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    Elevate your beauty game with Revlon's high-definition makeup products. From flawless foundations to vibrant lip colors and everything in between, our collection is designed to enhance your natural beauty. With Revlon, you can achieve that perfect, camera-ready look. Explore our wide range of cosmetic and beauty products online in India, and experience the difference of HD makeup from Revlon.

    About Makeup

    When it comes to the benefits of wearing makeup and using HD makeup products, the pros exceed beyond just making you look good. Makeup is a tool that enhances confidence, makes you appreciate yourself, and highlights your best features. Makeup sees no boundaries of age or gender and anyone can transform HD makeup products into a radiant tool for confidence and beauty. Makeup has been around for more than 7000 years and has been transforming rapidly. You can never underestimate the power of flawless makeup and the boost of self-esteem and personality it delivers.

    What Do You Mean By Makeup?

    Makeup, also known as cosmetics, are synthetically or naturally derived compounds that are applied to the face or lips to conceal blemishes, enhance your natural features, and change the appearance or color of the face to one's liking. Cosmetics can therefore have a wide range of functions and those designed for skincare are solely meant to enhance the health of the skin, whereas commercial cosmetics are used to highlight your best features, among other uses. These can range from lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation to moisturiser and sunscreen.

    Types of Makeup

    Makeup can have several different forms, and these depend on which part of the body they are applied to. There can also be different types of makeup in terms of powder-based makeup, water-based makeup, mineral makeup, etc. But the main types of makeup are face makeup, lips makeup, eye makeup, and nail makeup. Explore Revlon's exclusive collections of HD makeup products online in India.

    Face Makeup


    Foundation can be in liquid, cream, or powder form that is applied to your face and neck to give even colour, changing the natural skin tone and covering certain blemishes. Revlon's foundation consists of Touch & Glow Makeup, ColorStay Makeup for Normal To Dry Skin SPF 20, Photoready Two Way Foundation SPF, ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup, ColorStay Makeup for Oily to Combination Skin SPF 15, Photoready SPF powder and Nearly Naked pressed powder.

    Also, read 11 reasons to wear foundation.


    Concealer is a thick formulation that hides blemishes, age spots, dark circles, and more by blending these imperfections into the skin. Revlon offers ColorStay Full Coverage concealer, Fair(Revlon Colorstay skin awaken 5-in-1 concealer), and Revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken 5-in-1 concealer.


    Buy a highlighter online from Revlon and get that charming glow you desire. A highlighter not only attracts light and enhances radiance, it also enhances skin tone and lifts your look. Buy our highlighting palette and elevate your makeup.

    • BLUSH

    Who doesn't need a little colour to the cheeks on a special occasion? A Revlon powder blush is all you need to make your cheeks flush ever so subtly on a special night. 

    Lips Makeup


    Lipstick is an omnipresent tool in every woman's purse. However, you may not always have the right lipstick you need all the time. Revlon's collection of lipsticks gives you all the shades you want and more. These smudge-proof and long-lasting lipsticks give a deeply pigmented colour for a truly elegant look. We have Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Super Lustrous- The Luscious Mattes, ColorStay Satin Ink Liquid Lip Color, Matte Balm, Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish and ColorStay LipLiner.


    If you prefer a glossy look over the matte look, you can always get a liquid lipstick that is quick and easy to apply. Just one stroke and you are ready to face the day. The Colorstay Satin Ink crown jewel, Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousses Hyper Matte, Ultra HD Matte Lip Color, Colorstay Overtime Lip colour, and many more luxurious products await you in our lip colour section.


    Many makeup artists believe that lip liner is the key to getting your lip makeup right. It is a good tool to keep your lip makeup inside your lips and prevent leaking. It also gives a neater look. Try the ColorStay LipLiner for a finer and more defined look.

    Eyes Makeup


    Eye makeup is what gives the final face makeup look a dramatic touch. An eyeliner can make or break your eye makeup, which is why you need the best quality product out there. ColorStay Liquid Liner, ColorStay Liquid Pen, Revlon So Fierce Vinyl EyeLiner, Fabuliner and Revlon So Fierce Chrome Ink Liquid Liner are our most popular eyeliners that are easy to apply and last for a long time. 

