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    About Lip Balm

    Lip balms are lip care products that provide your lips with hydration, protection, and nourishment. While their main purpose is to moisturise your lips, they also add colour to the lips and prevent them from getting chapped or dry. Lip balms online come in different forms and contain different ingredients that are hydrating, moisturising, and nourishing.

    History Of Lip Balms

    The first lip balms can be traced back to 40 BC which were made of beeswax, natural oils, and honey by ancient Egypt. Later, in 1800, earwax was recommended by Lydia Maria Child as a cure for cracked lips (1). But it wasn’t until the 1880s that the first lip balm, called ChapStick, was invented by Charles Brown Fleet, a physician.

    Over the decades, it has been modified in various ways from the ingredients used to the functionality, and more.

    Importance of Lip Balms

    Lip balm online is important for different reasons and some of these reasons are:

    • They provide moisture for your lips.
    • They protect your lips from environmental aggressors.
    • They make your lips soft and hydrated.
    • They allow your lips to glide smoothly.
    • They are packed with ingredients that may nourish and heal your lips.
    • They add a bit of colour and shine to your lips.

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    Types Of Lip Balms

    There are two different categories of Revlon lip balms which are packed with ingredients that provide your lips with moisture, hydration, and some colour.

    This lip balm for pink lips comes in different shades of brown, pink, and red. It is infused with shea, mango, and coconut butter for moisturising your lips. This matte lip balm isn’t overly glossy and is lightweight.

    This glossy lip balm comes in four bold colours and is loaded with Vitamin E for hydration and nourishment of your lips. This lip balm is smudge-proof and long-wearing.

    How To Choose The Correct Lip Balm For Yourself?

    To find the right lip balm that meets your needs and helps with all your concerns, here’s a guide that you may find helpful.

    • Check the ingredient list and see if the key ingredients have all the benefits that you are looking for. Shea butter in lip balm online is a great option to go for.
    • If you have sensitive lips, then it is best to avoid ingredients that may trigger your reaction. Also, avoid fragrant or flavoured lip chapstick with preservatives or oil.
    • If you love scented lip balms and you don’t react to them, then find a flavour you like.
    • If you’re getting tinted chapstick, go for shades or colours you like.
    • Always go for a size that you can have with you wherever you go.

    How Many Times a Day Should You Apply Lip Balm?

    The number of times in which you use lip balm for dry lips depends on different factors like the weather, the condition of your lips, and how much lip balm you use in one application. While it is advisable to use your lip balm at least twice a day to provide your lips with enough hydration and moisture, this may not be enough for some people. So, you can use your lip balm up to 4 times a day and more if your lips need the moisture.

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    Q. Which lip balm is best?

    A: The best lip balm for you is one that meets all your needs. If you have sensitive lips, then you should be conscious of things like oil, flavour, fragrance, and ingredients of lip balm online before you decide to opt for it. If you have chapped and dry lips, go for lip balms with ingredients that help like shea butter, Vitamin E which you can find in the range of Revlon lip balms.

    Q. What is the use of lip balm?

    A: Lip balms have one sole purpose which is to provide your lips with much-needed hydration and moisture to prevent chapped, dry lips. The best lip balm for women and men is one that contains ingredients that are nourishing for your lips.

    Q. Does lip balm remove dark lips?

    A: It depends on the type of lip balm you buy and the ingredients in the lip balm. Some ingredients help with de-tanning or depigmentation of the lips. So do a quick search to find out if the ingredients in a lip balm are something that might help.

    Q. Can you wear lip balm under liquid lipstick?

    A: Yes, you can. This will provide a layer of protection for your lip from the dry effect of mattifying lipstick. It will hydrate your lips and prevent it from getting chapped or dry.

    Q. Will lip balm lighten my lips?

    A: All lip balms do not generally provide any brightening effect for the lips but some lip balms may contain ingredients that help de-tan your lips. Using lip balm for pigmented lips over time will help remove pigmentation from your lips.

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