Overview of Lipstick

    Lipstick is a go-to part of any makeup kit and is used by women for ages for highlighting and defining their lips. It is an important makeup product that instantly changes your look from dull to diva and gives you that quick fix you need. Makeup lipstick is used to define your lips and certainly brightens your smile when applied in the right shade and manner. It also speaks a lot about our personality and expresses what we truly think of ourselves. It is the only tool that can complete your look in one single stroke, and make you look glamorous and desirable! 

    History of Makeup Lipstick

    Did you know that until almost the 19th century, most makeup lipsticks were made at home, using carmine dye extracted from insects? French perfumers invented the first commercially made makeup lipstick in 1884. This makeup lipstick was made from a blend of deer tallow, beeswax and vegetable or seed oil. Makeup lipstick was not offered in the metal or plastic tubes that we have today. Instead, it was packaged in paper tubes, little pots, or paper wrappers. Around 1912, the open use of cosmetics was widespread among stylish ladies in Western culture. In 1911, metal lipstick tubes were introduced, making it easier for ladies to retouch their makeup lipstick while on the move. 

    Red lipstick has gone through various transformations as a symbol. Red lipstick was a prestige symbol for the wealthy elite in both ancient Egypt and Elizabethan England. Between the Renaissance and the end of the nineteenth century, the prominent use of cosmetics was associated with actresses and prostitutes rather than respectable women in the Western world. Wearing red lipstick was viewed as an act of female rebellion in the early twentieth century, after decades of male control prohibiting the use of cosmetics. In fact, crimson lipstick was a favorite of the suffragettes. Now its use is widespread and it is a favorite among women all across the world. 

    Revlon Lipstick Collection Online

    Creamy Lipstick

    Check out our best Revlon lipstick online, the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, which provides the ultimate creamy and lush application. This creme finish makeup lipstick is available in 41 stunning shades of red, pink, brown and nude. This is one of our best-selling lipsticks that is super popular for its amazing high-impact color and moisturizing formula. To make the shades more vibrant, we use microfine pigments in the makeup lipstick, which also keeps the high-quality lipstick lightweight. The formula is infused with vitamin E and avocado oil to make it more nourishing and hydrating.

    Matte Lipstick

    Our range of matte finish lipstick includes The Luscious Mattes, Ultra HD Matte Lip Color and Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse. You will find high-quality lipstick online shopping in India in our matte lipstick collection. The best thing about matte lip color is its non-transfer and smudge-proof properties. Revlon’s collection of mattes is the best one yet and will surely amp up your makeup kit. The Luscious Matte lipstick is infused with Agave, Moringa Oil and Cupuacu butter for the right hydration. This is how you can get a matte long-lasting lipstick waterproof without dryness and drag.

    Glossy Lipstick

    If you are looking for truly glossy and shiny makeup lipstick, you can go for the Revlon Colorstay Overtime, which gives you a luxurious lip color that lasts for several hours. Get this super glossy liquid lip color that just won’t quit on you no matter where you may be! Although it is loaded with slick color, it is absolutely kiss-proof, smudge-free and hydrating with the goodness of vitamin E. Other options to buy long-stay lipstick that is glossy include the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick and Liquid Lipsticks.

    Liquid Lipstick

    Revlon offers a spectacular collection of liquid lipsticks such as the Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish and the Colorstay Satin Ink Liquid Lip Color. These liquid lip products provide glossy, slick, bold and intense color that makes you a cut above the rest. Buy high-quality lipstick online shopping from Revlon and experience smudge-proof makeup lipstick application in a single stroke. The Satin Ink liquid lip color is available in 14 shades of red, pink and brown. Choose from our variety of liquid lipsticks and buy your favorite today.

    Choose Your Lipstick According To Your Skin Tone

    - Dusky skin tone

    If you have a dusky skin tone, you can experiment with several shades and be surprised to find that many suit your complexion! The best hues for the dusky skin tone are red, maroon, cherry, magenta and more. Such medium to dark shades go very well with a dusky skin tone and bring out your best features. Even nude lipstick can work well for you unless it’s too light in color. From Revlon’s collection of makeup lipsticks, the shades that you can opt for are Toast of New York, Love Is On, Bombshell Red, Queenly Me, It is Royal and many more. 

    - Light skin tone

    One of the best shades for bright skin is a light color like a reddish pink. Subtle colors like light pink also look appealing when you have a casual event to go to. Some bold shades of red also look amazing when applied in the right manner. Matte makeup lipsticks are an ideal choice as these give an intense smudge-free color. Go for the shades such as Wild Thoughts, Heartbreaker, Cherries in The Snow, Dare To Be Nude and more.

    - Wheatish skin tone

    Women with wheatish skin can wear bold shades of red, deep pink, brown and purple. You can pull off these stunning shades effortlessly and look glamorous while doing so! Go for shades like Delectable, Queenly Me, Seductive Sienna and Retro Red.

    Tips & Hacks About Lipstick

    • Exfoliate your lips before applying makeup lipstick. This will make sure your lips are thoroughly clean and smooth, which will help in easy application.
    • After exfoliation, hydrate your lips with a nourishing lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and prevent cracks and flaking post application.
    • If you want fuller lips, all you need to do is prime your lips with a good concealer that matches your skin tone and then lightly overdraw the high-quality lipstick on the cupid’s bow and on the bottom area of your lips. Preferably use one with a pointed tip to help in easy overdrawing. 
    • Sometimes you don’t need your high-quality lipstick to last very long and you may need to remove your long-wear makeup lipstick after coming back home. An easy way to do this is by applying a balm or oil on your lips instead of washing it off. 

    Do's and Don’ts for Creamy Lipstick:

    Here are some hacks and things to avoid while using creamy lipstick that will help in making it last longer and look creamier. 

