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    Purple Lipstick – The Universally Flattering Lipstick Shade for Medium to Dusky Skin Tones

    Lipsticks are every woman’s weakness. No matter how many you own, you cannot resist buying new ones, right? But sometimes you do get conscious about the lipstick shades and wonder if red of pink will suit you– especially if you have a medium to dusky skin tone. Purple colour lipstick is a universally flatter lip shade that is perfect for anyone with a medium or dark skin tone.  Purple matte lipstick shades are perfect for special occasions when you want to sport a bold makeup look. Purple colour lipstick with a cool undertone can complement your skin tone whether you are wheatish or dusky.

     Why are Purple Lipstick Shades so Popular?

    Just like fashion makeup trends keep changing. While red lips are an evergreen classic look, purple colour lipstick shades have become widespread and common among different celebrities sporting them for fashion events and on social media. Purple colour lipstick suits perfectly well on all kinds of skin tones making it popular among Indians who have a range of skin tones. You can sport purple lipstick shades on various occasions like weddings, parties, events and even on date nights. Choose a Revlon dark purple lipstick for your makeup look and add it to your cart along with face makeup products and eye makeup products and be the star of the next party you attend.

    Collection of Purple Lipstick at Revlon

    Find a wide collection of purple colour lipstick online at Revlon for every occasion. From mattes to purple liquid lipstick you can find a lipstick of your choice. Buy Revlon purple colour lipstick online and get the pouty lip you always wanted.

    Let us take a look at all the dark purple lipstick shades available on the site.

    Purple Matte lipstick

    Like the non-fading matter formula lipsticks? Check out the following purple matte lipstick shades from different matte lipstick formulas at Revlon

    1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Bold Matte) - Daring Plum, Spirited Plum, Sassy Berry
    2. Super Lustrous™ The Luscious Mattes – Hot Date, Kiss & Tell, Show Off

    Purple Liquid lipstick

    A big fan of liquid lipsticks and their magic wand? We have the perfect purple liquid lipstick for you.

    1. Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Liquid Lip Color - Mauvey Darling, Your Majesty, Partner In Wine, Silky Sienna          
    2. Revlon® Colorstay Overtime™ Lip Color - Stay Currant, Nonstop Cherry, Relentless Raisin, Infinite Raspberry, Always Sienna
    3. ColorStay SatinInk™ Crown Jewels - Queen of Quartz, Regal Ruby,  Reigning Red, Royal Amethyst

    Purple Creme lipstick

    Like the creamy formula and smooth gliding lipstick? Try these purple colour lipstick shades.

    1. Revlon® Super Lustrous® Lipstick - Mad About Mauve, Naughty Plum, Vixen, Rum Raisin, Raisin Rage, Rose Wine, It Is Royal, Forward Magenta, Audacious Mauve, Purple Aura

    Purple Liquid matte lipstick

    Fan of liquid matte lipsticks? These purple colour lipstick shades will be perfect for you.

    1. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse™ Hyper Matte - Crimson Sky, Death Valley
    2. Revlon Ultra HD® Matte Lip Color - HD Addiction, HD Devotion

    Purple Vinyl Lip Polish

    Try the dark purple lipstick shades from the latest Revlon Vinyl Lip Polish collection.

    1. Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish™ - Berry Blissed, So Shady

    How to Choose Purple Lipstick Shades According to Skin Tone

    The first step in choosing the right purple lipstick shade is determining what skin tone you have. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of skin tones.

    • Fair Skin Tone - Coral, peach, nude, and dusty red are your go-to lipstick shades if you have fair or light skin. You can use Revlon purple colour lipstick for special occasions and bold makeup. Do not forget to get lip liner online for well-defined lips.
    • Medium to Wheatish Skin Tone - Berry, rose, cherry red, and mauve, purple are perfect choices for a medium skin tone.
    • Deep Skin Tone - Girls with a tan skin tone or a dusky skin tone can rock bright red, coral, and deep purple colour lipstick shades like plum, wine, and berry.

    How to use Purple Colour Lipstick

    While buying products for a makeup look ensure to get face foundation online, face concealer online, and lip makeup products like lipstick and lip liner.

    Follow these steps to use dark purple lipstick for any makeup look.

    1.       Even out your lips with a foundation and compact.
    2.       If you have pigmentation around your lips use a concealer to even them out
    3.       Use a lip liner to define your lips and fill the lips
    4.       Apply a purple lipstick of your choice.

    Tips & hacks about purple lipstick online

    Here are some tips and hacks to use purple colour lipstick the best way for any makeup look – whether you are wheatish or dusky or fair.

    1. If you have fair skin, you might look paler in contrast to deep purple lipstick. Use a bronzer in place of blush to contour your face.
    2. A purple lipstick shade is striking enough on its own. Go easy on eye makeup and keep the colours nude. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal and stand out with bold lips.  
    3. You can mix purple colour lipstick with a little pink to make your lip makeup look even bolder.

    How to remove purple lipstick properly

    Wondering how to remove dark lipstick easily? We are here to share tips for removing purple lipstick properly so that you don’t have any lip stains left before you retire for the day.

    1. Sometimes dark lip colours can be stubborn. Here are a few ways you can remove purple lipstick properly.
    2. Use the double cleansing method. Apply a few drops of almond oil and massage well to melt away all makeup and lipstick. Wipe the face a with cotton pad. Wash your face with a gel face wash.
    3. Use micellar water and a cotton pad to clean your lipstick. Wet a cotton pad with micellar water and place it on your lips for 5 seconds and wipe it off. Follow it with a face wash.
    4. Use an Eye and Lip Makeup Remover – Apply the remover on your lips with a cotton pad. Massage in circular motions and wipe off. Follow it up with a cream face wash depending on your skin type.

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    FAQs on Purple Lipstick

    Q. Is purple lipstick good for dark skin?

    A: Purple lipstick and berry-toned lipsticks are perfect for anyone with dusky or dark skin. Mauve plum and purple lipstick shades are also good for pigmented lips.

    Q. What undertones does purple have?

    A: Purple colour lipstick has a cool undertone. Plum shades, berry shades and mauve shades go well on medium to dark skin tones.

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