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    About Lip Tint

    The natural and weightless finish you need to bring your look together.

    Lip tints come in different forms but they all have the same function which is to provide your lips with a natural-looking, subtle tint. Different lip stains have different formulas and ingredients so the benefits you’re getting might differ from product to product. But the best lip tint should be a soft and natural shade that you can build on as you prefer.

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    What does a lip tint do?

    Lip tints add colour to your lips and can be used for other things as well as it is so multi-purpose. Lip stains give your lips a more natural look that feels and looks weightless and flawless. They are also long-lasting and can stay on for hours.

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    Reasons to choose lip tint

    The amazing benefits of Revlon’s lip stains are as follows:

    • They provide a natural tint to your lips.
    • They stay on for hours on end.
    • They have a pigment that you can build on.
    • They are comfortable to wear and easy to use.
    • They are infused with coconut that moisturises.

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    How to apply Lip Tint lipstick

    • Exfoliate your lips and pat dry.
    • Apply the lip stains directly to your lips.
    • You can rub your lips together or use your fingertip to spread the product.
    • For more pigment, add more lip tint.

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    4 Tips & Hacks about lip tint

    • You can use it as an eyeshadow.
    • You can use it as a cheek tint.
    • You can make it last longer by blotting it with some loose powder.
    • Begin application from the middle of your lips and work your way outwards.

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    How to remove lip tint properly?

    As mentioned earlier, there are different types of lip tints. Some lip tints cannot be removed but will fade away over a few days or weeks. Other lip tints can be removed in different ways with different products. Some of the ways include:

    • Micellar water.
    • Cleanser.
    • Wipes.
    • Facial oil.

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    Q. Is lip tint better than lipstick?

    A: Lip tints and lipstick are two very different products that have almost the same function. Some people may prefer one over the other, but lip tints stay on longer while lipsticks can easily get wiped off.

    Q. How long does a lip tint last?

    A: There are different types of lip tints. Some lip tints may last for days, maybe even weeks before they fade out completely. Others last for a few hours which makes it easy for you to switch out the colors as often as you like.

    Q. Is it okay to wear Lip tint every day?

    A: Yes, it is. Lip tints are like the perfect blend of lipsticks and lip gloss. They offer your lips enough pigment that you can choose to build up on the intensity. But it is also lightweight and feels as well as looks very natural.

    Q. Does lip tint make your lips look bigger?

    A: It depends on how you prep your lips before you wear lip tints. For a more natural look, you may skip out on the lip liner, but a good lip scrub prior may add volume to your pout. If you’re handy with a lip liner, then you can also work the magic of creating the illusion of a bigger lip.
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