Liquid Foundation

About Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is a godsend for those with dry skin and gives you a glowy appearance that looks beautiful. Revlon's liquid foundation makeup is a great tool to use as a base after your primer and provides an even-toned look to your skin.

4 Benefits of Using Liquid Foundation

  • Liquid foundations are suitable for all skin types.
  • They help give your skin a smooth and even-toned look.
  • They help cover blemishes and scars and give you clearer-looking skin.
  • They contain hydrating ingredients that help moisturise the skin and make it look healthy.

How to Use Liquid Foundation According to Skin Type

  • Liquid foundation for oily skin: For those with oily skin, you need to make sure you are only applying a little bit of liquid foundation and focus on areas that require more coverage. Set it with a powder after application.
  • Liquid foundation for dry skin: Apply liquid foundation generously on your face. You may mix it with an oil to provide an even more glowy look.
  • Liquid foundation for combination skin: Apply a small amount of foundation and finish with a powder for setting.

How to Use Liquid Foundation Makeup Properly 

  • Dot your liquid foundation makeup on your face.
  • Dab some setting spray on your makeup sponge and blend the foundation evenly on your skin by bouncing it all over your face.

Tips & Hacks About Liquid Foundation 

  • Always start with a primer and make sure the base of your foundation is the same as that of your makeup primer.
  • Use a sponge to blend your foundation effortlessly.
  • Apply some foundation on your ears as well, as the difference may be noticeable if your ears are visible.
  • Set your foundation with a setting spray before applying other products.

Things To Consider Before Buying Liquid Foundation 

  • Know your skin type and choose a foundation base that will suit your skin, such as oily or dry or a combination.
  • Figure out what shade works best for your skin tone and choose accordingly. 
  • Consider the liquid foundation price and ingredients before buying.
  • Always perform a patch test on your neck before applying foundation on your face.

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Q. What is the difference between a foundation and a liquid foundation?

A: A liquid foundation has a thinner consistency and is made with an oily or watery base.

Q. Which skin is suitable for liquid foundation?

A: Liquid foundation can be applied to all types of skin, as it gives a glowy look.

Q. How do I choose a foundation for beginners?

A: Go for the Revlon waterproof liquid foundation that will give you an easy application and flawless results, especially if you are a beginner.

Q. Can I apply liquid foundation directly?

A: First, clean your face, moisturise, apply primer and then follow with a foundation.

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