    • Double up and use your concealer as your lip primer before applying makeup lipstick. This will not only help in making your lips look fuller, but also help in making the makeup lipstick stay for a longer time.
    • After applying makeup lipstick, take a tissue and press it between your lips to remove the excess lip color. This is a trick most makeup artists swear by. Put translucent powder on your lips through the tissue paper and then apply your final coat of color at the center of your lips. This will help in sealing your creamy lipstick.

    Do's and Don’ts for Matte Lipstick:

    Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do while using matte lipstick:

    • Do exfoliate your lips at least twice or thrice a week. 
    • Don’t skip prepping your lips with the right concealer, foundation and primer. 
    • Don’t forget to use a proper lip liner to increase the sharpness and time for your lipstick. 
    • Revlon’s lipsticks are easily applied by a single stroke, so you need not go for too many layers, which will make the matte lipstick feel heavy on your lips
    • Matte lipsticks tend to resist coming off with water, which is why you need to remove it gently with an oil-based cleanser.
    • Lastly, keep your lips hydrated to prevent them from getting dry after applying the matte lipstick.

    Do's and Don’ts for Glossy Lipstick:

    • Prep your lips by exfoliating and applying lip balm. Exfoliation can mean just rubbing your lips with a damp towel beforehand. 
    • The best way to apply glossy lipsticks is to just put a little bit in the middle of your bottom lip and then put your lips together to spread it evenly. This will prevent the excess application of makeup lipstick.

    Do's and Don’ts for Liquid Lipstick

    • After applying the first layer of makeup lipstick, wait for sometime till it dries before applying the second layer.
    • In case of dry/chapped lips, apply lip balm beforehand to keep your lips moisturized and help the makeup lipstick glide through easily.
    • You may apply lip liner before applying a matte liquid lipstick for finer application
    • Apply a thin layer of foundation on your lips beforehand to help in the even application of the liquid lipstick.

    What You Need To Know Before Buying Long Lasting Lipstick Online India

    • Keep in mind the shades that suit your skin tone and buy accordingly. Our skin complexion or type looks better with some shades than others. It is important to check out all the available shades of makeup lipstick and figure out how they would look on your skin.
    • Try out different shades. Some people feel comfortable with one shade and always stick to that one. But you should also experiment because you never know what shade may suit you in the most stunning way!
    •  Always check if you are ordering or buying the original product of any particular brand. Do not let replicas fool you, because there are so many duplicates in the market with low prices and less quality. 
    • Choose high-quality lipsticks that hydrate your lips and have moisturizing ingredients. This will ensure your lips do not dry out through the day

    Lipstick Shades According To Your Zodiac Sign

    • Aries- Red for assertive and bold
    • Taurus- Cocoa for earthiness and warmth
    • Aquarius- Blue for iridescent, quirky and cool
    • Gemini- Peach for someone unique
    • Cancer- Pink for sensitive, perky and one with positive vibes
    • Leo- Gold for the fearless and the ones who aren't afraid to try something new
    • Virgo- Orange for honesty and transparency
    • Libra- Coral for happiness, balance and calm
    • Scorpio- Purple for the ones who enjoy attention and adoration
    • Capricorn- Brown for the classic lovers
    • Sagittarius- Plum for the ones who stand out in a crowd
    • Pisces- Pop pink for the sensational ones!

    How to Apply Lipstick Flawlessly Every Single Time

    Here are some foolproof tips to apply lipstick perfectly every time.

    • Thoroughly clean and exfoliate your lips.
    • Hydrate them with the help of a moisturizing lip balm
    • Prime your lips by using a lip primer, concealer and powder
    • Now apply lip liner to make sure your lip colour stays within the boundaries
    • Apply the lipstick either directly or with your fingertip in the center of your bottom lip and then spread by rubbing your lips
    • Fix the lip color by taking tissue paper and pressing your lips against it to remove excess color. Now put some powder on your lips through the paper, remove it and then reapply the last layer of makeup lipstick.

    Why Choose Revlon

    Revlon is one the leading makeup brands that formulate brilliant makeup products for women. We offer products ranging from skincare, haircare, fragrances, lip makeup, eye makeup, face makeup, charlie spray and nail makeup. You can explore our collection and find high-quality products with safe and powerful ingredients that do their job in perfect harmony and keep you looking as glamorous as ever!

    Lipstick Price List -

    Lipsticks                                                                    Price

    Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick      -        ₹799

    Colorstay Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick  -       ₹999


    Q. Which is the best high-quality lipstick?

    A: One of the best lipsticks is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, which is also one of our most popular lip makeup products. It is formulated with hydrating ingredients such as avocado oil that will keep your lips moisturised.

    Q. Which lipstick lasts upto 16 hours?

    A: If you are looking for a long-wear lipstick, you should check out our ColorStay collection in which the ColorStay satin ink liquid lipstick stays for upto 16 hours.

    Q. How do you wear lipstick all day?

    A: You must hydrate your lips beforehand when wearing lipstick all-day, as it will prevent your lipstick from cracking. You can try the ColorStay satin ink liquid lipstick that stays for upto 16 hours.

    Q. Is it OK to wear lipstick everyday?

    A: A lipstick is the ideal option to keep your lips hydrated and looking glam all day, especially when you have safe and high-quality lipsticks from Revlon by your side.

    Q. What is the purpose of lipstick?

    A: Lipsticks are used to highlight the lip shape and enhance its color. It also makes you stand out and look stunning in all kinds of occasions.

    Q. Are Revlon lipsticks smudge-proof?

    A: Yes, Revlon's lipsticks are completely smudge-proof and kissproof, so you can easily wear them to a party or to work without worrying about runny lip color.

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