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    About Lip Lacquer

    Lip lacquer is a great way to get luscious lips with the intense colour of lipstick and the glossy consistency of liquid lipstick. It is an amazing lip makeup product that is nourishing and gives the lips a richly pigmented colour.

    3 Reasons To Choose Lip Lacquer 

    • A lip shine lacquer can be used on its own and does not require the layering of lipstick. 
    • The lip lacquer meaning is that it does the job of a lip balm and lipstick perfectly because it is hydrating and super pigmented.
    • It is more long-lasting than a lip gloss and provides a glossy, shiny finish to your lips that is just irresistible.

    How To Use Lip Lacquer Lipstick Properly?

    • Just swipe it onto clean, dry lips for getting full coverage of the lacquer lipstick. 
    • For getting the perfect look, start with the bottom lip, do a lip smack and then apply the lacquer to the upper lip.

    How to Choose Lip Lacquer Lipstick Shade According to Skin Tone?

    • Wheatish Skin Tone: You can go for warm dusky lip lacquer shades such as brown, golden or copper, even a burgundy looks amazing.
    • Deep Skin Tone: Bright colours and dark tones suit you well, so you can go for deep reds, maroons, and purples.
    • Light skin tone: Go for subtle lip colours such as pink and lilac or go bold with a bright red shade.

    How To Remove Lip Lacquer Properly?

    • If your lip lacquer does not come off, you can apply some Vaseline to it and then wipe it off with a gentle swab.
    • You can also remove it using micellar water, which is gentle.

    2 Tips & Hacks About Lip Lacquer 

    • Apply the lip lacquer to your bottom lip first and spread it by pursing your lips together. Now apply again, this time on the upper lip, for a flawless and long-lasting look.
    • You need not wear any lip balm or lipstick with the lip lacquer as it hydrates, pigments and primes your lips!

    Things To Consider Before Buying Lip Lacquer 

    • Always consider your skin tone and type before choosing a lip lacquer and make sure it goes with your outfit or occasion.
    • We recommend doing a latch test to ensure the product is safe for you.

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    Q. How long does lip lacquer last?

    A: Lip lacquer lasts all day for around 8 hours and fades beautifully.

    Q. What is lip lacquer vs lip gloss?

    A: Lip lacquer is more long-lasting than lip gloss and is also super hydrating as you need not apply lip balm with it.

    Q. Does lip lacquer plump your lips?

    A: Yes, if applied correctly, a lacquer lipstick makes your lips look fuller.

    Q. What is lip shine lacquer?

    A: Lip shine lacquer is a type of lip product that is glossy, smooth and hydrating, as well as richly pigmented.

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