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    About Glossy Lipstick

    Revlon’s range of glossy lipstick is a range of beautiful shades that you can build on. These subtle lip tints not only add colour to your lips but moisture. They hydrate your lips for hours on end providing them with nourishment to keep your pout perfect and crack-free.

    Take your pick from the wide range of Revlon’s glossy lipstick shades.

    Benefits of using glossy lipstick

    The amazing benefits of Revlon’s glossy lipstick in India are as follows:

    • They provide your lips with much-needed hydration.
    • They keep your lips moisturised for hours on end.
    • They add a layer of tint to your lips which you can build on.
    • They are easy and comfortable to apply and wear.
    • They are natural looking.

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    How to use glossy lipstick properly

    The right way to do something like applying your glossy lipstick shades is subjective as everyone has a different way or technique they use that works well for them. But one thing to ensure before applying your glossy lipstick is to exfoliate your lips to avoid dead skin cells from poking through your lipstick.

    How to choose glossy lipstick shades according to skin tone

    Choosing the right tone of glossy lipstick online can be tricky but one important thing you need to know when choosing your lipstick shade is your skin tone. Knowing your skin tone can help you narrow down your search and find the best glossy lipstick for you at Revlon.

    3 Tips & Hacks about glossy lipstick

    • You can turn your glossy lipstick shades into matte lipstick by putting a tissue over your lips and dabbing some powder over it.
    • You can use it as a shimmery/glossy eyeshadow.
    • You can use it for a cheek tint especially if you have dry skin.

    Here’s how to remove glossy lipstick

    There are different ways to remove glossy lipstick and steps to follow to get rid of the products. Some of the ways include:

    • Micellar water.
    • Wipes.
    • Cleanser.
    • Lip scrub.
    • Facial oil.

    Things to consider before buying glossy lipstick

    Here are some things you need to consider before or when buying glossy lipstick.

    • Check the list of ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic to anything.
    • Check the shelf-life.
    • Pick out shades that are right for your skin tone.
    • Check for other features you might like in the lipstick.
    • Find if the texture is something you want.

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    Q. Is matte lipstick or glossy lipstick better?

    A: Matte lipstick and glossy lipstick have two very different textures. Some people prefer one or the other but they are both amazing on their own. It depends on what a person prefers.

    Q. Do men like glossy lipstick?

    A: A lot of guys are starting to come around to using makeup products such as this. Glossy lipstick has a 2-in-1 function, to hydrate and add colour to the lips. Whether for one or both of those reasons, men using glossy lipsticks is starting to become a norm.

    Q. Can I use glossy lipstick every day?

    A: Yes, you can. Using glossy lipstick shades every day would not only hydrate your lips but provide your lip with a layer of subtle tint. You can choose to go with a natural shade or a bold and vibrant shade.

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