11 Dos & Don’ts Of Summer Makeup

When the temperature soars high and the sun shines brightly, it's time to change your makeup routine in order to prevent makeup from melting down your face. The ideal summertime makeup should be airy, dewy, and able to withstand the rigours of hot and humid weather. 

If you too have weddings, occasions or events lined up this summer season, this blog is here to help you with some quick and easy tips on dos and don’ts of summer season makeup. You can even follow these expert summer makeup tips for donning your routine makeup.

11 Do’s And Don’ts of Summer Season Makeup

  • Do: Start With Primer

In order to ensure that your summer season makeup stays smudge-proof while resisting humidity and harsh rays of the sun, put on a colorstay UV primer. The dry lumps and spots are smoothed down, which improves the way the foundation adheres to the skin. Primer helps you create a smooth surface for the makeup you are going to do ahead.

  • Dont: Forget To Moisturise

Just because it’s hot outside and you are going to sweat a lot, doesn’t give you the freedom to skip moisturiser. Before wearing any summer season makeup, moisturising thoroughly ensures that makeup will appear flawless and last for a long time. Along with keeping your skin hydrated, it's critical to safeguard it against the sun's damaging rays. Choose an SPF moisturising lotion if you want to avoid taking extra steps with a thick sunscreen.

  • Do: Follow Less Is More Rule

The best summer makeup tip is "Less is More" if you don't want your makeup to look overly cakey or wrinkled. 

  • Dont: Apply Heavy Lipstick

The thought of wearing anything heavy during summer seems frightening. And the same hold true for thick lipsticks. One of the best choices you make this season can be to switch to matte lipsticks for your regular lipsticks. With a tint of your matte no shimmer lipstick, you can give your lips a healthy-looking appearance.

  • Do: Apply Setting Powder

Setting powder will serve you well in two ways: first, it will help you get crease-free makeup, especially under the eyes; and second, it will help you set your makeup and even out the tone of your skin.

  • Dont: Ignore Your Lips

Your lips are subjected to the same abrasive UV radiation as your skin. The time has come to take care of your lips' sensitive skin if you've been ignoring it. Exfoliate your lips once a week and apply a moisturising Revlon kiss cushion lip tint to protect your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

  • Do: Apply Smudge-Free Eye Makeup

Make sure to apply smudge-proof eye makeup, especially if the area around your eyes is oily. Try Revlon’s 24-hr kajal and watertight mascara.

  • Dont: Put Heavy Foundations

Pick a lightweight powder foundation when it comes to summertime. Since they are less likely to melt or come off in the heat, wearing lightweight makeup products will make you appear more youthful and natural.

  • Do: Focus On Summer Skincare 

Healthy skin is the basis for a stunning summer-season makeup look. Prioritise your skincare regimen by washing your face twice daily, exfoliating weekly to remove dead skin cells, and moisturising to maintain hydration.

  • Do: Focus On Dewy Glow

Incorporate highlighter makeup into your summertime beauty regimen to enjoy a sun-kissed radiance. Use a highlighter to subtly draw attention to your cheekbones, brow bones, and nose bridge for a radiant and luminous appearance. Highlighters give your skin a healthy and natural glow.

  • Do: Go Neutral

Go for neutral shades in place of darker ones, and add shimmers for an added pop. For a pleasant, fresh look, whether you're treating your lips or your eyes, pick neutral hues and a subtle, moisturising lip tint or gloss. The summer look is made ideal with a dash of a highlighter.

With the above fruitful do’s and don’ts in summer season makeup, you don’t have to plan a hideout from the sun, just keep these summer makeup tips in mind whenever there is an occasion to attend. If you are finding it hard to get the best summer-season makeup products, check out Revlon’s amazing range of skincare products and hair care products here.

Get Ready To Slay In Summer!

Frequently Asked Questions on Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Makeup

Q. How can I protect my makeup in summer?

A: The best way to protect your summer season makeup is by following the list of various dos and don’ts of summer makeup. In short, give utmost attention to skincare, apply a face primer, follow the less is more rule, say bye to heavy formulations and stay hydrated.

Q. Why should you not wear heavy makeup in the summer?

A: Putting on heavy summer season makeup might clog your pores making your skin prone to acne and other issues. Also, heavy layers of makeup have a high chance of melting down due to excess sweating. 

Q. Is powder makeup good for summer?

A: Yes, powder makeup is considered good for summer-season makeup.