11 Top Summer Makeup Trends for 2023

When it's all bright and shiny outside, you have started renovating your wardrobe with some breezy hues and floral prints, it’s time to amp up your summer makeup game as well. Thinking of what summer makeup trends to follow to change the look? This blog is for you. We have come up with XX trending summer makeup looks inspired by famous models around the world. Come check’em out!

11 Summer Makeup Trends For 2023

  • Pop-coloured Eyes

Making the simple transition from your usual black liner to a vibrant one will quickly elevate your appearance. Try more of pastels and neons across lash lines or completely cover your eyes with vibrant colour pop eyeshadows. Try creating the look with Revlon’s Colorstay Not Just Nude Eyeshadow Palette.

  • Underpainting Makeup

Underpainting, made popular by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, is a summer makeup look in which you draw on your blush and contour underneath your foundation. It has been going viral on TikTok for months as the reason why celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber's makeup looks so blended. It's the finest summer makeup idea to get a smooth, contoured summer glow.

  • Glazed Lips

No season pairs with a glossy wash of colour more wonderfully than the warm season with bright sunlight to truly set off that glassy shine, painting glazed lips is one of the summer's most trending makeup looks.

  • Ultra-Glossy Cheekbones

Although the skin that radiates glow is always in trend, yet summer makeup trends for 2023 demand more deliberate shine. Try mattifying your T-zones and sweeping bright highlighters around your cheekbones. If you want to get a natural, dewy appearance, try powder highlighter from Revlon Highlighting Palette.

  • Natural Look

Natural look ruled the summer runway 2023. If you don’t like to wear full-coverage foundation when it's scorching outside and want to see fresh and dewy skin, opt for a natural look. To get the look take a powder blush to add some colour to your cheeks and a sheer skin tint for creating a go-to simple summer makeup look.

  • Matte Is In

Because the summer 2023 version concentrates on oil control rather than covering, donning a matte summer makeup look is preferable for both maximalists and minimalists. Additionally, after a protracted period of dewy complexions, it's time for a shift, which both celebrities and the beauty industry are welcoming. Celebrities like Ashley Graham and Sydney Sweeney wore matte skin, which created a major trend on the Met Gala red carpet recently. 

  • Mermaidcore

Mermaidcore is taking over and all for good reason due to the bright beach days ahead. This trending makeup look is for all those who are crazy about glowing skin. To create a mermaid-core look and that beautiful glow, apply a holographic shimmer to the cheekbones or eyelids. You can also combine the various pigments to create a holographic effect.

  • Vivid Blush

Blush can either make or break a style. Aren't we already in love with blush after seeing massive blush trending makeup looks on the summer runway? As summer draws near, we are confident that this style will only get better and more popular. For maximum impact, choose pink-coloured blush hues.

  • Barbiecore

Barbiecore summer makeup idea is the one to watch this summer. Try this simple summer makeup look by painting hot date luscious matte statement lips, fluffed-up lashes, and glitter accents.

  • Coquettecore

The coquette beauty trend, with over 8.4 billion views on TikTok, tends towards traditional femininity. This new wave of coquette summer makeup ideas just embraces a shamelessly "girly" aesthetic because it's charming and we can. This summer makeup look calls for fluttery lashes, siren-liner that is longer and flushed, and fresh cheeks. Complete the smokey eye look with Revlon’s Fabuliner.

  • Cherry Popsicle Lips

The pairing of a red lip with bronzed summer skin is a trending makeup look. Opt for a Showy red lip hue from Revlon to create this look. This colour addition gives any outfit an effortless air of calm. You can also combine it with a plumping gloss to produce a universally attractive coral-red juicy lip.

So, which summer makeup look are you gonna give a try this year? Do let us know in the comments sections below. Also do not forget to shop your favourite makeup products from Revlon, to create a trending makeup look that’s worthy of million likes on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Makeup Trends

Q. Is dark lipstick in style 2023?

A: Yes, ladies, dark lip hues are counted as favourites in creating trending makeup looks for summer.

Q. What is the blush trend in 2023?

A: Mid-tone blushing is in trend for creating 2023 summer makeup looks on the runway.