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    Red Lipstick: A Timeless Beauty Essential

    Red colour lipstick is one of the most loved shades of lipstick that looks incredibly bold and beautiful on everyone. All women own at least one shade of red lipstick that they love and cherish because it makes them look gorgeous. Revlon has an iconic collection of matte red lipstick shades that are smooth, velvety and easy to apply. These red lipsticks online will make you want to keep coming back for more! With amazing properties of non-transfer, hydrating, highly pigmented and non-drying, these red colour lipstick shades are sure to steal your heart and whoever sees you wearing it as well!

    Why is Red Colour Lipstick So Popular?

    Did you know that red lipstick has a lot of power and significant history behind it? It did not just originate for making your lips look pretty, but actually gained popularity as the women's rights movement spread worldwide! So it was a symbol of women's empowerment, and freedom of expression and depicted the strength of the feminine. And its popularity has only increased with time, because of its attractiveness to the eye and the appeal to women of all skin types and colours. It still helps women take control of their creative expression and looks chic, bold and defiant. It is super popular in recent trends as well and will always be!

    Different Red Lipstick Shades at Revlon

    Matte Red Lipstick 

    Matte lipstick is already a showstopper, and when you add this dazzling red to the mix, you cannot have a better combination! Revlon's Super Lustrous Bold Matte lipstick is all you need to give any occasion a special twist. Wear it to work parties, weddings and other events to steal the show and look your most enigmatic self. This red colour lipstick by Revlon offers high-impact colour along with long-lasting hydration that keeps your lips looking plump and juicy.

    Liquid Red Lipstick

    When you need to add even more glam to your look, all you need is some Liquid Lip colour by Revlon, especially with this bold red hue. It jazzes up your dull lips and adds charm to your entire makeup. Add some pop to your look with the best red colour lipstick by Revlon.

    Creme Red Colour Lipstick

    The Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick is all you are looking for. It is super creamy, and super pigmented and gives your lips some much-needed hydration with its velvety formula. It also protects against dryness and looks absolutely stunning for hours. You will get an electric red shade thanks to the microfine pigments present in the red lipstick

    How To Apply Red Lipstick Properly 

    Here are the steps to apply red colour lipstick ideally:

    • Exfoliate your lips which will help in sloughing the dead skin away.
    • Now apply some lip balm that will moisturise your lips.
    • Prefer to use a lip liner. This will help in preventing a mess and make for neater and plump-looking lips.
    • You can also use your liner to completely fill in your lips before applying lipstick. This creates a better base for the lipstick
    • Now apply the lipstick from the centre towards the outer boundary.

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    Red Lipstick Tips & Hacks

    • Finding the right red shade for your skin tone can be tricky, but just remember, you should always wear what makes you feel confident. However, you can choose a red shade with an underlying cooler tone for lighter skin and darker or brighter shades for dark skin.
    • You can use red lipstick as a blush to provide a reddish tint to your cheeks.
    • Red lipstick can also be used as a colour corrector in some areas of your face where you want to brighten your skin.
    • Red lipstick online also works as a nice eye tint.

    How To Remove Red Lipstick Shades

    • The easiest way to remove red lipstick is with a cotton pad and warm water. But this may not work well for long-lasting formulas.
    • Apply petroleum jelly to your lips and then remove the red lipstick.
    • If the colour has dried, apply some lip balm over it to loosen the colour and then remove the lip colour with a cotton pad.
    • Oils like coconut oil, almond oil etc can be used for removing stubborn colours.

    Common Mistakes With Red Lipstick 

    • Not preparing your lips for the lipstick and skipping the use of lip balm.
    • Not considering your skin tone while choosing your shade of red 
    • Not using a lip liner or not using it correctly.
    • Not choosing a long-lasting and hydrating lipstick that does not dry out your lips.

    Things To Consider Before Buying Red Lipstick Online

    • Always think of your skin's undertone and complexion before choosing a lipstick shade, as it can have a huge effect on how it compliments your skin.
    • Go for hydrating formulas enriched with certain nourishing ingredients that moisturise your lips along with providing intense colour.
    • You can also mix up different shades to create a unique makeup look, so maybe buy more than one shade.
    • Always do a patch test before applying any makeup product.

    Why choose Revlon

    Revlon is a leading makeup brand that has an iconic and legendary makeup range used by several celebrities, makeup artists and more. Our high-quality formulas are made with extensive research and experience of several years. It makes sure we remain the best in providing our customers with the luxurious beauty experience they desire.

    FAQs on Red Lipstick

    Q. Is red lipstick attractive to men?

    A: Red is the ultimate colour of the feminine, which is why it can be considered an attractive colour for men, and which is why red lipsticks with their bold appearance appeal to them.

    Q. Who should wear red lipstick?

    A: Anyone can wear red lipstick, but those who want to stand out, be seen and look stunning can wear it every day!

    Q. Does red lipstick suit dark skin?

    A: Red lipstick suits all skin colours, only you must be careful in selecting the shade of red for dark skin or light skin.

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