chemicals that may clog skin pores, thus aggravating the issues of acne. As a result, make sure to carefully evaluate your skincare and beauty items before applying them.

  • Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Since UV radiation can cause skin cancer and early signs of ageing. skin protection is essential in the hot summer months. Hence, apply sunscreen every single day. Additionally, it's important to prioritise using broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50. Additionally, it's advised to reapply sunscreen every two to three hours when the effects begin to fade, especially if you're out in the sun for an extended amount of time.

  • Don’t Miss Moisturiser

The presence of dampness does not excuse you from using moisturiser. Even if you feel a little oilier throughout the summer, make sure to keep your skin hydrated. It is best to cleanse the skin first and use a hydrating moisturiser that has hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that lock the water content in the skin, keeping it plump and supple. Lack of moisture can lead to excessive sebum production, resulting in clogged pores and acne breakouts.

  • Don’t Forget Hydrating 

Healthy skin requires adequate hydration. In addition to intaking eight glasses of water every day and seasonal fruits to stay hydrated, choose hydrating skincare products that provide your skin with a boost of hydration. Additionally, stay away from alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, and carbonated soft drinks, which all dehydrate you. Don't overhydrate yourself, though, since this can result in a loss of minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients.

  • Don’t Apply Heavy Makeup

Wearing a lot of makeup to protect yourself from the sun is not a good idea if you're going outside. Wearing several layers of makeup foundation, waterproof concealer, and face blush can clog the pores and cause congested skin.

  • Don’t Apply Facial Oil

Once the weather starts to warm up, you should probably refrain from including facial oils in your skincare routine. In addition to making your skin look oily and drab and raising your risk of breakouts, the higher temperatures and humidity will cause the oil to clog your pores. 

  • Don’t Use Creamy Cleansers

Even though cream cleansers can give dry or sensitive skin moisture, they aren't always the ideal option in the summer. High temperatures lead to an increase in sweat, dead skin, and oil buildup on the surface of our skin, giving us a drab, lifeless appearance. To counter this, use gel-based cleansers, as they will gently exfoliate your skin and promote the growth of new collagen. 

  • Don’t Use Heavy Oil-Based Foundations

Both acne-prone and non-acne-prone skin produce more oil when the temperature warms up. As a result, make sure to include a powder foundation in your makeup routine. 

  • Don’t Forget To Give Attention To Sunburn

Untreated sunburns can injure your skin in a variety of ways, from small problems like tanning and pigmentation. Therefore, you should never ignore sunburns. Either apply high SPF protection to your skin before going outside or use cooling creams or aloe vera gel to soothe sunburns.

  • Don't Eat Fried Or Oily Foods

Your diet has a significant impact on the health of your skin. Therefore, it's always a wise decision to stay away from fried and oily foods. especially during the summertime because these meal choices frequently result in pimples and outbreaks. Summertime increases perspiration, and you don't want to combine perspiration with breakouts. So choose carefully from the options on your plate! 

  • Don’t Forget To Carry Your Shades

Your eyes' sensitive skin is vulnerable to UV damage, which can lead to bothersome creases and fine lines. Additionally, excessive sun exposure can make your skin less elastic, which exacerbates the appearance of under-eye bags. Wear a set of wraparound sunglasses with 100% UV protection to keep your eyes appearing as young as possible.

  • Don’t Forget Your Lips

Sun damage could also affect your lips. Apply an SPF lip balm to keep them moisturised and protected.

  • Avoid Using Toothpaste To Treat Pimples

Skin oil glands will go into overdrive if moisture is removed, which could make your situation worse. The toothpaste can cause itching, inflammation, and more acne flare-ups, so dabbing a little bit of it on troubled places won't help much either. Instead, you can opt for a pore-minimising toner infused with the richness of menthol that helps in restoring the pH levels of the skin and balance sebum.


Having a list of various summer skincare don’t, we are sure you are ready to face this summer season like never before. To amp up your summer skincare regimen, check out the various skincare products, hair care products, body fragrances products, eye makeup products, lip makeup products and face makeup products available at Revlon. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Skincare Dont’s

Q. How to do skin care during summer?

A: The key to summer skincare is to hydrate, moisturise and protect. A maximum of the summer skin issues are resolved if you hydrate your skin well, a well-hydrated skin looks plump and shinier. Moisturising your skin keeps the hydration levels of your skin intact and prevents it from external aggregators that disturb its pH balance. Lastly, it is important to protect your skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun by layering it with an SPF.

Q. Should I avoid moisturizer in summer?

A: We know our skin tends to become oily during summer, but oily skin is mostly mistaken for hydrated skin, which is not true. As we tend to sweat a lot during summer, the oil accumulates on our skin and gradually leads to dehydration. Hence, to keep the skin nourished and moisturised it's important to include a good moisturiser in your skincare regime.

Q. Does summer affect the skin?

A: As the temperature and humidity levels rise during the summer months, the sebaceous glands of our skin become more active, making our skin look more oily. In the regions that face dry summer heat, the moisture levels of your skin dry out, making your skin dry, rough, uneven and patchy. Also, the amount of melanin pigments produced contributes to tanning and sunburn due to harsh sun rays.