Powder Foundation


    Overview of Powder Foundation

    Powder foundation is exactly what the name depicts. It is one of the most used face makeup product=’/ in the makeup industry and would help you achieve an airbrushed look if it’s what you’re going for.

    Makeup products like powder foundation can be layered with other similar products, or in this case, other types of foundation like liquid, cream, etc. So, you can choose to double up on the coverage with powder foundation or to get that mattifying finish. But you can simply stick to using powder foundation when you want a natural, soft coverage for an everyday look.

    There are different things to consider when looking for the best powder foundation online and you need to know the right way to use it to get the best out of the product. Below, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Revlon powder foundation including how to use it accompanied with tips and hacks to help.

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    What Is a Powder Foundation?

    Powder foundation is a type of foundation that comes in a powdered formula with light to medium coverage and a mattifying finish. Our powder foundation gives you a natural and mattifying finish and is the best powder foundation online.

    Just like foundation, powder foundation comes in different shades and you have to find one or two that are your exact shade or closest to your shade. It requires the same application process as any type of foundation.

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    Benefits of Using Revlon Powder Foundation

    • The Revlon photo-ready foundation with SPF 20/PA+++ is a powder foundation with photochromic pigment. This means that the colour changes when it is exposed to sun or certain levels of UV and protects your skin in doing so.
    • It has a smooth formula that gives you a flawless and poreless finish that looks airbrushed no matter the lighting.
    • This powder foundation is oil-free and fragrance-free which is great to promote a mattifying finish.
    • The soft matte and luminous finish this formula provides comes with SPF 20 which is added protection for your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
    • Powder foundation is great for oily skin types to remove traces of sheen and mattify the skin.

    How To Choose Powder Foundation According To Skin Tone

    The most important thing when choosing a shade of foundation is your skin tone. Right now, Revlon powder foundation is available in four different shades. You need to know which shade is a match or close to your shade before making the purchase. Knowing your skin tone and shade of products to use varies from brand to brand. So, figure out which shade of Revlon powder foundation would work best for you.

    1. Light Skin Tone:

    This is the lightest shade of powder foundation and we have a couple of selections for you. The shades of natural beige and natural ochre would suit most people with this skin tone.

    2. Medium Skin Tone:

    There are also a couple of shades of Revlon powder foundation for this skin tone. The shade buff borders between light and medium skin tones. The other shade is medium beige which would suit people with medium skin tones.

    3. Dusky (Deep) Skin Tone:

    Revlon currently has no shade of powder foundation for this skin tone.

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    How to Use Powder Foundation Properly

    • Just like you’re applying your foundation, you need to prep your skin first.
    • To prep your skin, go through your skincare routine and then a face primer.
    • When applying the Revlon powder foundation, ensure you press it into your face rather than swipe it.
    • Use the application it comes with or something similar like a beauty blender.
    • For fuller coverage, dampen your sponge and go with it over your face in a pressing motion.
    • For a softer coverage or touch-up, use the sponge or a brush.

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    6 Tips & Hacks About Powder Foundation

    1. Layer up with a powder foundation. Use it like a setting powder to set your face after applying your foundation and other makeup products.
    2. You can choose to go over your T-zone with a powder foundation to mattify your skin and get rid of any shine on your face.
    3. You can use powder foundation to hide dark circles by setting your eye concealer with it after brightening areas on your face that need it.
    4. You can get a darker shade of powder foundation and use it as a contour.
    5. Using a brush to apply powder foundation lightly on your face will give you a light airbrushed finish.
    6. Just like any other type of foundation, you need to apply it down your neck to allow it to blend smoothly into your skin and prevent any harsh lines or differences.

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    Q. Is powder foundation good to use?

    A: Yes, it is. Powder foundation can be used for various things from providing a soft and matte finish, to an airbrushed, full coverage depending on how it is used.

    Q. Is it okay to use powder foundation every day?

    A: Powder foundation is great to be used for an everyday makeup look as it is easy to apply. The lightweight powder formula allows you to go from light coverage to medium coverage with just a few pats.

    Q. What comes first; primer or powder foundation?

    A: Primer comes first when applying a foundation of any type. Primer helps to reduce the appearance of your pores by smoothing and blurring them. This allows your foundation to go on smoothly and reduces the appearance of your pores through your makeup.

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