What is Keratin? Understanding the Role of This Protein in Your Hair

How many of you have had dire problems including serious hair issues at a young age? Every other woman experiences hair problems in her daily life, including hair loss, damaged hair, and living in a polluted atmosphere.

To combat strongly against these hair-related issues, your body requires specific nutrients and vitamins to maintain a healthy scalp and strong hair follicles, in addition to a stress-free lifestyle and adequate sleep. One such important nutrient for your hair is Keratin protein, which works excellently to restore your damaged and frizzy hair, giving them a glossy shine from the inside.

You must be wondering what is keratin all about and how it benefits your hair! Well, in this blog we will take you through all your questions regarding keratin. Come read along to understand Keratin in and out.

What is Keratin?

The human body contains keratin–a naturally occurring protein that is found in your hair, nails, and skin. It is regarded as a "protective protein" and is a member of the family of scleroproteins, which are fibrous structural proteins. As a result, keratin not only outperforms many other cell types in your body in terms of strength, but it also serves a critical function in defending certain cells against harm and environmental stressors. 

Consider keratin as a fundamental component of attractive, healthy hair, skin, and nails that is necessary for both the general well-being and aesthetic appeal of your hair.

Benefits of Keratin

  • Helps Improving Hair Elasticity and Strength

As keratin fills in the damage-induced gaps in your hair, it's like giving your hair an extra-tough defence against breaking and brittleness in the future. Your hair will be stronger as a result, and it will be better able to withstand daily stresses like heat styling and other environmental factors. Your hair's enhanced elasticity can assist greatly in reducing breakage, thus improving the appearance of your hair.

  • Offers a Smoother and Straight Hair Texture

Although in-salon keratin treatments frequently result in the most significant changes in hair texture, at-home keratin solutions can also be effective. Your hair's increased texture will help lessen annoying frizz and unwelcome waves, making style simpler and altering your hair's appearance and texture. If you are thinking of doing keratin treatment at home, opt for class products like Revlon Colorsilk with Keratin shampoo, which prevents hair colour fading and is formulated with ceramides and MPG molecules that works effectively in minimising hair damage.

  • Deals Strongly With Environmental Stressors

The protection of hair from the sun's harmful rays, a frequently-overlooked aspect of total hair health, is one of the most important functions of keratin proteins. UV rays can be bad for your hair, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Not just scorching summers and UV rays, but your tresses are susceptible to weather-related harm in the fall and winter. Your locks may suffer from frequent exposure to warm indoor environments and the chilly winter air. Keratin’s active properties create a protective barrier on your hair and help fight environmental stressors effectively. 

  • Offers Great Resistance to Moisture

Reduced moisture retention is one of the many impacts of a damaged outer hair cuticle. This implies that your hair might not be able to efficiently absorb and keep that essential moisture even if you use moisturising hair treatments. Yet, the outside cuticle will be better able to retain moisture as keratin aids in cuticle healing. Your hair will become shinier as a result, and split ends will happen far less frequently.

  • Reduces the Appearance of Split Ends 

Keratin aids in strengthening and re-smoothing the hair cuticles, which minimises the appearance of split ends. Less breakage from stronger strands results in more hair growth and lesser split ends.

DIY Keratin Hair Mask At Home

  • Using Castor Oil 

Include two tablespoons of castor oil in your hair mask. Hair grows more quickly thanks to castor oil. Castor oil helps in improving the texture of your hair.

  • Using Coconut Milk 

Your hair will feel incredibly moisturised after using coconut milk. It is an effective natural conditioner that can transform your hair.

How Can I Do Keratin Treatment At Home?

Are you thinking of can I do keratin treatment at home? 

Of course, you can! You may add a simple and fuss-free at-home keratin treatment to your hair care routine if you can't get to the salon. However, in order to maximise its advantages, you must know how to do it properly. Follow the below-mentioned steps and reap the maximum benefits: 

  • Start with Shampooing 

Shampoo your hair with a reputable keratin shampoo like Revlon’s Colorsilk with Keratin Outrageous shampoo. If you have straight hair, wash it twice; if it is very curly, wash it once more. Here, having completely spotless hair and scalp is of utmost importance.

  • Apply Keratin Treatment

To ensure that hair can easily absorb the product, gently dry it while still leaving some moisture in it. Starting at the tips and working your way up, apply the keratin treatment to your hair. Take a one-inch step back from the scalp. Use the product to gently massage your hair.

  • Let it Rest and Rinse

Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb gently while the product is still in your hair. After that, give your homemade Keratin treatment 30 minutes to set. Make sure there is no product residue left on your hair by giving it a thorough rinse because this can lead to buildup and flaking.

  • Blow Dry Your Hair

Brush your hair while blow-drying it. After the hair has dried completely, divide it into manageable portions and iron each one thoroughly to seal in the keratin. To ensure that the heat is distributed evenly, iron your hair in smaller sections at a time.

  • Wait and Don't Wash

Keep your hair dry and don't wash it for 48 hours. The DIY keratin treatment takes more time to penetrate your hair and do its magic as a result. Make sure your hair is not tied back or tucked behind your ears. Just keep them straight and down.

  • Complete The Treatment By Washing and Conditioning

You can now wash your hair after 48 hours. Blow-dry your hair after using shampoo and conditioner (we recommend Revlon’s Flex Regular Conditioner).

A healthy hair routine can benefit greatly from the use of keratin. A long-lasting healthy result can be achieved by replacing lost keratin and boosting the natural keratin in the hair. Shop all keratin-enhanced products at Revlon to get the benefits of keratin. 

Revlon haircare products feature a huge selection of keratin shampoo, conditioner and other haircare products to give you gorgeous hair every day, whether you undergo a smoothing treatment or add a few new products to your haircare routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is keratin therapy effective for thinning hair?

Your hair will look refreshed after using keratin on damaged, brittle, and unruly hair. It lessens split ends and stops unintentional hair breakage, both of which contribute to preventing hair loss.