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    Face Highlighter

    The natural glow you need to achieve that everyday radiance that will make you shine through and stand out.

    Face highlighters in India come in various shades and textures. These face highlighters' makeup can be used in different ways once you get a handle on the progression in which you should apply your makeup. The different textures of face highlighter can be applied at various points in your makeup application process.

    Makeup highlighter palettes are easy to use and have on the go with you. One palette of face highlighter makeup comes with different shades of face highlighter which you can use all at once or alternate between the different shades.

    Check out the various shades of Revlon’s face highlighter makeup.

    Types of face highlighters makeup

    The most common types of face highlighters are powder and liquid face highlighters makeup.

    • Powder Highlighter:

    This is best when you’re going for a matte look. It is one of the makeup products that is used at the end of your makeup routine. It is easy to use and keep in your purse with you.

    • Liquid Highlighter:

    This face highlighter is best when you’re going for a dewy look. It can be the first makeup product you use, underneath the rest of your makeup for a natural look. Or, it can be one of the last steps in your makeup routine. 

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    How To Choose face highlighter makeup According To Your Skin Tone

    Revlon currently has one line of face highlighters makeup that comes in two different shades. This highlighter is a powder face highlighter with the shades Rose Glow and Bronze Glow. A rule of thumb when selecting the right shade of face highlighter makeup is to go for warmer or golden tones for darker complexions and lighter complexions, go for cooler or icy colours.

    Where To Apply Face Highlighter?

    There are a few areas on your face where you can apply face highlighter makeup. These areas are high points on your face where the face highlighter can enhance those features and give your face a lifted look. These areas include:

    • The high area of your cheekbones.
    • Below your brow bone.
    • On the bridge of your nose.
    • On the tip of your nose.
    • The inner corners of your eyes.
    • On your cupid’s bow.
    • On your chin.
    • On your forehead.

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    Tips To Use Face Highlighter Makeup Like A Professional

    • A face highlighter makeup is meant to be applied on the high points of your face. Most of these high points are mentioned above. Applying face highlighter on these areas of your face gives your face a lifted look and it also allows your face to catch the sunlight naturally.
    • Avoid applying face highlighter makeup on areas of your face that have acne scars or bumps as it can make them more prominent.

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    Things to consider before buying face highlighter makeup

    Here are some things you need to consider before or when buying a highlighter palette.

    • Check the list of ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic to anything.
    • Pick out shades that are right for your skin tone.
    • Check the shelf-life.
    • Find a texture you would like it in.

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    Q. Can I use a face highlighter every day?

    A: You can use your face highlighter as often as you like. If that is every day, then yes you can use it every day. There are various ways you can use it with or without applying the rest of your face makeup. You can choose to go for a sunkissed natural look or a full glam shimmery look.

    Q. What does a face highlighter do?

    A: Face highlighter makeup attracts light to certain areas on the face and enhances your skin tone. The reflection of the light of the highlighter gives a sort of glow that seems natural. This can accentuate your facial features and even go as far as lifting your face or your bone structure.

    Q. Can I apply a highlighter on the full face?

    A: Just like everything is best when used moderately, face highlighter makeup is definitely at the top of the list of things you should ensure you use moderately. There are specific areas on the face, and the body, where you can apply your highlighter. You can apply as much highlighter as you like in those areas rather than all over your face.

    Q. What goes first powder or highlighter?

    A: Your powder is the first makeup product that goes on before your highlighter. Your powder creates a base that mattifies your face, getting rid of oil from your skin or other products that would prevent the highlighter from gliding onto your face smoothly.

    Although there is a different makeup application process where the highlighter is the first makeup product to go on before your foundation, powder, or any other makeup product. So, figure out which technique you would like to use.

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