    • KAJAL

    Revlon kajal is an important part of our basic makeup items that highlight the best features of your eyes. It brings out the spark in your eye, especially Revlon's 24HR Kajal, Kohl kajal, and ColorStay One stroke defining eyeliner Kajal and more.

    Nails Makeup


    Get your nail makeup on point with our exclusive nail polish. These stellar shades by Revlon will leave everyone in awe of your awesome nail art! Get any kind of nail enamel you want including shiny, matte, and glossy shades. ColorStay Nail Envy Long Wear Nail Enamel, Revlon Nail Enamel, and Ultra HD Snap Nail Polish are our best nail polish products.

    Beneficial Reasons for Using Revlon HD Makeup Products

    Here are some reasons why you absolutely cannot miss Revlon's makeup range and why it is beneficial for you:

    • High-Quality Products That Meet Global Standards: 

    Revlon is a leading and world-renowned makeup brand that is loved by all its customers for its well-formulated products. Our lipsticks and foundations have been appreciated by makeup enthusiasts the world over! This is why we only intend to maintain our flair and keep up this high quality. You can trust our products to be everything you want them to be and more.

    • Highly Pigmented Shades of Lipsticks:

    When we think of lip makeup, lipsticks and liquid lip colour come to mind, which is always meant to be bold and eye-catching. Our wide range of lipstick shades has intense shades as well as nude and lighter ones, all of which give a deep colour to your lips.

    • Skin-Friendly Formulations:

    All our hd makeup products, especially those applied on the face are made with Skin-Friendly ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. Our foundation, concealer, primer and other makeup items can be used safely by people with sensitive skin. 

    How To Use Basic Makeup Items Properly

    If you are looking for a quick guide to applying makeup, we are here with some basic dos and don'ts and a simple makeup routine that will work for you.

    • The first thing you must do is put on some moisturiser and nourish your skin for all the makeup to come. Then you can apply primer to prepare your skin for makeup and make it last longer. 
    • Apply some foundation with your fingers or brush and evenly spread it. You can then use concealer at the places you require more coverage. 
    • You can then use some bronzer or highlighter to contour your face and lift your cheeks. Highlighters should be applied wherever you want more attention. 
    • Now move to the eyes and use an eyeshadow of your choice, after which you can go for eyeliner. Create the look you want with Revlon eyeliner and Kajal.
    • Apply a lip balm followed by lip liner on your lips before going for the lipstick. Now spread some lip colour and lip gloss as per the look you're going for.

    Tips & Hacks About Basic Makeup Items

    • While putting on foundation, if you want thin or sheer coverage, spread it with your fingers. Whereas, if you want full coverage go for a brush application.
    • If you don't want your facial hair to make an appearance after applying foundation, make sure to apply it in a downward direction, avoiding the prominent look of the facial hair.
    • A concealer should always be applied in a conical pattern under the eyes, which makes for an effortlessly natural look and easy blending.
    • You can apply your blush under the foundation for a naturally flushed look.
    • Apply blush in a triangular pattern over your cheekbones to get a more natural look.
    • If you are having difficulty getting your eyeliner straight on your eyelid (all of us do), then just draw some dots and dashes with the eyeliner and then join them for an effortless look.
    • Use an eyeshadow of the same shade as eyeliner to set it in place.
    • Apply lip liner before applying lipstick to keep your lipstick from moving around.

    Things To Consider Before Buying HD Makeup Products Online In India

    • Always know your skin type before buying hd makeup products. Sometimes, some hd makeup products can aggravate sensitive skin issues, like making dry skin even drier.
    • Buy hd makeup products online as per your skin tone. Different shades of lipsticks, foundation, concealers etc suit different skin tones. This is why you need to be careful about picking the one right for your skin.
    • Always go for a patch test before choosing to buy any makeup product for the skin. You never know which ingredient may cause skin irritation.
    • When buying a foundation, you need to know the function of the different types of foundation. Loose powder and pressed powder are the two major types of foundation. A loose powder set is used to ensure a long-lasting makeup application, while a pressed powder is used to touch up on the go. 

    Buy HD Makeup Products Online at Revlon

    Revlon has a wide variety of hd makeup products for face makeup, lips makeup, eyes makeup and nails makeup. These high-quality hd makeup products for oily skin and hd makeup products for dry skin are suitable for all skin types. They are made keeping in mind global standards, which is why you get an astonishing variety in all the different categories of hd makeup products online. Buy the best makeup products in India from Revlon and get everything you desire, from the best bridal looks and wedding makeup to date night makeovers!

