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    Lip crayons lipstick in various shades to hydrate and nourish your lips with the best ingredients.

    Lip crayons lipstick are pretty handy to have with you in your purse especially when you’re on the go. They are very easy to use and require no sharpening at all. They have a unique, almost creamy texture that is soft and lightweight. Revlon lip crayon lipstick is packed with amazing ingredients that are an added advantage to getting these lipstick crayons.

    These crayon lipsticks are available in different beautiful colours and vibrant shades from soft and natural to bold and daring. You are one twist away from experiencing the joy and little luxury of using these new lip crayons.

    What Is The Appeal of Crayon Lipstick?

    There are various reasons why Revlon lip crayon lipstick is amazing, and not just because of the incredible benefits this product provides but for other reasons as well which are as follows:

    • This crayon lipstick has a matte effect which is soft and feels lightweight.
    • They are packed with Shea butter which has moisturising properties that help heal chapped and dry lips.
    • They are infused with mango which is known to help soften as well as hydrate the lips.
    • They also contain coconut butter that provides nourishment for the lips as well as moisture which can heal dry and chapped lips.
    • They are easy as well as comfortable to apply and wear.
    • They are available in 8 beautiful shades.

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    How To Apply Lip Crayon Lipstick Properly?

    1. Always prep your lips first by exfoliating if it is required.
    2. Pat dry your lips and you can start by lining your lips.
    3. Apply the matte crayon lipstick to your lips.
    4. Rub your lips together to evenly distribute the product.
    5. You can choose to add more products as you wish.

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    Crayon Lipstick Tips & Hacks

    Just for you, here are some tips and hacks that you may find helpful and maybe even help you achieve the perfect pout.

    1. Always exfoliate your lips before applying the crayon lipstick.
    2. For a defined pout, line your lips with our lip liner.
    3. For a glossy look, apply some lip gloss after applying the lipstick crayon.
    4. To make your lipstick crayons last for longer than a few hours, blot some loose powder over it.
    5. Avoid licking your lips to prevent quick fading.

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    How To Remove Lipstick Crayons?

    Lip crayon lipstick is pretty easy to take off once you get a hang of what to use and what not to use. Some of the ways include:

    • Cleanser.
    • Micellar water.
    • Wipes.
    • Facial oil.
    • Lip scrub.

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    Things To Consider Before Buying Crayon Lipstick

    Here are some of the things you should consider when or before buying our range of matte crayon lipstick.

    • Check out the ingredient list to ensure you are not allergic to any of it.
    • Check the shelf-life.
    • Go for shades that work well and complement your skin tone.
    • Do not go for two similar shades.
    • Check the return/exchange policy.
    • Don’t stray too far from your budget.

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    Q. Is lipstick crayon better than lipstick?

    A: Lip crayons are quite similar to lipsticks. They have the same function but come in different encasings and textures as well as formulas. Revlon’s lip crayon lipstick is the best lip crayon lipstick with a longer staying period. They can create for you the perfect base for a glossy lip. Build on the intensity as much as you prefer and you’re good to go.

    Q. Is crayon lipstick waterproof?

    A: Revlon doesn’t currently have a crayon lipstick collection that is waterproof. But there are ways to make do with what you have and make the formula even more matte to make it last longer. Simply follow tip #4 mentioned above.

    Q. Can we sharpen the lipstick crayon?

    A: The best thing about Revlon lipstick crayons is that they do not need to be sharpened, ever! That’s the best thing a time-conscious person as well as everyone else can buy. All you need to do is twist and you have all the product you need to apply over your lips.
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