    Check Out Other Hair Care, Skincare And Fragrance Products 

    Apart from hd makeup products online, we have a wide range of skincare, hair care and fragrance products as well:

    Our skincare products include Advanced Radiance face wash, face toner, face serum, glow cream, moisturising lotion and more.

    Get shampoo online from Revlon and experience thick and luscious hair from the roots. We also have conditioners online to keep your tresses smooth and shiny. You can buy hair colour online from Revlon in different shades that last long and gives your hair the makeover you want.

    Fragrance Product online:

    Check out our premium fragrance collection which includes exclusive perfumes and body sprays.

    Why Choose Revlon

    Revlon is one of the leading global cosmetic brands and has acquired a stellar brand name for its basic makeup items. We have a wide variety of basic makeup items for the face, lips, eyes and nails, along with some skincare, haircare and fragrance products. All these products are made keeping in mind the global standards and utmost customer satisfaction. Our goal is to create and maintain basic makeup items that exude elegance and charm, and are liked by all our users. You can trust Revlon for our premium products and the high-quality process that goes into making them.

     Makeup Price List 

    Makeup                                         Price

    Loose Finishing Powder   -  ₹1315

    Colorstay UV primer         -        ₹1425

    Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeline - ₹750

    Colorstay® Brow Pencil -                ₹1095

    Colorstay ® One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Kajal - ₹710

    Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - ₹350

    ColorStay™ Lipliner -                 ₹810

    Fabuliner® -                                           ₹580

    Colorstay Not Just Nudes™ - ₹995

    ColorStay ™ Full coverage concealer - ₹699

    Revlon ® Powder Blush -                                       ₹885

    Touch & Glow™ Moisturising Powder - ₹515

    Nearly Naked™ Pressed Powder -                  ₹799

    ColorStay Whipped™ Creme Makeup - ₹1285

    ColorStay™ Pressed Powder -                         ₹1285

    Revlon ColorStay ® Makeup for Normal to dry Skin SPF20 - ₹1285

    Colorstay™ Liquid Eye Pen - ₹1100

    Revlon ColorStay ® Makeup for Oily to Combination Skin SPF 15 - ₹1285

    So Fierce!™ Mascara -        ₹1095

    Touch & Glow™ Makeup - ₹399

    Revlon® Colorstay Overtime™ Lip Color - ₹1300

    Photoready™ Two Way Powder Foundation SPF 20/PA++ - ₹1800

    Nearly Naked™ Makeup - ₹849

    Revlon ® Matte Balm -           ₹1095

    Revlon Kiss™ Cushion Lip Tint - ₹980

    Colorstay® Liquid liner - ₹840

    Water Tight® Mascara - ₹540

    Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish™ - ₹1250

    Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse™ Hyper Matte - ₹1250

    Colorstay Gel Envy™ Long Wear Nail Enamel - ₹399

    Revlon® Nail Enamel - ₹249

    Revlon Colorstay Look Book Palette™ - ₹1450

    Revlon® Super Lustrous® Lipstick - ₹799

    Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Bold Matte) - ₹699

    Revlon Ultra HD® Matte Lip Color - ₹1250

    Kohl Kajal - ₹235

    Super Lustrous™ The Luscious Mattes - ₹799

    Revlon® Colorstay® Full Cover Foundation - ₹1095





    Super Lustrous Combo - ₹2097

    Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Liquid Lip Color - ₹999

    Revlon Highlighting Palette - ₹1350

    ColorStay Blot Setting Powder - ₹1350

    ColorStay SatinInk™ Crown Jewels - ₹999



    Q: Why should I wear makeup?

    A: The purpose of wearing makeup is not only to enhance your appearance but also to boost confidence and highlight your best features. You can think of makeup as an art or a tool that enhances your beauty.

    Q: How long should you wear makeup?

    A: You can wear Revlon makeup all day, thanks to its skin-friendly ingredients and safe formulations.

    Q: How many types of makeup are there?

    A: There are broadly four types of makeup, namely face makeup, eyes makeup, lips makeup and nails makeup.

    Q: What makeup do I put on first?

    A: After putting on moisturiser, the first makeup you should put on is your primer, to prepare your skin for makeup after which you can apply foundation.

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